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My Favorite Supernatural (Season 3) Quotes

so i ended up pretty bored at home

i mean, most time i spend at the office n joking around but now i have to spend my time with adik izzati...

not that my little cute sister is boring but since she had a long day at school she fell asleep while playing with me *sigh*

so here's what i do, gather up my favorite quotes in Supernatural Season 3

so here it is ^^~

S03E01: The Magnificent Seven

Bobby: Did you boys find anything around here?
Sam: No sulfur, nothing.
Dean: Well, maybe something. (points to video camera) See? I'm working

Bobby: Do you have any idea who we're up against?
Dean: No, who?
Bobby: The Seven Deadly Sins, live and in the flesh.
Dean: (laughs) "What's in the box?" (silence) Brad Pitt... Se7en ...no? (shuts up as Sam hits him with the Bible)

Sam: Dean, what're you doing?
Dean: Comforting the bereaved. What're you doing?
Sam: Workin'. Dead body, possible demon attack, that kinda stuff.
Dean: (fake coughing) Sam, I'm sorry. It's just, I don't have much time left. And, uh... (more coughing) ...gotta make every second count

Bobby: So, we're eating bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast, are we?
Dean: Well, sold my soul. Got a year to live. I ain't sweatin' the cholesterol

S03E02: The Kids Are Alright

Dean: What? Someone had to teach him to kick a bully in the nads

Sam: So let me get this straight. You want to drive all the way to Cicero just to hook up with some random chick?
Dean: She was a yoga teacher. That was the bendiest weekend of my life!

Sam: (trying to cover up his phone call) Oh, I was just ordering pizza.
Dean: Dude, you do realize that you’re in a restaurant?
Sam: Yeah! Oh, yeah, yeah... (lamely) I just felt like pizza, y’know?
Dean: Okay... Weirdy McWeirderton.

Ben: No, don't go over there. Only bitches send a grown-up.
Dean: You're not wrong.
Ben: And I'm not a bitch

S03E03: BAd Day At The Black Rock

Sam: Dean...
Dean: Hey, back off, jinx. I’m bringing home the bacon

Dean: So, you know the truth, about what's really going on out there, and this is what you decide to do with it? You become a thief?
Bela: I procure unique items for a select clientèle.
Dean: Yeah, a thief.
Bela: No, a great thief.

Dean: What the hell is wrong with you? You don’t just go around shooting people like that!

Sam: What am I even supposed to do, Dean?
Dean: Nothing, nothing! Come here. I don't want you doing anything! I want you to sit right here and don't move! Okay? Don't turn on the light, don't turn off the light, don't even scratch your nose!

Dean: What?
Sam: I lost my shoe.

Dean: Oh, don't go away angry. Just go away.

Dean: I'm Batman.
Sam: (sarcastically) Yeah, you're Batman.

S03E04: Sin City

Dean: So if we wanna go check out these omens in Ohio, think you can have that thing ready by this afternoon?
Bobby: Well, it won’t kill demons by then, but I can promise it’ll kill you!

Dean: There’s got to be a demon or two in South Beach.
Sam: Sorry, Hef, maybe next time.

Casey: Why don't you relax?
Dean: Why don't you kiss my ass?
Casey: Why, Dean, you're a poet. I had no idea

Casey: You know, not a lot of us say this, but your likable.
Dean: A demon just complicated me. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to respond to that.
Casey: You could try saying thanks

Casey: Nice try but I think you just ordered a pizza.

S03E05: Bedtime Stories

Dean: All right, maybe it is fairy tales. Totally messed-up fairy tales. I'll tell you one thing, there’s no way I'm kissing a damned frog.

Sam: You remember Cinderella? The pumpkin that turns into a coach and the mice that become horses?
Dean: Dude! Could you be more gay? Don't answer that.

Dean: You find a way to stop Callie, all right.
Sam: What about you?
Dean: I'm gonna go stop the big bad wolf. Which is the weirdest thing I've ever said.

Sam: I think it's Snow White.
Dean: Snow White? Ah, I saw that movie. Oh, porn version anyway.

Sam: Who's your boss? Who holds the contract?
Crossroad Demon: He's not as cuddly as me, I can tell you that.

S03E06: Red Sky In The Morning

Dean: So, I've been waiting since Maple Springs. You got something to tell me?
Sam: It's not your birthday..
Dean: No.
Sam: (thinks hard) ...Happy Purim?

Dean: Can I shoot her? 
Sam: Not in public

Sam: What's going on with you Bela? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Bela: I saw the ship.
Dean: You what? ... Wow, you know I... I knew you were an immoral, thieving, con-artist b*tch, but just when I thought my opinion of you couldn't get any lower...

Bela: What is taking so long? Sam's already halfway there. With his date.
Dean: I am so not okay with this.
Bela: What are you, a woman? Come down already.
Dean: All right, get it out. I look ridiculous.
Bela: Not exactly the word I'd use.

Sam: Exactly how long do you expect me to entertain my date?
Bela: As long as it takes.
Dean: Look. There's security all over this place, alright. This is an uncrashable party, without Gert's invitation, so.
Sam: We can crash anything, Dean.
Dean: Yeah I know, but this is easier and a lot more entertaining.

Bela: That well, huh.
Dean: If you say "I told you so," I swear to God, I'll start swinging

Dean: This is where we parked the car, right?
Sam: I thought so.
Dean: Where's my car?
Sam: Did you feed the meter?
Dean: Yes I fed the meter. Sam, where's my car, did somebody... stole my car?
Sam: Hey-hey, calm down. Dean.
Dean: I'm calmed down. Somebody stole my c...
(Dean starts to hyperventilate)
Sam: Wow, Dean. Hey-hey-hey-hey, take it easy, take it easy.
(Dean hyperventilating; Bela arrives)
Bela: The 67' Impala, was that yours?
Sam: Bela.
Bela: I'm sorry, I had that car towed.
Dean: You what?
Bela: Well, it was in a tow-away zone.
Dean: No it wasn't.
Bela: It was when I finished with it.

S03E07: Fresh Blood

Bela: Gordon Walker paid me to tell him where you were.
Dean: Excuse me?
Bela: Well, he had a gun on me. What else was I supposed to do?
Dean: I don't know, maybe pick up the phone and tell us that a raging psychopath was dropping by?
Bela: I did fully intend to call. I just got a bit sidetracked.
Dean: He tried to kill us!
Bela: I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was such a big deal. After all, there are two of you and one of him.
Dean: There were two of them.

Dean: Well, what can I say? I'm a badass.

Sam: You know what, man? I'm sick and tired of your old stupid kamikaze trick.
Dean: Whoa, whoa. Kamikaze? I'm more like a ninja.
Sam: That's not funny.
Dean: It's a little funny.
Sam: No, it's not.

Dean: What do you want me to do, Sam, huh? Sit around all day writing sad poems about how I’m going to die? You know what, I’ve got one. Let’s see, what rhymes with "Shut up, Sam"?

S03E08: A Very Supernatural Christmas

Madge: Oh my goodness me somebody owes a nickel to the swear jar. Oh, you know what I say when I feel like swearing... fudge!
Dean: I will try to remember that

Sam: (getting off the phone with Bobby) Well, we're not dealing with the anti-Claus. 
Dean: What'd Bobby say?
Sam: Uh, that we're morons.

Dean: Wreaths, huh? Sure you didn't want to ask her about her shoes? I saw some nice handbags in the foyer

Santa's Elf: Welcome to Santa's Court. Can I escort your child to Santa?
Dean: Um, no. But actually, uh, my brother here, it's been a life long dream of his.
(Sam gives confused look)
Santa's Elf: I'm sorry, no kids over 12.
Sam: He's just kidding. We only came here to watch.
(Dean smirks and shakes his head)
Santa's Elf: Ewww.

Dean: We were playing Jenga over at the Walsh's the other night, and he hasn't shut up about this Christmas wreath. I don't know. (Looks over to Sam) You tell him.
Sam: Sure. (Sam pauses to look at shop owner) It was yummy.

Edward: Hear how they talk to us? (laughs) The Gods. Listen pal, back in the day we were worshipped by millions.
Dean: Times have changed. 

S03E09: Malleus Maleficarum

Dean: Why does a rabbit always get screwed in the deal? Poor little guy.

Dean: Stopped like stopped? They're human, Sam.
Sam: They're murderers.
Dean: Burn, witch, burn.

Dean: You saved my life.
Ruby: Don't mention it.
Dean: What was that stuff? God, it was ass. It tasted like ass.
Ruby: It's witchcraft, short bus. 
Dean: (mutters) You're the short bus, short bus...

Dean: Are you feeling okay?
Sam: (sighs) Why are you always asking me that?
Dean: 'Cos you're taking advice from a demon for starters. And by the way, you seem less and less worried about offing people. You know, it used to eat you up inside

S03E10: Dream A Little Dream of Me

Sam: It's been used by shamans and medicine men for centuries.
Dean: Let me guess, they dose up, break out the didgeridoos and start kicking around the hacky.

Dean: I take it we believe the legends.
Sam: When don't we?

Sam: One problem though: we are fresh out on African dream root, so unless you know someone who can score some...
Dean: Crap!
Sam: What?
Dean: Bela...
Sam: Bela? Crap!

Dean: Sam! Wake up!!
Sam: What? 
Dean: Dude, you were out, and making some serious happy noises. Who was it?
Sam: Who was what?
Dean: Come on, you can tell me. Angelina Jolie?
Sam: No.
Dean: Brad Pitt?
Sam: No. No!

Bobby: Before I knew it was him, he offered me a beer. I drank it. Dumbest friggin' thing.
Dean: Aw, I don't know. It wasn't that dumb.
Sam: Dean, you didn't.
Dean: I was thirsty.

Dean: Tell me you got something!
Bobby: Strip club was a bust, huh?
Dean: Yeah.
Bobby: That was our last lead.
Dean: What the hell, Bobby!
Bobby: Don't yell at me, boy. I am working my ass off. 

S03E11: Mystery Spot

Dean: All right, all right. We'll go tonight after closing, get us a nice long look. 
Sam: Wait… what? No!
Dean: Why not?
Sam: Uhh…. Let's just go now – right now. Business hours! Nice and crowded.
Dean: My god, you're a freak.

Sam: You don't remember any of this?
Dean: Remember what?
Sam: This. Today. Like - like it's happened before?
Dean: You mean like déjà vu?
Sam: No. I mean, like it's - like it's really happened before.
Dean: Yeah. Like déjà vu.
Sam: No! Forget about déjà vu! I'm asking you if it feels like we're living yesterday all over again?
Dean: (thinking) Okay, how is that not déjà -
Sam: Don't! Don't say it! Just don't.

Sam: Twice now I've watched you die and I can't. I won't do it again, okay? You're just gonna have to believe me. Please?
Dean: Okay. I still think you're nuts, but...

Sam and Dean (in unison): Right, you're a mind reader. Cut it out, Sam. Sam. You think you're funny but you're being really, really childish. Sam Winchester wears make-up. Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by the bed and every morning when he wakes up... okay, enough!

Sam: I had a weird dream.
Dean: Yeah? Clowns or midgets?

S03E12: Jus In Bello

Henricksen: I shot the sheriff.
Dean: But you didn't shoot the deputy.

Sam: You were possessed.
Henricksen: Possessed like... possessed?
Sam: That's what it feels like. Now you know.
Dean: I owe you the biggest "I told you so" ever.

Henricksen: So, turns out demons are real.
Dean: F.Y.I. -- ghosts are real, too. So are werewolves, vampires, changelings, evil clowns that eat people.
Henricksen: Okay, then.
Dean: If it makes you feel better, Bigfoot's a hoax.
Henricksen: It doesn't.

Ruby: Does anyone have a breath mint? Some guts splattered in my mouth while I was killing my way in here.

Dean: I got virtue.
Ruby: Nice try! You're not a virgin.
Dean: Nobody's a virgin! No.. No way! You're kidding me, right? You're...? You've never... not even once? Not even...?
Nancy: What? It's a choice, okay?

S03E13: Ghostfacers

Maggie: Wait. Didn't you guys get, like a permit or something?
Ed: A permit?
Harry: That's a good idea for next time.

Harry: Ed, you got to go be gay for that poor dead intern! You gotta send him into the light

Dean: Hey, Ed, listen to me. There's some salt in my duffel. Make a circle and get inside.
Ed: Inside your duffel bag?
Dean: In the salt, you idiot!

Sam: Holy sh*t. 
Dean: What? 
Sam: West Texas - that tulpa we had to take out, those two goofballs who almost got us killed? Uh - uh, Hell Hounds, or somethin'? 
Dean: F*ck me.

S03E14: Long Distance Call

Sam: So you two were talking a case?
Dean: No, we were uh, we were actually talking about our feelings. And then our favorite boy bands. Yeah, we were talking a case.

Dean: I just talked to an 84-year old grandmother who's having phone sex with her husband who died in Korea.
Sam: Eww.
Dean: Completely rocked my understanding of the word "necrophilia".

Sam: I mean, Dad? You really think it was Dad?
Dean: I don't know. Maybe.
Sam: Well, what did he sound like?
Dean: Like Oprah. It was Dad, he sounded like Dad, what do you think?

Dean: (about John) I mean, what if he calls back?
Sam: So what, if he calls back?
Dean: What do I say?
Sam: Hello.
Dean: Hello?! That's the best you can come up with?

Dean: I see they improved your face. 
Sam: Right back at 'cha.

S03E15: Time On My Side

Sam: Remember that thing in the paper yesterday?
Dean: "Stripper suffocates dude with thighs"?

Sam: Right. So, doctors, they had to do whatever they could to keep the infections from spreading. One way was maggots.
Dean: Dude, I'm eating.
Sam: It actually kind of worked because maggots, they eat the bad tissue and they leave good tissue. And get this. When they found our guy, his body cavity was stuffed full of maggots.
Dean: Dude, I'm eating!

Rufus: Nope. You do her ear?
Dean: Sorry?
Rufus: You do her ear?
Dean: Hey man I'll try anything once, but I don't know, that sounds uncomfortable.

Dean: You make me sick.
Bela: Likewise.

Dean: I'll see you in Hell.

S03E16: No Rest For The Wicked

Ruby: Hey, Sam. How's tricks? You know, phones work too.

Ruby: I wish I could be there, Dean! I wish I could smell the flesh sizzle off your bones. I wish I could be there to hear you scream!
Dean: And I wish you'd shut your pie hole, but we don't always get what we want

Dean: What do you think?
Sam: I think you totally should have been jamming Eye of the Tiger right there.
Dean: Oh, bite me. I totally rehearsed that speech, too.

Bobby: Tell me. How many hallucinations have you had so far?
Dean: How'd you know?
Bobby: Because that's what happens when you've got hell hounds on your butt. And because I'm smart

Bobby: Well, you got just over five hours to go. You're piercing the veil, Dean, glimpsing the "B" side.
Dean: Little less New Agey, please.
Bobby: You're almost hell's bitch, so you can see hell's other b*tches.
Dean: Thank you.

Dean: I'm glad my doomed soul's good for something.

Sam: Bon Jovi?
Dean: Bon Jovi rocks! On occasion.

Dean: Oh.
Ruby: What?
Dean: Nothing. I just couldn't see you before, but you are one ugly broad.

So that's that...
Fun Fact? season 3 is the shortest of all season up until season 7- i mean how do i know what season 8 gonna be rite?

well the complexity of the series i think start on season 3... i mean the starters when Dean died and brought back to life in season 4 but then who says it's a bad thing?

yes the series become heavier but that's the beauty of Supernatural.. it is the opposite the derivation of Fourier equation~~~ the longer it is the more complex it become, the annoyed level increase.. XP

okay that's that
papai ^^~

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