Saturday, March 3, 2012

random post ^^~

well actually i miss my little izzati sooo much... well yela kan? org lain bulih jugak call boifren mengadu n melepaskan rindu... me? my family is the only thing i have and miss...

owh btw actually i cut my sister's hair before i came back to UMS... at first umi quite pissed coz i cut her hair without anyone's permission but then almost everyone think my sis' hairstyle is cute...for the record, izzati is the only girl in family who allowed to keep her hair long when she is still little.... none of us including me (heck my hair never get so long... i'll cut it off once it touch my shoulder) have a long hair when we were at izzati's age so to "keep" the tradition kinda good... =P

what with the pic?
actually me n achik love to call izzati Pinoko (from Black Jack) coz of her chubby face... but now with that short hair (minus the way she stick the tounge out), she really resemblance Pinoko (just she dont live with that hot doctor of course ^^~)

honestly i think i felt quite envy with everyone around... see angah for instance, she have a boyfriend who care about her.. so does my cousins.. so does my friends... and me? well i guess i'll be married to my family forever but no regret! (^_^) \m/
i have Ben, Dr Black Jack and Dean rite?? huhuuuu!!! well i see this as a bless too...

owh back to the pic again.. that scars on izzati's face still hasnt faded until now but still i'm glad she's okay ^^~

well i think that's that... PAPAI!!!

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