Sunday, August 28, 2011

the tragedy of the hair before raya...=_='

well midnight last night angah just got back from her friend's house n she told me
"along sok aku nak g salon wat rambut raya... hahaha"
so, i was like,
 "ok la 2.. aku pon dah lama nak potong rambut depan aku ni..."
and then she goes like
"alah kalau rambut depan meh aku potong.. membazir je g kedai"
i wish i have hair like Kate
so memandangkan she done that before n i have no problem with her "work" i just agree...

well i was hoping i can get a bangs like Kate Hudson coz i LOVE her hair so much plus my hairstyle from the back kindda nearly similar to Kate Hudson just i dont have the bangs in front n of course mine is not blonde la.. hahah

then she start cutting my hair...

first at my front left....
job well done...

then  she start working at my front right n
"alamak along aku terlebih potong la!!! gila pelik dah rambut depan kau!!"
i was like
 and she goes
"sorry long... gunting ni tumpul..."
i was kindda pissed so i told her to get me an appropriate hair accessories to cover my weird haircut and she told me then
seriously my bangs really look
like Hayley except
mine is black
"meh aku layerkan rambut blakang ko... ok x??"
i told her no need but she told me that it look weirder with my haircut so i take deep breath and told her
"ko buat betul-betul... kalau cam orang gila.. ko yang x raya!!" 
 and then she start doing it and she told me she got few idea so i let her do her creative side on my hair (tho i know i should regret that later) and i was hoping that layer will look like Hayley William (Paramore) at least with my weird bangs...

now my hair look like Taylor
with shorter bangs
and after she done my hair turn to be Taylor Momsen messy style hair (minus the blonde part)....
and angah goes like
"bila panjang nanti mesti cantik"
i was like yea...
"raya lagi 3 hari taw x.. rambut aku xkan panjang dalam 3 hari taw!!"
the only way my hair can be save
is to get Emma's pixie cut.. DAMN!

all i can do then is redha or i should go to salon n get Emma Watson pixie cut...

cam malas nak raye je rase...=_='

that's that for now...



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

merapu meraban pt 5 (seriously i mean WTH??)

okay, before ape2 let me stress that i am not super smart people n yes i've been to one of the best school n one of the most worst school in discipline ever and i'm still in  one bigger piece so no offence that no way in hell i'm gonna admit environmental causes changes in habits n behavior...

owh i think i should quote my fav singer of all time ^^~
You know, I really don't know, because kids are obviously very easily influenced. I, myself, personally, have been playing violent video games since I was a kid, and I never wanted to blow anybody, you know, no pun intended, but I never wanted to blow anybody away. I don't think it made a difference for me whatsoever. The only thing that would make me be violent, is if somebody were violent towards me.
-Ben Burnley- 
so.. here i really like to say in my opinion...  that it's all in u... u can be who u are without blend in and spoiled... even when u're in the most worse possible environment... 

so this morning after sending my sister to school, my task is to go to the shop and buy some tauge... so at the shop, while waiting to pay i met my senior when i was 12 at my very first boarding school i've been and (guess what?) yes of course i dont even remember her face or name but funny she still remember mine n she's married n she was there with her 2 or 3 year old boy... =_='

"Huh?" (at this point i thought she might mistaken me with my other siblings)
"Nick kan? Yang skolah SM** dulu kan? tapi x lama dalam 3 bulan je kau skolah situ?"
"Aha..." (then i realize she know me but clearly i dont remember her)
"Alah..akak la.. Kak Ida (i almost getting sued for revealing someone's name in my bloggie so this is as far as i can give)... yang satu dorm dulu.. ingat x?"
"Aha... ha..." (actually here i still dont LOL)
"Ape kau buat kat sini ? jauh kau bawak diri... hahha... keje ape skarang?"
"Still belaja... memang rumah kat sini.." (actually i dont really like to continue my conversation coz somehow i hate her tone)
"Belajar lagi? x habis lagi?? memang lembab jugak kau ni kan?? haha... akak dah anak akak.." (sambil pegang anak dia)
"oic... hi... (waving) cute..."
"akak balik rumah mak mertua... akak tak kerja dah... dok umah jaga anak pulak... hahaha! kau dekat poli lagi ke?"
"poli? mana ada..."
"ye la dari dulu kau slow... x heran la kalau kau kat poli lagi... lagipon orang bodoh je tolak tawaran dok skolah S** tu untuk masuk SM*T... hahaha"
"yea hahaha... ye la kot.."
"kau dok lorong mana?"
"ermm blakang skali... lorong 12... "
"jauh tu.. kau naik motor ke?"
"x lah drive.."
"owh.. kau boleh bawak kereta... haha biar akak mengakulah dengan kau.. masa kau pindah dari S** dulu kitorang ingat kau la manusia paling bengap sebab keluar.. tapi for sure la kitorg taw ko guna kabel nak masuk skloah tu sebab bapak ko kan "kaya" tapi akak mengaku la kitorang pernah cakap yang kitorang sure ko boleh berjaya tapi lambat dari manusia lain... kau kan manja.."
"huh?" (time ni kalau saye x pikir saye pose memang dah lama makan kaki minah ni...hihi)
"ye lah... kau tau lah kan... so rupanya kitorang betol... sampai skarang kau kat poli lagi.. ni amik sijil ke dip ni?"
"hah? tengok tu.. ape kau ambik pun x taw... takpe la... nanti abis la tu... poli mana kau sekarang?"
"Sabah, KK"
"jauh tu... hahha... x nangis kau kat sana?"
(senyum) "x... hmm okay lah kak saye balik dulu.. selamat berpuasa...."

so on my driving way home it really hit me" am i too fragile until i kept being bullied over and over or my patience too high that i never get mad at whatever people do to me"... it's not really i'm not pissed anyway but to let myself being treated like that sure never make my life more easier in any angle but somehow i still can stand and prove myself (and let they thinking otherwise) that everyone is wrong...

to be honest my first three month at my secondary school never been my proud moment... yes i've been to one of the most prestige school that any parents will smile when they talk about their kids who study there but somehow i felt like mentally tortured.. yes i make some friends who treated me for who i am (immature 12 year old kids with still have her "imaginary friend" all the way) and some (especially seniors) think i'm a spoiled kid that is never smart and always call home in every 3 hour.... and all i wanna do as a new kid (freshie) is to get a good grades and not causing any trouble...

and i am no rule breaker...

and i still remember that one of my seniors told me that "kau x pernah and x akan layak berjaya dalam hidup" and instead of stand up for myself i politely says goodnight... i mean, she might never meant what she said back then n i know until now up where i'm in the university, people never have confidence in me like i have on myself... i totally can see that and idk why even i constantly prove them wrong they still think that i am not capable on finishing what am i started... and guess what? i always felt like they think i am a fragile kid until now even they see it with their very own eyes that i am more than capable to accomplish my job... hmm but somehow i guess i'm not good to tell them "i told u so"

i am on my way to get
my degree ya!! so what do u
mean that i never gonna
and after three month at that prestigious school, i begged my dad to take me out from there and he actually did coz somehow he realize i cant manage myself (yes i admit i'm not good like i am now back then) and i think parents or anyone always said that u will get smarter if u surrounded by smart people n vice versa n idk i see that a challenge or what but i told them i will never change my attitude (as a rule breaker) even i went to the worse possible school in Malaysia so my dad sent me to one of the worse school in the city where bullies n social problem were like a daily public affair in there (i think my dad kindda trust me in this that i am not easily influenced) and turn out i'm still me in one piece coz there, one of the great value they have is that they dont believe in who's smart n who's dumb... and i like it that way where i am no difference than any other.. and honestly i make a very good friend and we still talk until now... 

i proved everyone that
i can write a play ^^~
yes i'm willing to be thrown into the "dumpster" but seriously people dont realize what they might found in there... i found friendship, loyalty, determination, and more than when i am force to get inside the "gold mine" but i dont find myself any "richer" but it sure thought me to smile even in the very hard situation... my only true friend that i can trust back then is my very own diary which they stole n read n teased me with every words i wrote in there but somehow i kept all my promises in that diary and some of them is to show everyone that i can live on my own (now i am like 3 hour flight away from home), i can be in the university (yes i am now and that seniors if i am not mistaken never continue her study after STPM because she's married- source from my friend), and a few more... but seriously i owe them "big-fat-giant thank you" for making me this "not so fragile" anymore and idk why when i get to TTJ, i really wish i never met anyone like me (fragile and got bullied) for the revenge coz the cycle should end n as i said i am not a rule breaker...

well i know some people put trust in me but never put full confidence and some are so skeptical about what i will be doing but i think my best moment is when i'm at TTJ onward (KMPk n UMS)... maybe not all people see me capable but they see i have strength n somehow i know that it's good to have some people put their faith in you n u will feel like u were there or exist... that's good enough... i never bail from my responsibility ^^~

owh... i felt stupid coz i just remember actually i am off my rail after i quoted Ben earlier... supposedly what i really meant to say is that no matter how far or where u been but as long as ur "outer layer" and ur foundation is solid i guess it will never change u... i take me for an example... i still think will ever get revenge on any of those meanie back then even i live among them (yes not my entire life) but sorry dear... i just cant fit in... so somehow surrounding wasnt really a great influence for people to change (at least me)...

so that's that... papai !!! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

laughing 4 a while wont kill ur a$$

got really nothing to do n feeling like i want to update my blog here but funny thing is i have n idea on what to write...
so why dont we just laugh??

this is Spongebob Squarepants theme song in Kelantanise version... ^^~

Ready dok budok-budok?
Ho laa, kepten!
Gapo dio? HO LAA, KEPTEN!
Podio dok dale buoh lanah bowoh laut?
Spongebob Sluar kotok!
Sene meresap bewarno kuning.
Spongebob Sluar kotok!
Kalu demo suko bendo laut hok ngarut.
Spongebob Sluar kotok!
Pah mari la pakat nopat supo ike.
Spongebob Sluar Kotok! Ready?
Sponge............bob Sluar Kkotok,(3x)
Spongebobbb Sluar kotok

and this is in Kedah version... hahaah!!!

Hampa redi dah ka weii??
Haa kapten,
Apadia?Tak dengaq nie!!
Haaa la kapten..
Sapa hat dok dalam nanaih wah laut?
"Spanbob Seluaq Petak"
Belubang,meghesap paihtu wana kunin
"Spanbob Seluaq Petak"
Kalau hampa suka benda laut hat ngarut
"Spanbob seluaq Petak"
Mai la sini teghejun cam ikan temenung
"Spanbob seluaq Petak"
Spanbob seluaq Petak
Spanbob seluaq Petak
Spanbob seluaq Petak
Spanbob...seluaq Petak!

so enjoy ^^~

Friday, August 12, 2011

"demam (tapi yang ni x kira masa n tempat)" pt 2

tengah sebok2 tengok CSI tadi, my cousin tetiba amik remote n try cari channel len n finally dia cakap

"along ni ketinggalan la... orang tengok citer ada menda2 supernatural skunk"
(gelak sambil berlagak) "along die hard fan... tengah tunggu season baru skarang... season len sume along dah hafal"
(muka pelik) "aik?? baru brape episode klua TV along dah abes tengok satu season? advance!"
(muka cover riak) "well... they dont call me die hard fan for no reason ye! tak sabar nak tunggu season 7"
(muka extra pelik) "huh?? ye ke? bukan baru lagi ke citer tu?"
(muka berubah pelik) "xde lah.. dari along form 4 lagi citer Supernatural tu..."
(muka makin extra pelik) "eh along cakap pasal citer yang ade supernatural creature kan? Teen Wolf?"
(muka tensen) "la... along cakap citer Supernatural la..."
(muka tahan gelak) "mana ada la.. cite tu dah luput dah.. ohh cite tu wujud lagi ek??"

hehehe...actually there's no reason but then i realize i have "to-be-continued" entry called "Demam"
hmm let see... i am not a really big fan to most of the big thing on TV except few (okay..i'm gonna say it again... it's called Supernatural) but somehow i prefer this TV series more than movie, sinetron n bla bla...

so i'm talking bout US TV series ye and i think my fav oldies TV series would be The Nanny...  lama giler cite ni... kalau org x taw citer ape boleh bukak YouTube.. dulu dorang ade tayang kat Hallmark... ala.. citer pasal sorang nanny yang jaga anak sorang producer duda yang kaya n have 3 kids... the nanny ada sorang mak n nenek yang penyibuk gak.. hahaha... boleh gak dikategorikan citer ni more to comedy (n more suitable to watch with ur family or not so funny but still i can place them in family genre)... since saye jarang amek taw.. so juz ade few je citer in this genre yang saye taw like Everybody Love Raymond ngan Malcolm in the Middle, Friends, and etc... (kan saye dah kata saye x tengok all TV series in the world?? ^^)

pastu people goes to more weirder genre like magic/alien/supernatural/superpower (long story short it called fiction or sci-fi) like in magic i think the famous one is Charmed, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Merlin, Wizards of Waverly Place and might be more that i didnt watch or know of...
 then we got alien or alien encounter or alien-like or unexplained phenomenon (not really involve supernatural ~~ u know what i mean) like X-File, Rosewell, Kyle XY, 4400, Lost and more...
check out the dude at the very
back.. he is now play Dean Winchester
hehe ^^~
and then we have supernatural like supernatural creature for real like Supernatural (my favorite as many people know), The Reaper, Buffy The Vampire Slayer,The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Angel, Ghost Whisperer and mooorreee and paling baru wat saye gado2 ngan my cousin..Teen Wolf...hahaha... memula i think (my observation aje ye) people love heroes (human) not monster.. see example.. up until Supernatural, the main focus is the slayer (or in Dean and Sam case they were called hunter) but these days after Twilight book was a hit, they change the strategy putting monsters as the new hero like vampire and new one warewolf (sorry never mean to call them monster but anyone who have proper words lemme kno yeh?? ^^~)
and then we have superpower or superhuman like Smallville (might be categorize in alien too if u like so be my guess ^^~), Kyle XY (this too), Mutant X, Heroes, Dark Angel and more... well the correct term might be superheroes but WTH? this is mii freakin blog ^^~ huhuhu but u guys feel free to put them in any order u like... i just place them based on my opinion...

then of course we have cop show! one of my fav... err i think crime series might be better... whatever u feel like go ahead... call it whatever u want.. ^^~ we have one of the famous called CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Vegas), CSI: Miami, CSI:NY, Numb3rs, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Leverage, Chuck, Hawaii-Five-O and this kind is ssoooo much on TV.. pick ur fav... mostly when ppl talking about TV series (unlike me) they prefer to mention crime show first (from what i observe)
this is Gilmore Girls and see the
guy on the right (no 34)
he plays Dean back then n
now he is Sammy Winchester ^^

and then we have this kindda all girlie2 or kindda high school not so heavy conflict n "happy-family" like Gossip Girl, 90210, Gilmore Girl, Glee, SATC, Life Unexpected, Hannah Montana, iCarly, Lizzie McGuire, Desperate Housewives and there might be more that i didnt know (never really a fan for this genre) and again... take ur pick ^^~ but honestly for this kind of genre i prefer to watch movies.. idk y movies more appealing 

owh did i mention the doctor show?? haha.. we have House, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Scrubs and again.. might be more that idk... dont really like to watch doctor show but i do watch House... he's funny LOL but yes!! my fav doctor would be Dr Black Jack (Hazama Kuroo) which shame coz he cannot be in my TV hit list coz he is an anime (T_T) but it's okay ^^~ i still adore that weird doctor hehehe!!!  

so that's all peeps but if ppl ask me what is my fav (i know ppl know my all time fave) are Supernatural, The Nanny, Mutant X, Dark Angel, Leverage, Life Unexpected, CSIs, n might be more to come but like anybody else i have my own choice or taste so i think that's all

p/s: selamat berpuasa... ^^~ papaii!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

All Hell Breaks Loose pt 1 (Not Really A Supernatural Version)

okay 1st of all i suffer form bad diarrhea and gastric due to
1) taking coke without anything 4 buka puasa (i know i have terrible gastric history but cant help it.. i just love coke)
2) bad fish curry for sahur for a next day...

so obviously i had this stomach cramp all day (until now it's like 2 days) and i cant move, stand. sit and even each time i lied down i feel this sharp white hot pain all over my tummy...

okay and this is the 1st time i put the title 1st before writing anything so for those who never watch Supernatural or dont even remember which episode, here's the recap but not full la (copy paste dari website jak)

Sam and Dean arrive at a diner to get supper and when Sam goes in, the radio malfunctions. Dean notices that Sam has disappeared from inside the diner and goes in to find several corpses but no sign of Sam. He notices sulfur and realizes demons are involved.
Sam wakes up in an abandoned ghost town and runs into Andy, and neither one of them know what’s going on. They hear a woman screaming and go to investigate and find Ava, who thinks it’s been only two days since she last saw Sam and Dean, when it was actually five months ago. They find two other people, Jake and Lily, and determine they’re all age 23 and have psychic powers, and Sam tries to explain a demon brought them together.
Dean meets with Bobby who reports there hasn’t been any demonic signs or omens. They call Ash who says he has something big and wants them there, and they head out.
my fav part in AHBL pt 1 siyes
jujur asye nangis jugak!!
Dean and Bobby arrive at the road house only to find it burnt to the ground, Ellen missing, and Ash dead. Meanwhile, something is stalking Lily through the woods, while Sam and the others realize she’s missing. They go outside and find Lily dead, hanging from a windmill. Andy tries to use his powers long-distance to send images to Dean of the town, as well as a picture of Sam. Bobby figures out the location of the town from the landmarks Andy projected.
Later they take refuge together but the yellow-eyed demon appears to Sam and says he’s rooting for Sam, and that they’re all in a competition. The demon has set up much of Sam’s life to get him out on the road and trained, although the death of his mother wasn’t intentional. It shows him a vision of how it fed its blood to Sam as a baby. Sam’s mother came in and recognized the demon and it killed her. Sam wakes up to find out Ava’s missing. They go out to search but Ava comes back to confront Andy after breaking the salt line. The demon-girl comes in and kills him as Ava looks on.
Ava screams and Sam and Jake arrive to find her standing over the body. She gives them a cover story but Sam wonders who broke the salt line. He quickly figures out she’s responsible and she confesses what she’s been doing and that she’s been killing the other children as they arrived over the last five months. Worse, she’s developed her powers further and can summon demons, and calls the demon back, but Jake arrives to break her neck. But he tells Sam the demon appeared to him and he has no choice but to kill Sam so he can get close to the demon and kill it. Jake comes after Sam who manages to defeat him and prepares to kill him. Bu Sam can’t bring himself to do it. Bobby and Dean arrive just as Jake stabs Sam and runs off. Sam dies in Dean’s arms.

but this entry got nothing to do with demons or psychic children or competition or omen sign or anything supernatural but just what happened...
so on that morning, after i woke up n had my sahur n subuh prayer, i watched Supernatural the Anime and i watched 2 back-to-back last two episodes (All Hell Breaks Loose pt 1 and pt 2) followed by Supernatural season 3 episode 18 (No Rest For The Wicked)
and today my parents went out to Tabung Haji leaving me and my siblings at home and after watching Tarzan on Disney's Channel (with all pain) with adik Izzati, she went to my sis, Atin and i went back to my room to take some rest.. and after few moments, Atin went into my room and screamed

"Along!! Adik mana??"
"Bukan dia ngan kamu ke?"
"Takde lah"
(me screaming to Anis in the bathroom) "Anis!!! Adik mandi dengan kamu ke??!!"
"Mana ada!! kan Adik dah mandi tadi!"
"Mana si Izzati ni??!!"

macam x bersalah je buat orang riso!!
i went out n found the gate is opened and then i realized she might went out... Atin took our dad's motorcycle n went around the neighborhood n came back crying that she couldnt find her... she went to her friend's house n asked if she saw Adik Izzati around but when her friend said no, i took the bike n went to look everywhere include in the drain while kept praying i found her waiting for me at the playground or somewhere before our parents got back....
after like half an hour i went back to house n Anis told me Adik is no where to be found n i started to called Angah... Angah took her bike n started to look around too and we went into every alley, looked into any house which had their gate opened, playground, drain (big and small) and i must say i went everywhere around the neighborhood...
an hour later, i came back and saw Adik with Angah on her bike and Atin claimed a kid had sent our lil sis home.. i asked  who the kid but she said she had no idea but i cant thank Allah or the kid enough... idk what will happen if we still havent found adik... world will be a disaster and i will feel guilty for the rest of my life....

well okay, now what Supernatural have to do with my story just now?? hehehe... i just feel like it... i mean i watched All Hell Breaks Loose pt 1 and saw how Dean went nearly nuts about Sam's disappearance n look everywhere... make me feel like i play Dean Winchester back then (huhuhu) and of course adik is Sam... hahha
the difference is Adik is not Sam who have psychic power that can sent images to where she'd be on that time, she definitively not with any of her psychic friends, no demons involved (kan bulan pose.. sume setan kena ikat), i'm using my dad's motorcycle (Kriss) instead of Impala, and (sigh in relief) she not die in my arm (simpang malaikat la...)

back then when she wasnt really good
at breaking all the rules ^^~
but seriously, i really wish i can meet the kid and thank him personally.. i really appreciate and there's a lesson in this.. since Adik Izzati is not a normal-thinking kid, we never know what was or is in her mind and all i know she wants to break free which is not safe for sisters, brothers and i should be careful and nex time no matter what, we should at least make sure the gate is fully locked up... ^^~

that's all folks.... selamat berpose!!! adios papai !!

Monday, August 1, 2011

my Ramadhan memories ^^~

bulan Ramadhan yang berkat ni i remembered my childhood until grown up puasa memories... always make me smile how time flies.. unlike many parents, my parents never say... "kalau puasa penuh dapat duit raya seratus" or "kalau puasa penuh umi beli 10 pasang baju raya" or "satu hari puasa ayah bagi seringgit" hahahah!!!  i guess that is why saye agak lambat nak pose.. xde motivator.. hahaaaa!!!! but saye paling suka bulan pose ^^~

masa kanak2 riang dulu (while i was the only child in the family), my parents slalu cakap orang x pose x boleh duduk berbuka ngan orang pose n i still remember that joke makes me wanna cry n i didnt take anything for the whole night n nenek goes like "orang pose siang... dia pose malam" LOL!!!!
i started to puasa (sekerat hari je) masa standard 1, ingat lgi masa first2 tu.. saye ikut bangun bersahur but lepas abes skolah (masa tu my dad datang jemput) i force him to buy me ice-cream n since saye anak manja ayah (once upon a time), he cant refuse so he got me ice cream n i declared my self berpuase sekerat hari... huhuuu!!! and the funniest thing is that the sekerat hari thing is only last for 2 days!! hahha!!!
me n my bestfriend masa form 2..
not all but kami ade kenangan
 pose sesama
the very next year saye pose penuh!!! hahaha!! minus satu hari (first day) coz saye jelez tengok org len makan cokelat!! hahahaha!!!!

mase skolah menengah, time tu form 2, saye skolah petang so, peluang nak membantu kat dapur (masak juadah berbuka) memang jarang.. yang best nye, balik skolah dalam pukul 6 lebih, salin baju, leka2 kejap and then dah azan maghrib.. alamatnye saye cuma tukang makan aje la... hahaha!!! ehhh.. x jugak.. sepanjang bulan pose, saye merupakan penerima "tender basuh pinggan" lepas berbuka n sahur... so time tu memang saya "diperdajalkan" abes-abesan oleh umat2 dalam rumah (x kira la umah sendiri or umah nenek) dengan makan guna lebih 2-3 pinggan sorang.. 1 pinggan amik kuih, 1 pinggan makan nasik, 1 pinggan len untuk bubur... bla3... =_='! hahaha!!! memang sabo je lah... kate umi "kamu kan suka main air!! time pose x bleh banyak men air, makhruh.. ha..skunk men la puas2!!" hahahah
my classmates kat TTJ...
memang rindu la
 time pose kat sana
bila saye form 4, saye tinggal kat hostel, so saye selamat la dari basuh pinggan mase sahur atau berbuka.. hahah!! and time 2 kami dibenarkan pegi bazar ramadhan kat ampangan.. gilir2 la aspura n aspuri... memandangkan saye peminat setia air keladi, sape2 yang pegi bazar ramadhan kene carikan air keladi utk juadah berbuka.. time 2 satu dorm dalam 4 orang je boleh pegi so, nazak la dorang nak bawak barang2 tempahan 1 dorm (1 dorm ade 20 org) haha!! n my parents slalu la datang bawak air keladi sejuk.. memang best time 2 juz yang x bestnye 1st time saye pose x bersahur (hidup sendiri kan..susah sket nak bangun sahur) tapi time 2 memang best la kat skolah coz kami akan tadarrus ramai2 pagi2 sblom klas, pastu lepas maghrib n masa nak tunggu terawikh.. memang best.. n saye x tinggal terawikh time tu (except time cuti)!! the same things goes until i finish my high school at TTJ...^^~ what a sweet memories ever <3

Ina n me
geng PDT masa latihan drama
bulan pose

klas F4T24 yang slalu
berbuka sama2
me, Nisa, Kinah n Aisyah ^^~
my lovely roomates
abes SPM, i went to KMPk Gopeng, Perak which like 4 hours drive from home.. and to be honest being far away from my family in the fasting month where no want will send me air keladi was hard at first.. lucky me, at my 1st year there, Ain (kak long), Jannah (mama) and Fizah (kak ngah) was there, kami bukak pose sesama all the time n not to mention my best friend Ina (Syarifah NorSabrina) yang sentiasa ade time2 saye ade masalah..shayang shumer shumer!! MUAHHH!!!! n then in my second year there, my roomates Kinah, Nisa n Aisyah pon temankan saye berbuka.. nak dijadikan kesah, pernah sekali pukul 3 pagi saye n Aisyah pergi kafe n sahur ngan muka bangun tidur.. hahaha!! memang sandi la... n satu lagi kenangan Ramadhan kat KMPk is time PDT bila kami ade drama project.. haha!! malam sblom 2 kami sibuk2 buat props kat kafe sambil tengok Supernatural kat TV (saye siap gaduh ngan abang kafe suh tukar channel huhuhu)  n esoknya kami kena buat persembahan drama (saye script writer huhuhu).. kat KMPk jugak ade kindda so called bazar sendiri tapi kena pegi cepat2 kalau nak beli makanan coz klu abes klas pukul 5 petang mesti dah abes makanan coz bebudak sekolah asrama penuh kat sebelah KMPk dah rembat sumer makanan =_=' hauahhaha!!... whatever it is memang best la kenangan kat KMPk 2.. my 1st platform in the real outside world far frrom my parents (generally) huhuhu

me n my lalink ^^~
and then saye merantau lagi jauh ke oversea (UMS) hahaha!! kenangan kat UMS pon macam2 especially ngan my lalink anis... tapi my 1st year kat sana memang sadis la.. saye balik malam raya n dengar takbir raya before naik flight.. hahha.. before this at least saye dapat berbuka like 2-3 days at home but this time NONE!! huhuhu!!! n kenangan x boleh blah masa bulan pose kat UMS ni is ade satu time when me n anis want to buy juadah berbuka, tetiba ada segerombolan anjing bertapa depan blok..sumer x berani naik.. sabo je lah.. n kat Sabah ni kalau nak berbuka memang sentiasa kat luar la (living te life like real orang bujang without parents huhuhu!!) n yang paling best waktu berbuka dia memang awal so x rase la lama nak berbuka pose.. haha!! tapi selalunya berbuka pose secara rushing akibat makanan kat kafe dah abes memang selalu sangat la...!! hahaha!! anyhow sumer2 tu is a spice of life that i have to face which make me more grown and mature... so no regret ^^~

there goes my kenangan berpuasa yang i dont think too much i have (sebenarnya banyak je tapi kalau nak tulis sumer mmng kalah 4 novel "Twilight" yang di gam bersama-sama la!! hahaha!!!
so i'll be back soon ^^~ papai!!!

my (i wish i never been there) encounter pt 3

memandangkan esok pose bek saye jamakkan je perbuatan mengata saye ari ni...hahaha!!  actually dah lama saye nak write bout this particular person which somehow i used to consider her as one of my best friends coz i'm always a new kid at school at the early of semester and she is kindda the earliest person who talk to me...

so last few days afternoon she called me and one of the thing is that instead calling me "Atul", she start calling me "Crystal" and actually nothing wrong with that except i expecting this Crystal-calling is in the virtual world only so when ppl call me "Crystal" in real world s really kindda weird... it's not like ppl never called me that, in fact my seniors call me Crystal, so somehow i'm okay with that just she know me and call me by my real name for like 7 years now and suddenly she start calling me "Crystal" (and sometimes she called me Crysty) is way like "u just know me for few days" ~sigh~
 the conversation is kindda goes like this

"Huh? who?"
"Aku la... W****, tapi skunk orang panggil aku Wendy (bukan nama sebenar)"
"OIC.. okay.. nape?"
"brape lama dah ko balik?? x cakap pon ngan aku!! jom kua!!"
"hmm.. bile nak kua?"
"skunk la.. aku amek ko.. siap cepat!! dah sampai depan umah aku call... bye!!"

and actually memandankan saye sorang manusia yang teramat kaya time2 macam ni, saye mmng xnak pegi but blum sempat saye nak call beliau balik, i got her message saying "in front of ur house in BLACK PERDANA, plate no XXX XX!X"
~sigh~ memang x boleh elak
so saye siap2 n step out.. she's waiting inside her new car... but saye malas nak tanya coz i know her nature, she'll tell u even if u not ask and then... (guess what ~~ i saw that coming)

"still use that old Kancil?"
"mhmm, ko sihat?"
nah setepek!! orang nak taw sangat hubby
saye kan?? ni avatar saye ngan beliau!!
hahah!! kidding ^^~
"okay, sihat je.. sombong betul ko ni kan??" aku dapat taw budak IPT dah lama cuti tapi baru skunk ko nak klua... ko busy sangat ke Crystal?"
"xde lah.. malas nak klua"
"kenapa? ko x keje ke?"
"malas la... ko dah abes study kan?"
"aah.. aku grad n ade dip.. ko ni plak bila nak abes?? lame dah ko bertapa ngan buku x nampak pon agi ko ngan topi kotak"
"insyaALLAH next year... mmng la lama.. abes matric aku amik degree, matric dlu pon 2 taun"
"owh.. macam buang masa je kan? btw, what do u think of my new car?"
"this one? nice"
"well bila ko nak beli keta sendiri? ehh macam mana hubby ko?"
"aku x keja lagi, no way aku nak suh my parents got me a car after everything... hubby ape plak?"
"aku baca blog ko.. my-beloved-hubby"
"huhuhu... that's fictional.. u dont believe everything u read"
"ko tipu lah? abes tu ngan lagu2 pe sumer tu pe cer?"
"owh.. mamat tu just my "hubby" kat internet.. not more than that"
"and y u have hubby on the internet but not in real?"
"livin my life the way i wanted... kenapa ko kindda excited to know?"
"saje je, bf aku nak masuk meminang pasni.. ala yang satu klas ngan kita dulu.."
"huh? si ****ph ke? bukan dia pun baru abis grad ke?"
"ye la.. nape ko jeles ke? ye la daripada ko sorang pon xnak baik lagi aku...hahah"
"xde makne der aku nak jeles...lagipon i have my own point of view... kita nak pegi mana ni?"
"kita makan kat Domino's je la.. kalu makan mahal2 takut ko x mampu plak..hahah!!"

so pastu i'm kindda keep everything 2 myself.. i mean come on!! awak ajak saye kelua just to kick me?? WTF??
so masa kat Domino's she done almost all the talking (how could i??) n something yang buat saye rase she really that desperate to bring herself up coz she thinks i'm overshadow her

"ape la ko wat mase sem break ko ni..xkan layan "hubby" je kot"?
"Supernatural marathon, main ngan adik aku, driver x bergaji, men air kat swimming pool... macam2 la.."
"macam bosan je hidup cam2.."
"hahha!! x la gak... alah bisa tegal biasa..karang aku busy cam PM kang xde mase nak wat sume2 ni"
nangis guling2 agaknye kalu dorang taw
dorang x belakon dlm season 9!! huahaha
"ko dah tengok latest Supernatural ke?"
"yup...dah abes pun... tgh tunggu season baru"
"kazen aku bagi Supernatural Season 9 skunk.. boleh la.. makin bosan la citer dia..."
(this time kalu Jensen Ackles dengar memang dia gulin2 la gelak)" aku pon tengok season 6 baru"
"ko ni lambat.. that's y la slalu ketinggalan"
(senyum) "maybe la kot..hahaha!! boleh la ko bagi aku kan??"
"errr... kazen aku download.. nntilah aku tanya ye.."
"okay ^^~"

so habis acara makan i told her that i need to be back home soon coz tugas supir x bergaji ni mana pernah habis (actually x sanggup nak dengar dia berlagak macam2 lagi)
and after she drop me home i started laughing coz seriously, she make fool of herself like BIG TIME!
belum masuk mengaku "me n Aaron Aziz used to go out together" LOL!!
mentang2 lah saye x ambik taw perkembangan dunia hiburan Malaysia.. xkan la nak bodohkan saye camtu skali.. agak2 lah.. mamat tu kan tengah top 1 Malaya.. xkan saye x kenal?? pemain bola Malaysia yang dulu saye x amek port pon boleh saye kenal (x sumer la) inikan pulak Aaron Aziz yang tiap2 petang klua TV.. hahaha!!

and seriously SUPERNATURAL SEASON 9???? damn girl u talking 2 die hard friend here!! hahaha!!!

well that's all peeps!! selamat berpuasa!! papai!!!!
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