Sunday, December 18, 2011

through years n long lost best friend

well the fact that i'm turning 1 year older in less then 24 hour wast bothering me much. i am me no matter what they say... soo... actually i got a call from a veeerrryyy long lost friend last night ... we were friends when i was 8 and she live in Sarawak now...

well she told me that it never occur to her that i will be far away from my family again coz as much as she recall i am a family type of girl... last time we saw each other was before i left to STTJ... i was 15 i think...

well we dont see each other everyday before and she moved to live with her parents when we was 10... she came back and we met again 4 years later when she came to visit her grandfather grave at PD... and i saw her and like a long lost friend (memang pon) we hugged and i (i swear) cried.... we were close.. we fought before but then we cried coz we throw mean words on each other.. andd i am not a crying type..

she called me coz she told me she want to get married... she told me "i need my sister on my wedding day" and when i told her i might cannot be there when the time comes she told me "the wedding can wait" and i was like... "dont do this... u know i will called u every 2 minutes to keep myself update" and she said as long as we can skype n u teach me everything u know on putting on make up..

so we skyping and first thing came out from her mouth... "GOSH ATTUULL!!! ko nampak lain sangat!!"

i was like.."mana ada.. same old me.. maybe more chubby je la"

and she goes like "i will recognize u even u have no nose or lose all ur teeth or u have serious burn on ur face"

"really? then how come u said aku nampak lain?"

"years u know... we havent see each others for YEARSS"

so almost like 6 hour chatting n make up tutorials then we go offline...

after that i look at my old pics ("i cant believe i dont have our pic together Marieanne untill now...") and i wonder have i change so much? well y dont u guys decide...

it's me throughout my very 1st semester until my 5th semester (now) in UMS but if this dont look any different.. try this one

well the pic is mine throughout years until now starting my last days in TTJ untill now... do i look different?


  1. Maybe trying to start the conversation with typical (safe) question hehe 'eh u nampak lain'. Nanti cakap benda lain sentap pula hehehe.

  2. ahaha... maybe kot kak Anne... ahaha


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