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my favorite Supernatural Season 2 quotes ^^~ (finally)

okay 1st thing 1st...

last week, my friend called asking about when the next season of Supernatural will come out... btw it's Oct 3rd ye...

and once i answered that and mumbling that i cant wait to watch 1st episode of Season 8 (i mean come on!! tho it's like the season 3 finale but i am dying to now what happen next plus i need to keep my reputation of die hard fans..hehe)

and she goes..." Alamak!! biarla lewat sikit.. baru start tengok season 1"

pergghh!! girl u outta ya mind? ppl cant wait for new season n u just want to postpone it??
dah le, dorg slalu hold 2-3 weeks before getting to next episode... boleh suruh hold Season 8??
no way in hell ppl gonna let that happen sweetie!

then "aku baru tengok season 1 sbb ko cuma update quote season 1 aje.."

cheh? saye plak dijadikan sebab awak lambat kenal citer tu?? adush!

so okay la.. sbb dah lama sngat saye hold n janji, okla janji ditepati!

btw i cant decide my fav quotes in Season 2 since my fav episode so far is Season 2...

not that i dont like others season but i think season 2 is kindda less conflict, more fighting/dealing with demon/ghost, and of course la brother's relationship that i love the most in the series.

so ok pedehal banyak sangat.. ni dia..^^~

S02E01: In My Time Of Dying

Dean: Dude, I full on swayz'ed that mother

Dean: Basically they can make themselves appear however they want... Like say.. A pretty girl. 
      You're much prettier than the last reaper I met

Tessa: What are you, some kind of New Agey guy?
Dean:  You see me messing with crystals and listening to Yanni?

Sam: So what, are we supposed to do, just sit here with our thumbs up our ass?

S02E02: Everybody Loves A Clown

Dean: You know what? You're Right. Come here. I'm gonna lay my head gently on your shoulder. 
      Maybe we can even cry, hug. Maybe even slowdance.

Ash: All business up front, party in the back.

Dean: Planes crash, Sam!
Sam: And apparently clowns kill!

Mr. Cooper: You two have never worked a show in your lives before, have you?
Dean: Nope. But we really need the work. So... and ah, Sam here's got a thing for the bearded lady

S02E03: Bloodlust

Dean: Listen to her purr. You ever listen to anything so sweet? 
Sam: You now, if you two want to get a room, just let me know Dean
Dean: Oh dont listen to him, baby (the Impala). He doesn't understand

Sam: I thought you said Gordon was a good hunter?
Ellen: Yeah, and Hannibal Lecter is a good psychiatrist

S02E04: Children Should Not Play With Dead Things

Dean: Neil, it's your grief counselors. We've come to hug

Sam: Where were you ?
Dean: Just working my imaginary case.

(Sam and Dean have finally dug the coffin up)
Dean: (points at coffin) Ladies first.

S02E05: Simon Said

Jo: What?
Dean: REO Speedwagon?
Jo: Damn right, REO, Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart.
Dean: He sings it from the hair, there's a difference.

Sam: Dean! Andy has the Impala!
Dean: I know! He just sort of asked me for it, and then I let him take it...
Sam: You what?!
Dean: He full-on Obi-Wanned me! It's mind control, man!

Andy: Are you really this stupid? You learn you've got a twin, You call him up, you go out for a drink! You don't start killing people!

S02E06: No Exit

Dean: Young girl got kidnapped by an evil cult.
Sam: Yeah, and does this girl have a name?
Dean: Katie Holmes.

Ellen: Guys, bad time.
Sam: Yes mam.
Dean: Yeah, we rarely drink before ten anyway

S02E07: The Unusual Suspects

Dean: What do you think, Scully, want to check it out?
Sam: I'm not Scully, you're Scully.
Dean: No, I'm Mulder. You're a red-headed woman

Sheridan: You murdered them in cold blood just like that girl in St. Louis.
Dean: Oh, yeah, that wasn't me either. That was a shapeshifter creature that only looked like me

S02E08: Crossroad Blues

Sam: So?
Dean: The secretary's name is Carly. She's 23, she kayaks, and they're real.
Sam: You didn't happen to ask her if she's seen any black dogs lately, did you?
Dean: Every complaint called in this week about everything big, black or dog-like. There's 19 calls in all. And I don't know what this thing is.
Sam: You mean Carly's MySpace address?
Dean: Yeah, MySpace. What the hell is that? Seriously, is that, like, some sort of porn site?

Dean: So you know who I am.
Crossroad Demon: I get the newsletter.

S02E09: Croatoan

Sam: Didn't you pay any attention in school?
Dean: Yeah. How bills become laws, the shot heard 'round the world...
Sam: That's not school! That's Schoolhouse Rock!
Dean: .... Whatever

Duane: Has anyone seen my mom and dad?
Dean: (has shot and killed both) Awkward

S02E10: Hunted

Sam: Are you okay?
Ava: Am I okay? I just helped you steal some dead guy's confidential file. I'm AWESOME!

Dean: This is a whole new level of moronic, even for you

Sam: All right, so where to next, man?
Dean: One word, Amsterdam.
Sam: Dean!
Dean: Come on, man. I hear the coffee shops don’t even serve coffee

Ellen: Now, Dean, they say you can’t protect your loved ones forever. Well, I say screw that -- what else is family for?

S02E11: Playthings

Dean: we gotta figure this out and fast. so what did ya find out about granny? 
Dean: what?
Sam: you're bossy.....and short! (chuckles)
Dean: are you drunk!?
Sam: yeah! so.........stupid! 
Dean: dude come on! what do ya think we're working a case!?

Sam: So it can't be Rose. Heck, maybe it's not even hoodoo.
Dean: You know, she could be faking.
Sam: Yeah, what do you wanna do, poke her with a stick? (Dean nods) Dude, you are not gonna poke her with a stick!

Dean: Hey, are those antique dolls? ‘Cause this one, this one here, he has a major doll collection back home. (grins at Sam) Don’t ya?
Sam: (reluctantly) Big time.
Dean: Big time. Yeah, you think he could come… well, we could come in and take a look?
Susan: I don’t know…
Dean: Please? Please, I mean he loves them. He’s not gonna tell you this, but he’s always dressing ‘em up in these little tiny outfits and I mean, you’d make his day. She would, huh?
Sam: (glaring at Dean) It’s true.

S02E12: Nighshifter

Dean: Looks like Mr. Okey-dokey is... okey-dokey.

Ronald: This is not a robbery! Everybody on the floor, now!

Ronald: The thing I let into the bank... wasn't Juan. I mean, it had his face, but it wasn't his face. Ah, every detail was perfect but too perfect, you know, like if a dollmaker made it, like I was talking to a big Juan doll.
Sam: A Juan doll?

S02E13: Houses of the Holy

Dean: You know what, there's a ton of lore on unicorns too. In fact, I hear that they ride on silver moonbeams, and that they shoot rainbows out of their ass!
Sam: Wait. there's no such thing as unicorns?
Dean: That's cute

Dean: Well, I learned a valuable lesson. Always take down your Christmas decorations after New Years, or you might get filleted by hooker from God. HA!

Dean: Man, you have got to try this because there really is magic in the magic fingers.
Sam: Dude. You're enjoying that way too much. It's kinda making me uncomfortable.
Dean: What am I supposed to do? You got me on lockdown here. I'm bored out of my skull.
Sam: Hey, you were the bank robber on the 11 o'clock news, not me.

Sam: Dude, all right, I'll admit, we've gone pretty ghetto with spellwork before, but this takes the cake! I mean, a Spongebob placemat instead of an altar cloth?!
Dean: We'll just put it Spongebob-side down

S02E14: Born Under a Bad Sign

Dean: This guy? (to Sam) You were drinking malt liquor? 
Clerk: Not after he whipped the bottle at my friggin’ head! 
Dean: This guy? 
Clerk: What, am I speaking Urdu?

Manager: It’s past checkout and I’ve got a couple here who needs a room. 
Dean: Yeah, I bet they do.

Dean: (talking on the phone) Hi, so sorry to bother you but, my son snuck out of the house last night and went to a Justin Timberlake concert... What? Uhhh yeah... Justin's quite the triple threat.

S02E15:Tall Tales

Dean: What the hell?!
Sam: I don't know.
Dean: Well seriously dude, what the hell?!
Sam: (yells) I don't know!! I mean first The Haunting, now this? The timing alone. There's gotta be some sort of connection here.
Dean: What? You mean between the angry spirit and uh... the sexed up ET? What could the connection possibly be?

Dean: You heard of what happened to him right?
Frat Guy: Yeah, he said it was aliens... but you know, whatever.
Sam: Look man, I know this all has to be so hard...
Frat Guy: Not so much.
Sam: But I want you to know... I'm here for you. (pause) You brave little soldier. I acknowledge your pain. Come here. (hugs him) Too precious for this world.

Bobby: If you two had bothered to pull your heads out of your asses, it all would’ve been pretty clear.
Dean: What?
Bobby: What you’re dealing with.
Dean: I got nothing. 
Sam: Me neither.
Bobby: You got a trickster on your hands.
Dean: That’s what I thought!
Sam: No, you didn't!!

Sam: Dean. This is a very serious investigation. We don't have time for any of your blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah. Blah... blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah. Blah

S02E16: Roadkill

Molly: Oh, thank God!
Dean: Call me Dean

Sam: Now you can walk in there, and we're not gonna stop you.
Dean: Yeah, but you are gonna freak him right out... for life.

Dean: (to Molly) Sam's always getting a little J. Love Hewitt when it comes to things like this

S02E17: Heart

Sam: Dean, could you be a bigger geek about this?
Dean: I'm sorry man, but what about a human by day, a freak animal killing machine by night don't you understand? I mean, werewolves are badass. We haven't seen one since we were kids.
Sam: Okay, Sparky. And you know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland!

Sam: (answers his cell) Hey.
Dean: I found him.

Sam: Good, don't keep your eyes off him.
Dean: (looks at stripper) Oh, my eyes are glued. Look Sammy I gotta let 'cha go I uh (clears throat) I don't wanna miss anything. (gives the stripper a dollar and hangs up his cell)

Dean: (to Madison) How you doin'? My head feels great. Thanks

Sam: Can I ask you a question? I, it's, it's a little personal.
Madison: You've seen my entire underwear collection. Go ahead

S02E18 Hollywood Babylon

Brad: Uh, excuse me, green-shirt guy? Yeah, yeah, you, come here. Could you get me a smoothie from craft?
Dean: You want a what from who?

Dean: Sam, check it out, it's Matt Damon.
Sam: Yeah, pretty sure that's not Matt Damon.
Dean: No, it is.
Sam: Well, Matt Damon just picked up a broom and started sweeping.

Sam: You know, maybe the spirits are trying to shut down the movie because they think it sucks. 'Cause, I mean, it kind of does

Dean: What's a PA?
Sam: I think they're kinda like slaves

S02E19: Folsom Prison Blues

Sam: You're sure it's him?
Dean: Pretty sure.
Sam: Considering our circumstances I'm gonna need a little bit better than 'pretty sure'.
Dean: Really pretty sure.

Dean: Save room for dessert, Tiny, hehe. Hey, I'd wanna ask you, 'cos I couldn't not notice you are two tones of fun. Just curious, is this like thyroid problem or is this some deep self-esteem issue? 'Cause you know, they're just donuts, they're not love.

Dean: Would you look at that? I'm freaking velvety smooth.
Sam: You may wanna be open it up after, you know, you're done slapping yourself on the back?

Sam: How you doing?
Randall: I’m 54 years old, mopping the floors of a crapper with bars on the window. How do you think I’m doing?

Henricksen: You think you're funny?
Dean: I think I'm adorable.

S02E20: What Is And What Should Never Be

Dean: Oh, Auntie Em. There’s no place like home.
Sam: Thank God. I thought I lost you for a second.
Dean: You almost did.

Sam: You're having some kind of psychotic breakdown.
Dean: I wish

Carmen: What do you say later we get you a cheeseburger?
Dean: Oh god yes. How’d I end up with such a cool chick?
Carmen: I just got low standards

Dean: That lawn looks like it could use some mowing.
Mary: You want to mow the lawn?
Dean: Are you kidding me, I'd love to mow the lawn.
Mary: Knock yourself out. You'd think you've never mowed a lawn in your life.

S02E21: All Hell Break Loose pt 1

Sam: We're looking for iron, silver, salt, anything that can be used as a weapon.
Jake: Salt is a weapon?
Sam: It's a brave new world.
Andy: Well, I hope there's food in your new world, 'cause I'm friggin' starving

Dean: Don't forget the extra onions this time!
Sam: Dude, I'm the one who's gonna have to ride in the car with your extra onions.
Dean: Hey, see if they've got any pie. Bring me some pie. I love me some pie

Ava: My fiancé, Brady, if I’ve been missing for that long he must be freaking out! (notices Andy)
Andy: Hey. Andy. Also freaking out.

Sam: I've seen that bell before. I think I know where we are now. Cold Oak, South Dakota, a town so haunted, every single resident fled.
Ava: Swell... Good to know we're somewhere so historical

S02E22: All Hell Break Loose pt 2

Bobby: What is it with you Winchesters? Huh? You, your dad, you're both just itching to throw yourselves down the pit.

Yellow Eyed Demon: So, Dean. I gotta thank you. You see, demons can't resurrect people unless a deal is made. I know, red tape, it'll make you nuts. But thanks to you, Sammy's back in rotation. I wasn't counting on that, but I'm glad. I liked him better than Jake anyhow.

Yellow Eyed Demon: Boys shouldn't play with Daddy's guns.

Bobby: I could throttle you. 
Dean: What? And send me downstairs ahead of schedule?

Jake: Go to Hell.
Yellow Eyed Demon: Been there, done that

well since janji ditepati sudah, saye x berjanji nak cepatkn buat quote season 3 tp saye cuba secepat yg boleh

tapi dalam banyak2 characters memang saye sangat suka Dean.. i even love to quote him.. hehe
yup, he's too funny ^^~

that's that
papai ^^~

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