Thursday, September 20, 2012


well it annoys me to think that some ppl think they better than others buy judging from the outside.

i mean, i've been misunderstood my whole life for something i dont mean to do

it's not like i tend to hurt others but i wonder why some ppl read my act wrong

for example,

i told my juniors that they need to create their own group in FB so their non related questions that got nothing to do with us wont pop up in our (non involved) notification.

idk what's in their mind coz they ended up saying their announcement are not important as senior's.

i dont meant to hurt their feelings.. i'm not even started the idea of the uncomfortable feelings they have towards the notifications. i just told them one way to solve the problems..

i know not many ppl have same opinion so they tend to misunderstood what i meant to say

but i meant no harm... at least they should know that...

so FE juniors.. i'm so sorry.. its not like i want to show my seniority to u guys...

i always love my FE community
coz FE buddy is kindda like my life believe it or not...

so that's that


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