Friday, October 5, 2012

what i think of Supernatural Season 8 premiere

well i already watch season 8 premiere of Supernatural ^^~

well no way in hell i hate that but it is me or the series itself gone wayyyy too dark?

i mean, yea i know why...

 Dean in Purgatory, he befriend a vamp, Cass couldnt make it in there (according to Dean ~~ heck i hope he's lying), Sam stop hunting, Kevin accepting his fate, Bobby's dead... i mean, the list still goes on

but the gore level get higher aee?

couldnt blame the writer, i mean, it all start great with this new season and i wouldnt regret watching it ever but i think Dean became a butt buddy with a vamp named Benny really creepy..

but then who didnt like Dean's sense of humor? which by all that means in season 8 it become dark and the joke is no more haha sarcastic typical Dean's but scary Dean

what's so great with this episode 1?

i love all aspect of it!! ^^~

down from Dean dug Benny's bones until Crowley's killing Channing (Kevin's girlfriend) - gosh i told ya it get's creepier and creepier every season but this season take the crown ^^~

and did i mentioned i love most quotes in this new episode?

"Well I guess standing too close to exploding Dick sending your ass straight to Purgatory"

"Well.. no visible sign of douchery. I'll give u that"

and maaannnyyy more

okla that ^^~

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