Friday, September 30, 2011

the too-much-to-tell stories ^^~

okay now is 1 AM and actually i just woke up...
reason? i slept quite early 2day... around 7.30 PM (lepas isya') and so i am quite fresh i think... =P

ayah was there before doing umrah
n now he go back there with
umi to doHajji

my parents fly to Mecca 2day (around 4 AM) this morning n unlike before (my dad went there too last year), my parents doesnt sound like very happy but they sound so in peace... n i am very happy for them.. as i said on my previous entry, i know how worry they are about us (especially with adik n anis) but i think somehow angah n atin will take that responsibility... and i hope achik will grown a little n see everything as his responsibility sice he is the oldest son...

well too many things happened today... finally i told my supervisor about what i'm gonna do n even he wasnt very impressed, but at least he said YES! so i think it's quite a sign... so i can start doing what i need to do n i hope i can at least repay what  did last semester...

Blushing *wink*!!
well idk ppl know about my crushes... haha... okay i think i mentioned those guys in my fantasies like so many freakkin time HAHA!! but okay but now it's a real deal... i think i have a crush on someone (eawww!! =P) and he (what u think? LOL!!) is actually an actual human being who is not a hunter, a rock star, or even an anime doctor....okay he is a guy that i saw at the cafe today (that's that!! i tell u this much!) n yea he is a student.. which batch, course, name n everything i dont even know... n yea... i even didnt talk to him... i wonder it just a temporary or what but this is the first time i saw someone at a glance n still remember his face... n yea i need to stop before anyone puke HAHA!! =P

well after my parents got on the bus to go to airport, i called home (as i promised ayah n umi) n started to asked my siblings what they need but even angah said she'd be doing her best to make our siblings feel like home as always n i really hope that she keep her promise n yeah one thing that i'm glad is she shared her opinion with mine (n achik n atin too) n that is she would never even let anyone except her own siblings to take care of anis, adik, aiman n aimin... n i'm glad to hear that very much n i will keep my promise that i will call home everyday at least once a day ^^~ insyaALLAH

n hell YEAH!! Supernatural season 7!! okay actually i really wanna do the review quite like after i watch it but seems like i am as busy as Najib Tun Razak (haha!! gila kuasa betol!!) so i think i should at least comment a little (n give some spoiler alert to my senior- Steven HAHA!!) now
angel in trench coat
is now (before too) my
 favorite character
well gonna start to admit i love Misha Collins!! how coudnt i? he is funny as hell, good in acting, have this nerdy hot look for an angel and he played angel who wears trench coat... haha!!! well i see a lot of his side since Supernatural (from lam-pi (lambat pickup aka nerd) angel, innocent obedience son, responsible husband n daddy as human, arrogant God and latest? funny-sounded Misha-like but scary villain called Levianth-kindda methodology creature i guess) n that will make Misha as one of my favorite actor coz in just one TV show he plays human, angel, god and monster or maybe any other creatures that i didnt even think of... the Winchesters didnt... LOL (sorry Dean!! =P) n i seen him in CSIs too... funny coz he make a great accent for Russian n in Supernatural-con he made this funny accent that each time i watched it i will rolling on the floor laughing coz he is one of the funniest man on Earth... HAHA
owh.. funny coz my fav quotes not come from Dean or Cass this time but Bobby... and it goes kindda like this

"What we gotta do is hunt the son of a bitch. Unfortunately I lost my God guns."

-Bobby Singer-

haha!! well okay here's my review...
i say:  i LOVE this episode since i am quite (how do i put this?) pissed n hate (not quite) the season 6 finale... so i think the writers make all those things up and i'm glad even i wish they shouldnt kill Castiel (what can i say? i love that character) and i love how they brought back my favorite (hmm idk how to put this one) bad-ass horseman-Death... he is one of my  fav character (like i wish i could see him more- after Gabriel n Balthazar)... i really wish they can save Cass without killing him (i mean Cass not the vassel of Cass) but yea.. it's called Supernatural... the only characters that stays is Dean and Sam so i think that is all i could ask is dont kill Cass' vassel!! haha!!! love Bobby too ^^~
i wish: Cass didnt really die but trapped n will fight back to control his vessel... (T_T) n yea i pray for Sammy too... just want him 2 be okay... (HAHA!!)
i cant wait for next episode!! just watch episode 2 sneak peek n read about episode 3 description... gosh... CASS zapp me to the next episode please... or Doraemon will do too...huhuu!!

got new task coming my way.. one of them is being supir (again) but in UMS to help my lalink move her stuffs to her new room... RESEARCH!!!! on piezoelectric sensors... 2 weeks from now (as we speak) is my Noise n Vibration test.. i think there's more but i'll survive!! (*buat muka tabah* HAHA)

that's that!! see ya!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

there's alot of it but i think kita letak yang "sedang2 aje"... cun jugak!!

well i totally 4got about my blog here but many things happened lately... what i do? take a deep breath, cursing,  put on my ear bud and play Breaking Benjamin's songs (kindda like let Ben curse whatever the culprit did) and move on...

so i'm in UMS now... back to the best place ever...-ish... huhuhu

no... it's not all bad.. i had a great time since i arrive and still have a great time ^^~

well i missed my family... how could i'm not missed them? umi n ayah will berangkat ke Mekkah in a week n i'm not gonna be there to sent them to airport (again...) and (AGAIN) ayah buat tahlil n makan2 kat umah but i'm not at home for 5  years STRAIGHT!!!  but the second matter wasnt as important as the 1st one so i will let it go... JIHAD bak kata ayah n ummi...

adik izzati with her scars like lanun
she is alright.. ^^~
well maybe this is so past year thing but my family matters always present thing no matter what and one of the things is that adik izzati had an accident.. she's playing with me and suddenly she fell... her face right on the glass cabinet n it was so bad.. her face kindda "torn" (okay... the word might be very strong but i swear that was so bad and i feel guilty as hell until now) and was hospitalized for 2 days...

and now 2 be honest i feel like my brain is like a steak (gotta say sorry coz the words might be weird but i mean it and i am kindda JK- jiwa kacau.. huhuu) and i think it is now fried... extra crispy (lapaq plok~~)
with my Lalik.. thanks for
keeping me sane here..^^~
  • my FYP of course!!! 
  • i need 2 upgrade my pointer.. damn serious... 
  • my parents keep repeating that i need to be responsible n make them proud (not that they never felt that n not that i never felt those weight on my shoulder but..idk)
  • i need to FOCUS but (this might sound crazy) but i cant take my head off of upcoming Supernatural Season 7.... (not that i am a geek but if some ppl read my previous2 entry... they should know what happen next~~~ leave the motivational movies etc3...)
so i am hoping everything will be alright...

owh.. the things that bugs me more than anything in the world is my siblings... who would take care of them with no adult around.. but i always keep my game face on saying to my parents that my brothers and sisters (especially anis n izzati) will be just fine but like my parents.. i'm worried like hell... i dont trust others then my own siblings to take care of my other siblings and yea sorry if i said i dont trust others but that is the truth.. not even my grandparents, uncle, aunt or anyone... so dont bother urself to come n tell me that we are family... 

one thing that make them (those who i feel never ever will  earn my trust to take care my siblings and the one that i let Ben's "curse" them over n over) deserve that is when they told me this right on my face

" along macam mana nak ada tanggungjawab?? umi n ayah nak pegi Mekkah tapi along buat x kesah dengan kebajikan adik2... bukannya lecturer tu x paham n  bagi along amik cuti.. tapi along yang x nak kan?? nak lari dari tannggungjawab jaga adik2 kan?? bukan orang lain tu.. adik2 along jugak!! kalau susah sangat nak dapat cuti berenti belajar aje lah! xkan benda simple macam tu pon orang kena ajar?"

"umi tu patut x payah pegi lagi Mekah tu.. sapa nak jaga adik2? "

i make promise i take care of every
single one of them since i look up to
my dad like my previous lifetime n
i will keep it
so... here (even i know that person didnt read my blog but who knows right?) i really wanna say 2 u... u may say this in front of my face n act all innocent but i dont care about what u think..
 i am not responsible? maybe... but if u want me to call myself quit after 3 years of hard work (and it's my final year)... not a chance... my parents wont like it and i will not too... besides ur thought is worthless... n the things u said about my mum.?? either u are really stupid or u jealous... either way another bad press on my parents.. (i usually dont do this but this is definitely deserve exception BIG TIME) u will be facing my wrath n of course the i wish u'll burn! but thanks to some gene i got from my dad ( i wonder y u dont have it)... i will smile n rub on ur nose later on... my dad always said karma will get them...

see...i'm not that so sweet patience girl (for some reason)....

that's that... adios!!! 
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