Sunday, October 13, 2013

Supernatural Season 9 (only my) 1st impression

okay long story short, since it's like years i didnt write anything about supernatural, i think now it's a good time to write some

anyhow it's already in season 9 (ik rite? ive been obsessed with the series for freakin 9 years!, even older than Izzati)

the (very COOL) promo poster

alrite since i didnt comment about the season 8 finale, let me get this simple; awesome! that's all i can say

i mean, the angels falling looking like meteor-shower is one thing but the emotion in there, and as usual, when Dean cry, i will cry too but it's quite sometimes to feel the brotherly Winchester love that make me go awwww again

okay, so now lets talk about season 9 premier called "I Think I Gonna Like It Here"

basically, it's what happen after Sam gave up the third trials that actually will shut the hell forever and Metatron cast out all the angels from heaven after he tricked Cass. i mean before this, the only problem with the Winchesters always with the hell and the bad side but since it's already season 9, the game got leveled up to heaven... i mean they introduced us to heaven i season 4 n how the creature can be douche but then the problem only on the boys and Cass ^^~ (i mean that's the story all about rite?)

Ezekiel try to heal Sam
well, after giving up the trials, Sam kindda dying and since all all angels fall to earth (some with no powers at all and some still got juice), Dean make an open prayer to any angel who can hear him since Cass too cant hear him coz Cass is completely human. Well most angels who heard Dean are pissed and seek revenge on Cass and since Dean and Cass has this bro-mance thingy, they get to Dean to tell them where Cass is...

long story short, out of most angels who heard Dean and want to seek revenge, one of the angel who still believe in Cass came for help, according to Dean, he's cool and Cass said he's a good soldier

i think Ezekiel kindda cute too....
(xde kaitan! HEHEHE) so he try his best to help Sam... especially when Sam ready to die after he talk to Bobby and Death (sampai ati ko nak tinggalkan abg Din i sengsorang?? wuwuw)

yup! there's Bobby and Death in this episode and lets just hope it's not the last time tho i really wish they'll bring Adam and Henry too... ^^~
Dean got kicked by few angels who seek
revenge on Cass and Metatron n him

and (i think i spilled too much) i'm not sure he's a friend like Benny or Ruby (which both used to be friend and one can be trusted n while the other one not) so time will tell

until then all i can say, this episode is worth a wait tho i think season 4 premier episode is the best of all... but with best cliff hanger from all the seasons (yup, now season 8 take the crown for best season finale), maybe the expectation bar been raised tooo high... i'm not disappointed but not too thrill to be honest but i like it anyhow ^^~

btw the pic source come from Google, Facebook fan page (Jensen Ackles and Supernatural)

okay that's that
papai ^^~

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

angah's wedding (i'm officially a kakak ipar)

well hiya
the groom  n the bride

actually it's quite like FOREVER since i left this blog... so maafkan lah kalau dah berdebu sana sini

*cleaning here n there*

*cleaning here n there*

*cleaning here n there*

*cleaning here n there*

(dah macam maid pulak rase biala blog sendiri pon...)

okay, well honestly saye still love to write n i got like waaayyyy too many things in my mind but since balik keje je rasa mcm baru balik beperang (haizzz x mcm Dean langsung LOL ), so nawaitu hanya tiggal nawaitu

well lets start with the thing that mengubah status saye sebagai seorang kakak ipar... HAHAA

yup, that's rite peeps, my sis already married

pengantin dgn (antara) keluarga sebelah perempuan
well the wedding ceremony took on Sept 21st, so nikahnye dah tentulah the day before that, Sept 20th....

well sebagai seorang kakak yang baik (eceh!), saye amek cuti 2 days before 21st, n that is when i became the man of the house (typicall sangat =_=')

so, tugas saye time hari angah nikah is more to tukang masak, tukang basuh pinggan, tukang beli barang... sampaikan x sempt pegi masjid pon
walopun xde kaitan tapi nak letak gak!!

antara hantaran utk lelaki
so baju x sempat tukar n in my phone pon xde gambar nikah so maafkanlah ye ^^~

whatever it is alhamdulillah, lepas asar tu angah dah jadi isteri org... saye pon secara otomatiknya jadi kakak ipar le.... hehehe

n since this is langkah bendul punya case, dah tentu la saye dapat sikit hadiah... like make-up set (which ME LOOOOVVVEE the most), handbag n shoe... walaupun saye x mintak but the groom insist to give it to me so, terima kasih lah ye achik...

owh for those yg x tahu, we call angah's husband by the name Achik... so that's mean ada 2 achik la dlm rumah saye

i mean i got no problem at all since i called my brother abun (and i am the only one get to call him that) so yg len nasib hangpa lah!! kuikuikui!!

okay, so malas nak taip pjg2 cozz actually saye tengah menahan sakit gastrik ni  tengah berkira nak amek MC sok pasal dah 4 kali muntah nih...

so tengok2 gamba jela ye

anyway angah n achik congrats semoga korang bahagia till jannah n for those who come thank u verrryyy much, it means so much for my family n me ^^~

and to my other younger sis yg nk kawen, silakan, so saye buleh dapat banyak lagi hadiah langkah bendul

that's that
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