Sunday, October 28, 2012

after 3 years i finally graduated ^^~

Alhamdulillah ^^~ I'm finally
well i finally graduated!!! YAY!!!

well to be honest i doubted that will graduated by time but ALHAMDULILLAH i am so happy i am

so now i have Bachelor in Science with Honor in Physics With Electronics ^^~ YAY!!

at least i kept my promise tho it not really my proud moment...

i mean yea i'm so happy to see my parent's proud faces and my mom n dad keep smiling.. heck ayah who never even buy flower his entire life bought me a bouquet to celebrate... of course he didnt tell me he is the one who bought it n made Anis gave me the bouquet but then it is aint a secret... hehe

with my fello friends n Dr Jedol at Upperstar Suria Sabah
owh the night before my graduation, i suddenly suffer from massive gastric but then Dr Jedol asked the students under him to go to Upperstar Suria Sabah coz he want to treat us... i mean that's so great except i cant even stand up let alone have fun.. luckily, the hotel where we were staying is in front of the clinic so after get myself checked, and ate the medicine, i feel just slightly better... i mean my gastric never okay quickly but then ummi asked me to go to the gathering. i mean i came late n yea that's my habit. i never came early to class so does the gathering (consider myself as VVIP much huh? hehe)

with my parents, nenek, sisters n lalink anis
then next morning (20/10/2012) is my convocation day n i realize i have a terrible allergic to the gastric medicine from yesterday.. my whole body got this rash n i am itching like crazy but hey mind over matter... t my graduation day after all.. i have to be patience n secretly keep the itchy feeling all the way through the ceremony tho everyone realize my face turn all red not because of the blusher that time. but then it all worth it, i recieve my scroll, my parents n nenek were so proud of me, ummi n ayah been smiling all day n we even celebrating at Gayang (is it?) Seafood Restaurant.. i mean, idc even i got this terrible itchy feeling as long as everyone is happy then i am happy... tho i'm the one paying the price coz i got hospitalized the next day... hehe

thanks you Ummi n Ayah for everything
I love u both^^~
i cant thank everyone enough for my scroll,
my parents, Ummi n Ayah,
nenek, n my sisters who came all the way to Sabah
my family, my supervisor, Dr Jedol,
my FE Lecturer, FE buddy, my roomates, my UMS-ian

i even owe KMPk lecturers, friends,
STTJ teachers n friends and actually i have waaayyyy long list to go to thank but the fact remains i cant repay them all except i wish them the best and only ALLAH SWT can repay everything

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