Saturday, December 31, 2011

going through 2011... (welcoming 2012)

sure there's many things happen this year... well let's pull out the list ^^~

# i bought my new laptop 1n January 1st, 2011
     believe it or not mr lappy here is soon to be 1 years old... 6 years younger than my previous laptop... people said i'm spoiled? come on!! i have to deal with 6 years worth lappy... upgrade here... ^^~
the lappy who will turn 1 few hour later

# i'm married
     okay just on the internet... hahaha... to my beloved hubby n my lalink... anis.. (just propa je tu) ahaha

# i got courage to drive around the city finally
    well the truth is i have my driving licence 3 years ago... and only this year i became brave enough to drive around until back to PD (credit AJ for this)

# umi and ayah went to Mekkah, celebrating Eidul Adha with just my siblings
    well this is something i dont deal with everyday... i mean yea i live far from my parents and just me alone but when u have to deal with siblings who is the oldest is 3 years younger than u is really ask for my self control more than any time i could ask for
melayan 2 budak karok... kena banyak sabar oo....

# i learn sometimes to beat the fire is not necessary to be the water
   well it's true... this 2011 i think is the year where i have to become patience in every single moment and suppress my anger down to the bone just to make sure i dont explode. i turn out to be stone cold, not apologizing considering i have to dealing with my pride... i know it's my loss then but the truth is i dont feel that hurt...

# izzati went to hospital... still i consider that my fault
   it happened so fast that the last thing i remember is adik izzati's face is hitting the glass cabinet`~~ hard... she was hospitalized for 2 days..
muka adik berparut.. ahaha.. sib baik angah pandai mekap..
bleh gak cover2.. ^^~

i getting sick alot this year
   not a year where health is on my side...been always going to clinic and dealing with meds all the time... fever, cold, gastric, cough, food poisoning, spine cramp... yada yada yada....
sampai je KK, letak je beg... terus kena g klinik... nyway thanks AJ
coz anta g klinik ^^~

# i lost atok... less than a month later i lost another family member
   well i wasnt there when atok died... so does tok chik... but i feel the lost too.. i mean, both are amazing people i know
arwah atuk and tok chik... semoga di
tempatkan di kalangan orang

# angah's boyfriend died
   well this was not actually my problem but considering she is my family and her boyfriend death tore her more than her siblings could i guess it suppose to be one of the event...

# FE dinner
   one of the best event ever... i cant say i love my look back then but i do know we pull out one insane dinner ^^~
from left: Amuk, me and AJ.. we are the emcees that night ^^~

# program terbaik
   well it's not entirely true... but i am the pengarah protokol and that night i showed everyone that i might look fragile but i am not.. ^^~
the after party... makan seafood ^^~

# my great fall
   well i probably say i suck alot this 2011... i almost failed in everything.. and i thought i'd never get up...

# accident... first time in my life when i am the one who ride the motorcycle
   well not my proud moment... nothing serious tho except the person who hit us should at least ask us (me and AJ) whether we're ok or not...

# getting shot
  ahaha... by my lecturer during VIVA... first time... not so fun tho

# i watch Malay movies... and Aaron Aziz officially one of my fav actor (ngeh)
   ahaha.. this one really make lotsssa people laugh.. dun worry.. i still love Supernatural... just being Malaysian ^^~
okay this is Aaron Aziz... ahaha ^^~

# seeing a lot of places tho i still want to complete 3 round of islands in KK
    well i must say i owe AJ a big-fat-giant THANK YOU for this.. i went to Ranau, Kionsom waterfall... a lots of beaches, shopping, eating weird but yummy stuffs, and many more... but i want to go to Sapi Island...
kat perdana park... nice air pancut.. ^^~
# berkumpul sebelum mantan2 CA104 grad... huhuhu
   well kami (saye, anis, nia, kak ada, kak shalini n kak ching) gather for the last time before everybody graduate (in this case kak ada n kak shalini ^^~)
mantan2 senior CA104 yang best ^^~ sayang kakak2 sumer

and maannnyyy more.... i cant remember all but i'm sure i love them... well thanks 2011, u making me as Crystal as i am today.. ^^~ now i want to say hello to 2012

Thursday, December 29, 2011

viva<------ just a fancy name... the truth is beyond fancy...

okay... today i should say one of the most mental-torturing day tho everyone have to live in it for just 15 minutes...

well a lot of people kept exchanging good luck wishes today including me... hell AJ came early to support everyone and help me go through 15 minutes hell created by someone so called terrorist shooter (i credit my classmate; Yung for this...)

me? i been through so called hell too n this sniper were damn good... and i cant answer back... that is some piece of shit! and fun part? that person dont understand my thesis presentation and kept saying my thesis not relate to everything i'm suppose to do... well if he need someone to blame, he should after my supervisor then... but who said i can get away from what i've done? well i'm totally so screwed.. living an epic disaster of Crystal's lifetime... adoii... really hope i will do much better...

feeling down way to the center of the Earth coz of the sharp comments... hadoi.. no wonder i felt i should never like KPop...  the person who shoot me also from Korea... ahaha... (so not related)

i guess most of my course-mates talking about this viva thingy and no one said a good thing... most of the post is like this...

see? who said viva is a car? well i used to think to buy Perodua Viva as my 1st car coz it is easy and convenient but now i will find another car coz i hate the name... =_='

i think 1 day of resting then i will bury myself in Semiconductors books... Dean and Sam have to wait... just Ben can be singing on my ear... bole ke gitu?? pastu saye nak tengok Boboi Boy... sot sudah saye ni... all bcoz of  viva... adesss!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

viva + final exam = DIE!!

viva.... final exam... balik.... nice sequence huh?
well fyi viva here is not a  car but proposal thesis presentation... or u know the friggin FYP thingy that i kept blubbering about? yea that thing... except now instead of handing them with papers, we have to present them in front of lecturers and all my course-mates.. nice huh?

final exam is suck too... u know the time table... on week two (wednesday) i'd be facing two papers in one day... worse? two killer paper... dangg!!

i just cant wait to go home... meeting adik izzati and eat umi's food... but then who says it's holiday? i will buying some components and start arranging them so i wont massed up my thesis this time... my previous? was an epic disaster... so i cant continue with some epic disaster sequences so i have to start out smart...

that's that... owh... did i mention this study week is suck? i mean why would they made us wear formal attire during 15 minutes presentation on study week? yea... u guys read it right... viva on study week... 

ever wonder how i feel? try listening to 3 Doors Down called Changes... that is exactly how i feel...

3 Doors Down -Changes

I'm not suposed to be scared of anything, but I don't know where I am
I wish that I could move but I'm exhausted and nobody understands (how I feel)
I'm trying hard to breathe now but there's no air in my lungs
There's no one here to talk to and the pain inside is making me numb

I try to hold this Under control
They can't help me 'Cause no one knows

Now I'm going through changes, changes
God, I feel so frustrated lately
When I get suffocated, save me
Now I'm going through changes, changes

I'm feeling weak and weary walking through this world alone
Everything you say, every word of it, cuts me to the bone
I've got something to say, but now I've got no where to turn
It feel like I've been buried underneath all the weight of the world

I try to hold this Under control
They can't help me 'Cause no one knows

Now I'm going through changes, changes
God, I feel so frustrated lately
When I get suffocated, save me
Now I'm going through changes, changes

I'm blind and shakin'
Bound and breaking
I hope I make it through all these changes

Now I'm going through changes, changes
God, I feel so frustrated lately
When I get suffocated, save me
Now I'm falling apart, now I feel it

Now I'm going through changes, changes
God, I feel so frustrated lately
When I get suffocated, I hate this
But I'm going through changes, changes

well that's that (for real tho...LOL), wish me luck ^^~ !!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

through years n long lost best friend

well the fact that i'm turning 1 year older in less then 24 hour wast bothering me much. i am me no matter what they say... soo... actually i got a call from a veeerrryyy long lost friend last night ... we were friends when i was 8 and she live in Sarawak now...

well she told me that it never occur to her that i will be far away from my family again coz as much as she recall i am a family type of girl... last time we saw each other was before i left to STTJ... i was 15 i think...

well we dont see each other everyday before and she moved to live with her parents when we was 10... she came back and we met again 4 years later when she came to visit her grandfather grave at PD... and i saw her and like a long lost friend (memang pon) we hugged and i (i swear) cried.... we were close.. we fought before but then we cried coz we throw mean words on each other.. andd i am not a crying type..

she called me coz she told me she want to get married... she told me "i need my sister on my wedding day" and when i told her i might cannot be there when the time comes she told me "the wedding can wait" and i was like... "dont do this... u know i will called u every 2 minutes to keep myself update" and she said as long as we can skype n u teach me everything u know on putting on make up..

so we skyping and first thing came out from her mouth... "GOSH ATTUULL!!! ko nampak lain sangat!!"

i was like.."mana ada.. same old me.. maybe more chubby je la"

and she goes like "i will recognize u even u have no nose or lose all ur teeth or u have serious burn on ur face"

"really? then how come u said aku nampak lain?"

"years u know... we havent see each others for YEARSS"

so almost like 6 hour chatting n make up tutorials then we go offline...

after that i look at my old pics ("i cant believe i dont have our pic together Marieanne untill now...") and i wonder have i change so much? well y dont u guys decide...

it's me throughout my very 1st semester until my 5th semester (now) in UMS but if this dont look any different.. try this one

well the pic is mine throughout years until now starting my last days in TTJ untill now... do i look different?

Sunday, December 11, 2011


well....... life is short so i'll make this super-shorter.........

FYP final deadline must submit in 2 days.................

i am like nowhere to make huge progress.................

my dad  in KK and ajak kluar.............

x keluar karang kecik ati plak coz dah 2 kali cakap busy....................

lgpon arini last dia kat KK... mlm ni balik Seremban (saye still tinggal kat KK)...............

ade presentation on Tuesday...... tp x wat pape g.......

argghh!! DIE!!


hopefully everything will be alright...........


Friday, December 9, 2011

kisah d kafe n jawapan tajam....

tadi g jumpa madam fouziah... memula nak amek date aje sekali terborak2 la plak.... banyak la pengakuan saye seorang manusia yang khilaf dibuat.... adoi.... ahahaha.....

so actually i just want to ask about my few things but end up with kami bercerita... ahahaha... standard la t...

so saya ada klas politik ari slalsa ari tu (macam slalu je cakap pasal klas politik ni kan???) and after class (budak2 FE xde klas ari slasa aritu except me n the political class) saye g libry konon2 nak wat FYP... tp sblom tu nak makan dulu... tengok kafe ssssaaannngggaaatttt full coz lunch hour kan... so mase tengah berdiri carik tempat ade sorang budak ni cakap

"awak sorang ye? boleh join awak makan?"
"aah... boleh je kalau jumpa tempat nak duduk"
"okok... lapar gile ni..."
"lar... sian..."

lepas 10 minit x dapat tempat saye decide nak masuk libry balik. saye cakap ngan dia kalau dia ada klas baik g makan kat meja mana2 n saye trus masuk kat libry. dia x cakap ape tapi trus ikut saye masuk libry...

"kata lapar gile... nape x g makan?"
"makan sorang2 kat tempat terbuka? malu lah"
"kenapa nak malu?"
"nanti apa orang kata"
"peduli apa orang kata..."
"saya pun xde klas ni.. saya makan dengan akak lah ye"

so lepas tu saya g makan ngan dia n lepas makan saya masuk libry balik sambung buat FYP.

tapi sempat jugak saye tulis macam ni kat status FB saye

"sanggup berlapar dari makan sorang2... adooii"

n someone pun tanya saye apa maksud FB saya tu... another sneak attack daari saye utk someone ke?
saye cakap la x... told her about the incident and she said

"memanglah malu kalau makan sorang2... lagi rela x makan atau tapau aje.."

saye pon tanya la kenapa...

"orang akan fikir kita kera sumbang"

saye pon cakap la maybe org tu nak cepat n xnak buang masa tapi saye disuruh get a life
so saye pon cerita benda tu kat my bro (dari kesah kafe sampai conversation saye ngan that someone)
my bro memula tanya penah saye makan ramai2 n when i say yes he asked me brapa lama saye makan?
i told him agak lama....
i also told him skunk minggu antar assignment...
so nak borak2 sambil makan something yang susah saye nak buat

n he answered me with this very short but sharp answer...

"buat apa nak risau pandangan orang kat kafe? baik ko risau pandangan ALLAH kat padang masyar nanti sebab sejam tu ko guna untuk makan n mengupat!"

ouch!! but i agree

so that's that... papai!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

movies............ sedey je...

skunk ni org sume2 tgh bising ajak saye tengok wayang...

saye just tensen je scene saye suka
xde dlm movie... adess
tp baru saye prasan sumer org ajak saye tengok citer based on buku... Twilight la... owh.. yang baru2 ni (smalam actually) AJ ajak saye teman dia tengok Ombak Rindu...

hmm to be honest saye paling malas nak tengok movie adapt dari novel ni... nak2 yang saya dah baca... lagi malas.. like Harry Potter... since saye dah baca sumer buku dia... nak tengok citer memang sangat la menyakitkan hati..  or Twilight maybe (saye x minat sangat  citer vampire ni tp tah macam mana la tergatal belek2 sampai habis sumer trilogy tu...).... so saye malas nak tengok...

saye bayangkan beliau hero tapi kena
bunuh plak akhir citer- klu
hero x mati kan???
tipu la x penah tengok movie langsung... for example Twilight... saye x bayangkan Kristen Steward as Bella tapi i really wish Emma Roberts n i dont see Edward Cullen as Robert Pattison, i see him as Cam Gigandet in a very pale form and get this.. i think last time before the movie was out i really think Edward Cullen is way cuter than Carlise Cullen but then terbalik pulak...  owh.. alih2 memangla Cam ni belakon jadik vampire dlm Twilight.. tp vampire jahat la plok... mengecewakan............(hahaha banyak bunyi plak... macam la saye director)

ade saya cakap saye suka
tengok Aaron Aziz berlakon?
yup!! i do actually?
n saye jugak malass nak tengok citer melayu klu klua panggung ni... my 1st movie saye tengok called congkak... best? sepanjang cerita saye rasa menympah aje... buyik je lebey!! then satu lagi (what i was thinking back then?) my friend kt matric blanja... actually dia nak tengok citer lain but end up citer lain yang last2 kami dua2 kelua 40 minutes before movie habis n beli tiket lain.... and last time saye tengok citer melayu len is Khurafat... ok.. this one i admit... I REALLY WISH DEAN WERE SAT NEXT TO ME!!! sebab this is 1st time i watch ANY movie with one eye not-fully opened... or dalam bahasa len saye x tengok sangat sebab takut.....

so to be honest saye xnak tengok citer from book actually coz

len je rasa baca buku n tengok
ovie dia kan? kan? kan?
  1. especially after i read the book i have my own imagination on who will be playing the character, where is the scene and what it will look like.... and of course no director will be able to read my thought so.......... lain je la bila keluar
  2. books are more into detail.... movie? they have limited some scenes that i like in the book cannot be shown in the movie...
  3. klu tengok wayang... popcorn is a must... n kat panggung mana boleh men pause2 kalau nak g toilet... u missed a scene... u missed it la... unless tengok kat laptop.... (klu cam tu bek download je tros ye x?)
  4. u can sit wherever u like with whatever u put on... (ni kes malas nak g cinema
n saye tengah malas coz BANYAK NYE KEJE KENA SUBMIT MINGGU NI JUGAK!! ades!!!

ghost watching-ish....

xde la saye tunggu dalam keta cam
2 orang mamat ni...
okay actually xde ape nak di-share except malam tadi rumate saye g wat keje kat lua so saye tertinggal sengsorang la kat bilik... so memandangkan saye bangun agak lewat so saye pon bercadang nak tunggu antu tu la (sebab kata2 AJ berbaur cabaran suh saye tunggu)... walaopun actually saye bukan la tunggu macam Dean n Sam dalam impala... tunggu dalam bilik aje... dah boleh nampak kereta tu...

so persediaan? nescafe, biskut, n MS word utk FYP chapter 2 saye....

owh btw bilik saye xde cermin tingkap so saye bukak langsir aje... x bukak lampu utama... just lampu meja aje... (amek feel)

so saye tutup lampu agak awal... 1.45 am

men FB... minum nescafe... makan biskut (AJ.. atul amek biskut aAJ sbnarnya...)...tengok luar.... minum nescafe... men Angry Bird... tengok luar...tengok luar....... minum nescafe lagik... tengok luar..tulis thesis dalam 1 muka surat (macam letak gambo je lebey)...tengok luar sambil minum nescafe...

pukul 3 am... saye baru abes download Supernatural S07E10... so download subtitle... baru saye amek kerusi duduk menghadap tingkap... waiting for the damn car to move....

3.15 am... tetiba 4 ekor anjing menyalak depan tingkap... pastu terus dia melolong... (cilakak!!)- orang cakap klu dengar anjing melolong jauh2 n bunyi suyup2 maknanya ade antu dekat2... klu depan bilik plak???

lama jugak anjing2 tu melolong... dekat setengah jam.. pstu.. saye intai lagik...

x gerak pon...
lepas tu azan subuh.... kalau subuh2 antu pon dah masuk tido kan?? saye je jadik burng antu... memang buang mase betol!! =_="

kesimpulannye saye x nampak keta tu bergerak... Kak Alifah yang slalu parking keta dia sebelah keta tu sambil borak dekat telefon malam2 pon x penah nampak...

so temanya... x payah la tunggu mende supernatural ni... let Dean n Sam handle those...

Friday, December 2, 2011

my (not) supernatural encounter aka cerita hantu

well actually this story kindda basi (or still circle-ling - be aware saye x sure perkataan ni betul atau x) but notice that it is not my experience...

lets start from the start.....

(Nov 26th, 2011)
me n my lalink baru balik meeting jalan kaki (dari Tamu Gadang) and before that kami jalan kaki dari 1B ke Tamu Gadang-Anjung Siswa and before that saye jalan kaki dari KKCD ke 1B (bapak jauhhhh!!)
so sampai2 bilik... kami yang still banyak keje ni terus on lappy n sambung keje walopun penat tahap baru marathon dari UMS ke KK jalan kaki...
pastu tengah2 wat keje AJ datang amik barang...
kami sattlekan keje.. sambung tengok muvie n off kan lappy pukul 2.45 (plus minus tapi before 3 am la)

(Nov 27th, 2011)
lepas anta anis balik 1B, saye balik bilik n start pulun FYP... AJ datang nak amik barang n (more less macam ni la kami punya conversation)
"Aku nak taw kisah sebenar... pe cerita dia?"
"Citer ape? pasal ape?"
"kau yang dok CD pon tak taw? xpe lah.."
"ape ni... wat cite tergantung plak! nak citer cite la betul2"
"xde kan semalam aku datang sini? member2 aku tanya ak x nampak ape2 ke?"
"nampak ape?"
"kau taw kan keta yang buruk xde tayar kat depan blok tu? ade 2 budak nampak dia bergerak.."
"yang xde tayar tu? bila?"
"semalam... area pukul 3 pagi.. ko x dengar ape?"
"kitorang tido are pukul 2 setengah camtu..."
"malam ni ko cube tunggu... mana taw betul..."
"macam la atul xde keje kan?? =_='"

lebih kurang camni la keta tu.. xde tayar....

so mana citer hantu?? hahaha... kat conversation kami tu... hahaha...

betul ke x wallahuallam....

do i wait for the ghost car? nope... too sleepy for ghost watching.... besides... i can do waayyy too many things up untill 3 am rather than watching for some abandoned car moved by ghost...

i'm not scared but i thing this ghost hunter thingy is not my ideal job since i have to submit my FYP....

so that's that... x seram pun... huhuhu ^^~


Thursday, December 1, 2011

the most ridiculous wish ever....

december 1st? almost 2 week bfore i submit my FYP thesis...
i dont have any idea to start my chapter 2 yet... idea ade... rajin yang xde....
i wish ada 31st november... lama sikit (even 1 day still i can buy myself time...)
boleh ke???
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