Tuesday, May 24, 2011

kU tuRUtkan juA walauPuN nGantOK!! (i'Mma SupERnatUraL aDdict.. sO whaT?)

this is kindda wired coz i never complain to any episode of Supernatural... love them and still do but this is the first time of all season (1-6) that i really wish they rewrite the season finale...i always love season finale coz Supernatural writers always drive their fan crazy before a new season start but never break anyone (at least me) heart by turning one of the most likable character into... how do i put this? okay...a new villain!!
okay.. fine.. they used to turn Sam into the devil but we know the reason and ppl can see how Dean broken because of that but now Cass?? of all the character in the series they turn Cass?? yes..like Dean says..."bla...bla..Raphael.." but at the end he turn into so called...(*sigh*) i dun even know where to begin (dun wanna spoil the surprise especially to Belle)... and well, i think it breaks a lot of heart... honestly? i never cry if i watch anything but since i am deep into the series, i can even feel everything the character feel so yes..i do feel what Dean feel...and seriously... i cant even count how many times my mouth wide opened because of what happened in the last two episodes...two hours back to back really a lot to take unlike season 2 finale (All Hell Break Loose pt 1 and 2).. they got two parts but okay...as i said i always love the season finale, i think i can take what ever happened (already passed) but since this cause the fan to wait another week before the final episodes, i think we are all doing okay... especially we got the gist on what will happen next... and there's no cliffhanger on season 2...but this time.. even it doesnt really look like a cliffhanger to me but i really hope there will be a good explanation in season 7 (even thought Cass try to give Dean the reason over and over but what he did??? with Crowley and then what he do next really make me cheered on the Dean side) coz now they juz turn all of their fan (well at least me) nuts!
owh btw the pic above supposedly a promo for season 4 (or 5 maybe) but since i feel so not in the mood to find new pic...that will do (maybe next time i should put Bobby's pic too)...
but i never think Supernatural The Animation sucks even the season finale is All Hell Break Loose pt 2 coz... well i guess the writer is so genius when they twisted the series and made it like a new one (but still keeping the original-live action) and i'm gun for season 2!!!

conclusion? well i know not many is a Supernatural addict like me but i juz write what i see and my thought so...(Nabil says: Lu Pikir La Sendiri!!) but (first of all i dont mean to brag) i already gathered my forces (eceh cheh) of Supernatural fan (LOL) which means when i'm talking about my fav show, i dont really look like silly...hahaha!!! and before i end this..(still i dun really wanna brag but BELLE!! u should look at this!!)

hahaha!! this is all my personality quiz results which actually i got from BuddyTV so i really got this result without cheating ya!!

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