Wednesday, September 26, 2012

awkward moment n the lesson in life

ok, yesterday me n my long lost besties (Leeya and Marjorie) ajak mamam2 dekat kedai jual burger bakar... walopun saye agak kaya n berjawatan CEO agak pokai, saye ikut la jugak la just to take my mind off some annoying things happen around me lately.

nak dijadikan kesah, sesi mamam2 yang berlangsung lebih dari sejam (what u expect when 3 best friends sit together?) tetiba jadi awkward bila someone came and asked if the extra chair where we used to place our bags is belong to anyone. Well she came with this guy which we know as one of the douche to "not-so-cute" community like "us". I mean that was like long time ago, when we were "young and stupid" but scars not heal that easy especially to my best friend, Leeya.

I mean Leeya used to have self esteem problem. She used to be this chubby kids with pimples all over and her voice is quite "loud" even when she talk normally. So, she afraid to talk to anyone.

I have almost the same problem up until now. I have this chubby (some might call fat ~~ go ahead, idc) figure, i am not as fair as the other but i guess my self esteem problem struck sometimes.

Marjorie Tan is my friend from KL. When I moved to Seremban, her parents moved here too. Marjorie, unlike any Chinese girl i know actually quite the opposite. Yea her parents are rich but she love sitting with everyone. She embrace the concept of 1 Malaysia truly but the boys always think she is too loud and 'gila kuasa'.

i used to tell her what ppl think of others make me uncomfortable but she would say
"alaa.. macam mana semua orang kata kita baik pun, ada yang nampak keburukan kita"

i mean, she's right ^^~

owh back to the actual stories.

long story short, Marjorie told the girl that she can have the chair but the guy who with her said they want to sit with us. I mean, we're talking girls issue here and a guy and his gf asking to sit with us for no reason?

well, Leeya have a good sense of memory so she send massages to our phone saying 
"tu Mizah ngan Ajib la..."

then the girl who Leeya refer as Mizah said that they know us. i mean i still cant remember but then Marjorie told me that Ajib is the guy who put Leeya through hell. Then it struck me. 

tho me n Leeya n i believe Marjorie too are uncomfortable to allow the couple to sit with us, i guess Marjorie just want to be polite and allow them.
then the merry moment fade. The atmosphere became awkward. 
No one's talking.

"So, apa korang buat sini?" asked Marjorie.
"Makan la" jwb Ajib

then kami makan cepat2 n drive to some other place lepas bayar.

owh btw kami naik keta Marjorie.

************* to be continued*******************

actually saye ade hal so nnt sambung ye ^^~

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