Saturday, September 8, 2012

please dont cancel the show!!! (Breaking_In tribute)

warghhh heartbroken!!

actually saye sedey gak sbb one of my favorite series in the world is cancelled.

citer yg di maksudkn is Breaking_In

btw citer dia lebeh kurang mcm Leverage... dia punya MO pun lebih kurang just Breaking_In ni citer mcm mn dorg nak uji security system satu tempat by breaking into the place n steal something...

walaupn citer dia lebey kurang aje tp kalau tengok betul2 mmng actually citer dia x sama

basically, Breaking In is about high tech security team (Contra) that tests security system of any company who hire them. The team consist of

# Cameron Price (Bret Harrison) - if anyone watch Reaper, then u know who he is, a slacker-hacker who wanted to spend his life living comfortably in college as a big fish in a small pond after hacking their computers to give himself a full scholarship for life, but was drafted into Contra Security when they found out what he had done and threatened to expose him. Btw he is skilled in disarming firewalls, password encryption and general troubleshooting and almost have a relationship with his boss' wife, Amy (if u remember Pheobe from Charmed, yes she is Amy)

# Cash (Alphonso McAuley), the fan-boy trivia who loves prank and candy bars. He also a genius and gadget guy. He is Cam's best friend, love sci-fi, cosplay, live in his mom's garage and never got lucky with woman all his life. Cash mastered in robotics and nano-tech He also do freestyle rapping.

Oz (Christian Slater), is the one who runs Contra Security and is trying to keep on the up-and-up, whose favorite thing to do is order around and manipulate his staff. He takes his pudding seriously and actually he is hilarious. He always have plans and read lips. Honestly i think his coolness make him attractive. haha

# Veronica "Ronnie" Mann (Megan Mullally) is the new boss of Contra in Season 2 after Oz sold them. She is kindda funny but also annoying. She cant manage herself w/o her assistant and she cant even remember dates.

# Molly Huges (Erin Richards) is executive assistant of Veronica Mann. She is the opposite and possible rival for Melanie (their former lockpicker and Cam's crush). She have a crush on Oz after Oz try to steal her from Veronica to get at her back and to get her confess that she ate Oz's pudding.

Well in Season 1, the series consists of 7 episodes and supposedly, in Season 2, they will consists of 13 episodes but the series was cancelled after episode 5.

Btw the series feature many known faces star like Mike Tyson, Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor, Smallville), and many more la... malas nak tulis pjg2...

To be honest this series not suck at all...
sure there's some lame office politics story in here plus we've-seen-that-on-Chuck but i think this is not fair coz i think not many into heavy series like Supernatural (n yes the fans will kill anyone responsible if they cancel Supernatural). The light comedy is always something that i onto so cancelling the show really break my heart u kow T_T

so if any chance klu2 dorg terbaca ni hopefully they un-cancel the show...
seriously it is one hell of a good show and i dont watch TV series much but when i do i always attatch to it...

okla thata's that
papai ^^~

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