Saturday, December 31, 2011

going through 2011... (welcoming 2012)

sure there's many things happen this year... well let's pull out the list ^^~

# i bought my new laptop 1n January 1st, 2011
     believe it or not mr lappy here is soon to be 1 years old... 6 years younger than my previous laptop... people said i'm spoiled? come on!! i have to deal with 6 years worth lappy... upgrade here... ^^~
the lappy who will turn 1 few hour later

# i'm married
     okay just on the internet... hahaha... to my beloved hubby n my lalink... anis.. (just propa je tu) ahaha

# i got courage to drive around the city finally
    well the truth is i have my driving licence 3 years ago... and only this year i became brave enough to drive around until back to PD (credit AJ for this)

# umi and ayah went to Mekkah, celebrating Eidul Adha with just my siblings
    well this is something i dont deal with everyday... i mean yea i live far from my parents and just me alone but when u have to deal with siblings who is the oldest is 3 years younger than u is really ask for my self control more than any time i could ask for
melayan 2 budak karok... kena banyak sabar oo....

# i learn sometimes to beat the fire is not necessary to be the water
   well it's true... this 2011 i think is the year where i have to become patience in every single moment and suppress my anger down to the bone just to make sure i dont explode. i turn out to be stone cold, not apologizing considering i have to dealing with my pride... i know it's my loss then but the truth is i dont feel that hurt...

# izzati went to hospital... still i consider that my fault
   it happened so fast that the last thing i remember is adik izzati's face is hitting the glass cabinet`~~ hard... she was hospitalized for 2 days..
muka adik berparut.. ahaha.. sib baik angah pandai mekap..
bleh gak cover2.. ^^~

i getting sick alot this year
   not a year where health is on my side...been always going to clinic and dealing with meds all the time... fever, cold, gastric, cough, food poisoning, spine cramp... yada yada yada....
sampai je KK, letak je beg... terus kena g klinik... nyway thanks AJ
coz anta g klinik ^^~

# i lost atok... less than a month later i lost another family member
   well i wasnt there when atok died... so does tok chik... but i feel the lost too.. i mean, both are amazing people i know
arwah atuk and tok chik... semoga di
tempatkan di kalangan orang

# angah's boyfriend died
   well this was not actually my problem but considering she is my family and her boyfriend death tore her more than her siblings could i guess it suppose to be one of the event...

# FE dinner
   one of the best event ever... i cant say i love my look back then but i do know we pull out one insane dinner ^^~
from left: Amuk, me and AJ.. we are the emcees that night ^^~

# program terbaik
   well it's not entirely true... but i am the pengarah protokol and that night i showed everyone that i might look fragile but i am not.. ^^~
the after party... makan seafood ^^~

# my great fall
   well i probably say i suck alot this 2011... i almost failed in everything.. and i thought i'd never get up...

# accident... first time in my life when i am the one who ride the motorcycle
   well not my proud moment... nothing serious tho except the person who hit us should at least ask us (me and AJ) whether we're ok or not...

# getting shot
  ahaha... by my lecturer during VIVA... first time... not so fun tho

# i watch Malay movies... and Aaron Aziz officially one of my fav actor (ngeh)
   ahaha.. this one really make lotsssa people laugh.. dun worry.. i still love Supernatural... just being Malaysian ^^~
okay this is Aaron Aziz... ahaha ^^~

# seeing a lot of places tho i still want to complete 3 round of islands in KK
    well i must say i owe AJ a big-fat-giant THANK YOU for this.. i went to Ranau, Kionsom waterfall... a lots of beaches, shopping, eating weird but yummy stuffs, and many more... but i want to go to Sapi Island...
kat perdana park... nice air pancut.. ^^~
# berkumpul sebelum mantan2 CA104 grad... huhuhu
   well kami (saye, anis, nia, kak ada, kak shalini n kak ching) gather for the last time before everybody graduate (in this case kak ada n kak shalini ^^~)
mantan2 senior CA104 yang best ^^~ sayang kakak2 sumer

and maannnyyy more.... i cant remember all but i'm sure i love them... well thanks 2011, u making me as Crystal as i am today.. ^^~ now i want to say hello to 2012


  1. Wishing you all the best in 2012. Happy New Year hun.

  2. hapy new year jugak lalink..(


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