Friday, March 30, 2012

me n the scandal (errkk)

okay everything start dgn banyakkk sangat kerja n banyak benda nak kena study... antaranya;

# physics computaional midterm
# electroacoustic midterm
# fyp (tulis2 thesis)
# eksperiment utk fyp
# esaiment electroacoustic individual
# esaiment electroacoustic by group
# topik2 khas dlm fizik elektronik (advance in acoustic n vibration) <------ ni incoming ada g...
# anta surat untuk industrial training
# cari tempat utk industrial training
# and mooorrree + incoming..................

so dalam kekalutan n drowning in this too many task that have never ending story ni... tetiba Mr Flu came and pay his visit... he brought along Mr Fever and Mrs Headache....

so long story short. i am suffering from flu, low fever and headache....

but the task goes on as the time dont even want to befriend me... <---- macam Ben Brnley x ayat ^^~

Mr Warm-Bed-of-Mine dgn
Mr Lappy saye...
tapi sumer2 esaiment kena disiapkn kat libry coz most of the time Mr Warm-Bed-Of-Mine akan seduce me... he is a jelous type... always want some attention... never want me to hang out with Mr Lappy =P

lagi menyampah... konflik cinta 4 segi antara me, Mr Warm-Bed-Of-Mine and  physics computaional midterm and Mr Lappy yang always masing2 force me to pay attention to them... adoi... camne la laki boleh kawen 4? i cant even keep up with non-breathing things and they have to deal with woman...

as ppl know physics computational is the one that is hard to keep up... he is Mr Too-Many-Detail-Freak but yet he is the one who once screwed me with D... now i have to be nice to him or he wont let me graduate... (*ggrrrrr*)

Mr Lappy ni plak different... he is the one i can never hate... huhhuuuuu yela... kalau beliau merajuk... abis sumer tergendala.... bukan 1 paaper kena repeat... 5 kot!!! hahaha... tp ALHAMDULILLAH beliau masih behave lagi....

another relationship i have is with is Mr Caffeine... this dude made me addicted and my roomate who is so worried with our unhealthy relationship kidnapped n hide him somewhere... and only allowed me to see him once in a day tho me n him secretly seeing each other behind my roomate back (sshhhhh!!!)

tetiba je ade CSI:NY cast plak kn?? huhu
macam pelik je kan gaya bahasa saye? teringin nak bermelodramatik macam Ben Burnley n Brad Arnold sebenarnye... huhuuu (or i am actually under Mrs Headache influence)
okay that's that... back to physics computational... got midterm to face...
menjadikan citer CSI:NY sebagai inspiration : dig n understand deeper to finish the unsolve esaiment n task ^^~
papai ^^~

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ahoyy!! it's a boy!!

awww sweet giler... btw tho i love Dean more but i should be happy with my brother-in-law's newborn baby kan??? hahaha!!!! well btw for those yg x taw... Sammy Winchester (Jared Padelecki) is married to Genevive Cortese who play Ruby in season 4....

so since i love babies SOO MUCH and SUPERNATURAL ^^~ i figured i just make a quick update on my fav character's little bother and his wife...
THEY JUST HAVE A BABY AND IT"S A BOYYY ^^~ (sila baca di sini ye ^^~ )

comey kan dorang (nada jeles)
well kan dah cakap tadi Genevive play Ruby the demon in Supernatural n Jared play Sam Winchester so sah2 la dorang ni jumpa kat set.. fall in love... kawen and then now dah ada little sammy ^^~ n saye x jumpa gambar little Jared-Genevive ni since it is so exclusive... i even dunno his name yet but t's okay... since i already know it's a boy... owh heads up!! little Jared-Genevive was born on the same month (March 19th) as his beloved (so hot) uncle Jensen (March 1st) ^^~ huhuuu... kalau saye merupakan seorang Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss), mesti gempak kan cake yang saye kena buat? Just for the two of them?? huuuu

walopun kat Supernatural, Jared play a hunter while Genevive play a demon tapi try to watch Supernatural season 6 episode 15 (The French Mistake). This time they play man and wife and did i mention they look cute...? macam orang kata saling melengkapi since Jared ni macam galah n Genevive ni x barpa nak tinggi sangat... huhuuuu

Jared Padelecki n Genevive
Padelecki (or shall i say
Sam n Ruby)
aww... tho i love Jensen more but when it come to which couple is the cutest i root for Jared ^^~

note that i am not jealous (unless i am Belle) but it is the truth... dorang memang cute kan??? n anak dorng nanti mesti cute kan???
(dalam hati: bila saye nak rasa pegang baby sendiri...=_=)

so that's that... x sabar nak tengok little Jared-Genevive Padelecki


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

kisah dan tauladan... ^^~

well 1 thing tho i am always reading my notification or posts on FB, i never take much crap about it... well but when it come about humanity (coz most of them actually more about how to win ur bf/gf heart, busy days, assignment, ppl whining around, ppl bitching around etc etc), it always catches my attention....

so popular posts these days? about young people abandoned their old parents... some leave them at senior citizen nursing home, some just leave them on sideways and some just dont care about their parents anymore... i think i made an entry about how youngsters just put their newborn baby in the trash like last years and each time i read it it always pissed me off... worlds getting crueler than it ever gets....

well idk where their heart went when they abandoned their family like that but i'm the one who feel uncomfortable just reading about that... let alone watching them...

well this incident happened during my last semester break when i'm "gladly" take duty as supir x bergaji to send my sisters n brothers to school....
well one morning, i decided to sent my sister to school using my dad's motorcycle...

*get disturbed by  too much noise in the library n brb*

well then after drop her at school... as always i love to use "jalan kampung/belakang" to avoid traffic and hill and the road somehow is quite narrow or shall i say only fit 1 way car per trip...(something like that.. coz idk the real words on this thing) and actually it is quite far and used by less vehicles...
pastu (*continue to the event*) bila saye guna jalan tu... ada satu kereta (4 wheel quite small truck) datang bertentangan and since masih awal, so the car's punya lampu still terpasang...
i have very bad silau tho i'm wearing my glasses and all i see is white (meaning to say mmng i am completely blinded by that front main lamp from the car) so i stop kat tepi jalan (off the road) so saye sepatutnya x berlanggar dgn kereta tu but since kereta tu quite big... my elbow kena side mirror kereta tu n i lost my balance n fell... the driver acted like completely an ass when he scream at me asking whether i am blind or what...

so after the falling incident... motor saye x boleh start so saye kena tolak motor tu all the way back home and since saye nak cepat sampai saye lalu satu kawasan penempatan orang Cina n dekat situ ada satu nursing home for senior citizen...
jarak umah saye (assume 1 anak panah 100
meter) n anak panah biru
tu jarah saye amek nak balik...
masa tengah tolak motor tu uncle2 n aunty2 yang dah berumur n bertongkat tu tengok saye n tanya saye what happen and when i told them motor tu x boleh nak start, sorang uncle ni panggil kawan2 beliau n dorang ramai2 tolong tolak motor tu up the hill walopun i told them not to... satu perkataan dorang yang strike me like thunder on my skull is

"anak muda maw kasi tinggal orang tua mereka takut kasi susah tapi masa ereka kecik2 dulu ini orang tua yang buat bakti sama mereka... saya kasi terus berbakti pada orang muda jugak walau anak muda saya kasi tinggal sama saya dekat sini"

and saye terus terdiam sambil tolak motor tu... dalam hati terasa jugak but i made my own little side note in my skull that i will never abandon my family especially my parents

i ended up sampai rumah n kepenatan n menympah2 coz orang muda n bangsa yang sama dengan saye xde pon tanya how am i doing... =_='

motif? xde.. just little massage saying "SAYANGI IBU BAPA ANDA"

Monday, March 19, 2012

tensen + running out of days

arggghhh ketensenan melanda!!!
saye masih belum start apa2 FYP part 2 saye... i mean NOTHING at all and owh did i mention b4 i almost flunked part 1?
besides that, i am too mentally tired with Physics Computational (i repeat this paper).... well idk which one is worse;- 2 hours in 3 days in a week or 8am-5pm class straight on Saturday... owh the actual class is 2 hours in 3 days a week and on the Saturday is before i repeat the paper... i feel my head will explode... how can i see my mom n dad with their full on confidence face all the time on me?
i can work under pressure... yes i can coz i've done that all the time... but i wonder i'll survive this time... i feel the tension on the back on my shoulder all the time like i cant relax and did i mention i suffer sleeping disorder? yea... tho i learn to live without coffee.... i cant sleep n my head hurts... worse? the tension on my shoulder sometimes move to my spine... *sigh*
i'm not adding some accessories along... like mid term coming... assignments... tests... quizzes... yada..yada... yada... (matai la.....x_x)
good thing my emotion dont cause pimples like others or i definitely kill someone... idk what else to do... i wish i can jump into the sea n float... let loose everything i have before get back to hectic business i have...

wanna know how i feel in the poetic way? try listen to 3 Doors Down (Running Out of Days)

There’s too much work and I’m spent
There’s too much pressure and I'm bent
I got no time to move ahead
Have you heard one thing that I’ve said

And all these little things in life they all create this haze
There’s too many things to get done, and I’m running out of days

And I can’t last here for so long
I feel this current it’s so strong
It gets me further down the line
It gets me closer to the light

And all these little things in life they all create this haze
There’s too many things to get done, and I’m running out of days

All these little things in life they all create this haze
There’s too many things to get done, and I’m running out of days

Will all these little things in life they all create this haze
And now I’m running out of time I can’t see through this haze
My friend tell me why it has to be this way
There’s too many things to get done, and I’m running out of days

well i just realize how much Brad Arnold's lyrics related to me... (tho i love Breaking Benjamin more) but more than that it just tell me what happen (which i already know) not the solution but hey at least sometimes i can let it out... u know lyricist way... huhuuuu

that's that...
wassalam ^^~

Sunday, March 11, 2012

my daddy ^^~

well just went out with my dad...
n he ask me about graduation date n how excited he sound to buy the flight ticket for everyone for that day...
idk how to react. my parents is the one that i will never even try to disappoint tho i can

well not saying i will give up.. i almost there... less than a year to graduate... so if i give up now i will break my parents heart in just split second...
ayah n umi (the love of my life)

out with my dad is always the thing that i love the most... we didnt talk much at home but when we were out just two of us... we made a normal daddy-daughter conversation that i love the most.. like back when i was 7 when he sent me to school or pick me up after that... that conversation is still in my head until now... so when ppl ask me the best memory i ever have with my dad, it is always our little chat... to most ppl it is nothing but to me it meant the world... me n my mom talk like this all the time but with my dad... i rarely experience it... so for sure that is the moment i miss the most n i will never trade that with anything

i look up to my daddy all the time...i remember i told everyone that i want to be a teacher coz my dad used to be a teacher... screw ppl who said you can be better than him... i worship the guy and i want to be him... me n him always have differences but according to my mum we are the same people...

no matter what i love my parents very much n i will never let them down even if i could... to me my parents is my hero... ^^~


Saturday, March 3, 2012

random post ^^~

well actually i miss my little izzati sooo much... well yela kan? org lain bulih jugak call boifren mengadu n melepaskan rindu... me? my family is the only thing i have and miss...

owh btw actually i cut my sister's hair before i came back to UMS... at first umi quite pissed coz i cut her hair without anyone's permission but then almost everyone think my sis' hairstyle is cute...for the record, izzati is the only girl in family who allowed to keep her hair long when she is still little.... none of us including me (heck my hair never get so long... i'll cut it off once it touch my shoulder) have a long hair when we were at izzati's age so to "keep" the tradition kinda good... =P

what with the pic?
actually me n achik love to call izzati Pinoko (from Black Jack) coz of her chubby face... but now with that short hair (minus the way she stick the tounge out), she really resemblance Pinoko (just she dont live with that hot doctor of course ^^~)

honestly i think i felt quite envy with everyone around... see angah for instance, she have a boyfriend who care about her.. so does my cousins.. so does my friends... and me? well i guess i'll be married to my family forever but no regret! (^_^) \m/
i have Ben, Dr Black Jack and Dean rite?? huhuuuu!!! well i see this as a bless too...

owh back to the pic again.. that scars on izzati's face still hasnt faded until now but still i'm glad she's okay ^^~

well i think that's that... PAPAI!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

random event for today...

so it all started when a friend of mine who lives in USA chat with me and ask for my help... our conversation goes like this...

"Crystal i really need ur help"
"what up?"
my avi also ended up like
Supernatural version of
terror chika =P
"well i need to write a story of 2000 words on something"
"something like...?"
"well i picked a theme... it's vampire"
"okay...." (not again.....)
"well i want it to be a human-vampire love... any idea?"
"hmmm well 2 be honest i never a fan of vampires"
"well u are supernatural fan dont u?"
"yea i am... "
"well then u must know vampires... from Supernatural"
"well they have maaannnyyy sharp teeth... not like normal version... u know... a pair of fangs"
"like sharks? do they even fall in love?"
"exactly like shark... fall in love? idk.. in Supernatural version some of them not drinking human blood"
"like Twilight? the Cullen family?"
"mhmm i guess"

reason for that conversation? just wanna update something... owh btw i ended up by making a weirdest vampire-human love story ever and i am so hating it!! that's that!! papai ^^~

Thursday, March 1, 2012

random questions from my sis ... again

50 Random Questions

1. What is your best friend's Mom's name? Puan Zaleha (my lalink's mum)

2. Where is the weirdest place you have a mole? i dont recall anywhere weird... 

3. Who was the best teacher you ever had? well i love most of mi teachers... what can i say? i'm a good kid ^^~

4. Have you ever stole your parents money? Never

5. What body part do you wash first? My face

6. What is your favorite cake flavor ? blueberry yogurt cheese cake ^^~ ...

7. What's the strangest talent you have? my lips are so small that somehow i can made them look like nemo's lips ^^~ hahah!!!

8. What is your favorite superhero? well i watch Ultraman when i was a kid but until now i still obsessed with Power Rangers (shhh...)

9. What's your favorite flavored Pringles? i dont really like potato chips but i prefer sour cream or garlic

10. You like your burger with.... double cheese and loootttsss of onions ^^~

11. If you can be in any movie, who you want to be and why? never thought of it...

12. What is your favorite make-up? Lipgloss

13. Have you ever had two dates in one night? I don't think I've had two dates in one year (T_T)!

14. What pissed you the most in the counter? when people dunno how to line up and wait for their turn!! be patience dude!!

15. Which shoe do you put on first? random....who cares anyway?

17. Your first movie you watch in theater/cinema? Enchanted back when i was at KMPk

18. What kind of job you always sign up for but never get paid? Driver... (every morning when i am at Seremban)

19. Your favorite band and have you ever watch them live? Breaking Benjamin and no i never... gotta fly to US if i wanna watch them live...(crying~~~ why Ben???)

20. Did you ever put on anything people never put on in public? yea like too many colors outfit...

21. Have you ever been ghost hunting in your life? Umm no...I prefer Dean and Sam do their job and i just be a good fan ^^~ hahaa (or girl in Dean case =P)

22. Who is the last person you usually think about before you fall asleep? Family, friends, my crush, my enemy... depends on the day's drama.

23. What is the song most inspiring to you? well too many but now i'm listening to Rachel Bearer's On Top Of The World coz kindda sound like me (i mean the lyrics)

24. Weirdest song that in your mp3 player lists? Exile-Careless Breath and Janne De Arc-Gekkouka (it's a Japanese songs and i dont really listen to JPop..)

25. What is your favorite bird? i hate birds.. i hate anything with feather (minus Castiel)

26. What was your childhood nickname?  i dont think i have one (maybe)

27. When is the last time you played the air guitar? Just now when i am singing along Papa Roach's Burn (^_^) \m/.

28. Have you ever peeked in the opposite sexes locker/wardrobe? yea...mi bros 

29. What's the weirdest thing you have done while driving? i dont think i ever done anything weird while driving.. .

30. Have you ever bitten your toenails? yea... 

31. What is your favorite cookie? from Famous Amos (that have nuts n choc chip) ^^~

32. Do you play sport? well i used to be an athlete at school

33. Name something you do when you're alone that you wouldn't do in front of others. talking to mi family photo i guess.

36. What will you do if you get so stressed? go to the beach and let myself floating on the open sea...

37. Have you ever cry on someone's funeral? Um, no.

38. How often do you clean out your ears? Umm well like once two days i think

39. What the thing that you will never eat even they pay you 1 million dollar in cash? animal's internal organ

40. About how many cup of coffee you drink a day? well i never kept a statistic but it sure a lot coz i am somehow a coffee addict.

41. Do you have any strange phobias? Birds, dogs... i think many more

42. Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? no i guess

43. What is the stupidest thing you've ever done at a mall? well there's one time when i was at KMPk and my roomies (Ain, Fizah and Jannah) want to explore the mall and we end up try to explore every inch of the mall including the car park (excluding the gents WC)

44. Have you ever been dared to do something you totally regretted? Yes... but i take it as a part of learning process 

45. Have you ever want to blame someone even you know that is your fault? Yes i have

46. What is your weirdest TV show that you've been hooked up ever since the first time you watch them? Leverage coz Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge) once killed Sam Winchester in Supernatural and i swear i hate that guy until Leverage ^^~

47.If you can be anyone, who will you be? well in Dr Kang's (Physics Comptational) class i wish i am Alec Hardison, when it come to shopping i wish i am Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts in Wild Child) and manyyy more...

48.What are you addict at? Coffee, Supernatural.

49. Have you ever put on a weird up-do that made you swear you will never do out in public if when you remembered it once in a while? yea totally

50. What is the subject you hate the most at school? Mathematics...
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