Saturday, December 7, 2013

"whining" (maybe)

one word to say
yup... coz working on Saturday is one thing but i'm not suppose to work on Saturday is another
not everyone is working btw

well to be honest i am quite tired of what i've been doing lately

termination here and there
form to be completed
facing some people who understand but pretend they're not
explaining the same thing
arguing tho it's all in there
use the same script over and over

it's not that i am ungrateful
i have to admit i love everyone here
everybody knows how to have fun despite alot of pressure we're facing everyday
everybody treated everybody like a family
we joke, we laugh, we poke, we gossip and we make fun with one another

heck i lost my voice due to sore throat coz we went karaoke last night and they make fun of my songs choice

we then went lepak2 at warung until i forget to pick Fatin up from work
continue gossiping about work, environment, families, people and tell a joke only we would knew
we support each other

i am treated like a little sister here, the elders make me like their youngest daughter
we cook and let everyone tastes
no matter what it tasted it will always ended up in someones tummy ^^~
my actions like running to the back sometimes
make everyone worried that i might trip
i tripped and cut myself few times but then we all joke about it
people laugh at some words i use but i take no offence
it's all apart of being co-workers
we tolerate each other

i'm not say it's all bad things
it has pro and cons
but the fact remains that whatever i'm facing it's grew older
and i need some fresh eye

i mean yeah... i'm whining like old lady
some been doing the things i been done for waaayyyy tooo many years
and (idk) never complain

i think that's that
just want to write something
(people might say i'm whining but it's mi freakin blog anyway)

so bubye ^^~

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Supernatural Season 9 (only my) 1st impression

okay long story short, since it's like years i didnt write anything about supernatural, i think now it's a good time to write some

anyhow it's already in season 9 (ik rite? ive been obsessed with the series for freakin 9 years!, even older than Izzati)

the (very COOL) promo poster

alrite since i didnt comment about the season 8 finale, let me get this simple; awesome! that's all i can say

i mean, the angels falling looking like meteor-shower is one thing but the emotion in there, and as usual, when Dean cry, i will cry too but it's quite sometimes to feel the brotherly Winchester love that make me go awwww again

okay, so now lets talk about season 9 premier called "I Think I Gonna Like It Here"

basically, it's what happen after Sam gave up the third trials that actually will shut the hell forever and Metatron cast out all the angels from heaven after he tricked Cass. i mean before this, the only problem with the Winchesters always with the hell and the bad side but since it's already season 9, the game got leveled up to heaven... i mean they introduced us to heaven i season 4 n how the creature can be douche but then the problem only on the boys and Cass ^^~ (i mean that's the story all about rite?)

Ezekiel try to heal Sam
well, after giving up the trials, Sam kindda dying and since all all angels fall to earth (some with no powers at all and some still got juice), Dean make an open prayer to any angel who can hear him since Cass too cant hear him coz Cass is completely human. Well most angels who heard Dean are pissed and seek revenge on Cass and since Dean and Cass has this bro-mance thingy, they get to Dean to tell them where Cass is...

long story short, out of most angels who heard Dean and want to seek revenge, one of the angel who still believe in Cass came for help, according to Dean, he's cool and Cass said he's a good soldier

i think Ezekiel kindda cute too....
(xde kaitan! HEHEHE) so he try his best to help Sam... especially when Sam ready to die after he talk to Bobby and Death (sampai ati ko nak tinggalkan abg Din i sengsorang?? wuwuw)

yup! there's Bobby and Death in this episode and lets just hope it's not the last time tho i really wish they'll bring Adam and Henry too... ^^~
Dean got kicked by few angels who seek
revenge on Cass and Metatron n him

and (i think i spilled too much) i'm not sure he's a friend like Benny or Ruby (which both used to be friend and one can be trusted n while the other one not) so time will tell

until then all i can say, this episode is worth a wait tho i think season 4 premier episode is the best of all... but with best cliff hanger from all the seasons (yup, now season 8 take the crown for best season finale), maybe the expectation bar been raised tooo high... i'm not disappointed but not too thrill to be honest but i like it anyhow ^^~

btw the pic source come from Google, Facebook fan page (Jensen Ackles and Supernatural)

okay that's that
papai ^^~

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

angah's wedding (i'm officially a kakak ipar)

well hiya
the groom  n the bride

actually it's quite like FOREVER since i left this blog... so maafkan lah kalau dah berdebu sana sini

*cleaning here n there*

*cleaning here n there*

*cleaning here n there*

*cleaning here n there*

(dah macam maid pulak rase biala blog sendiri pon...)

okay, well honestly saye still love to write n i got like waaayyyy too many things in my mind but since balik keje je rasa mcm baru balik beperang (haizzz x mcm Dean langsung LOL ), so nawaitu hanya tiggal nawaitu

well lets start with the thing that mengubah status saye sebagai seorang kakak ipar... HAHAA

yup, that's rite peeps, my sis already married

pengantin dgn (antara) keluarga sebelah perempuan
well the wedding ceremony took on Sept 21st, so nikahnye dah tentulah the day before that, Sept 20th....

well sebagai seorang kakak yang baik (eceh!), saye amek cuti 2 days before 21st, n that is when i became the man of the house (typicall sangat =_=')

so, tugas saye time hari angah nikah is more to tukang masak, tukang basuh pinggan, tukang beli barang... sampaikan x sempt pegi masjid pon
walopun xde kaitan tapi nak letak gak!!

antara hantaran utk lelaki
so baju x sempat tukar n in my phone pon xde gambar nikah so maafkanlah ye ^^~

whatever it is alhamdulillah, lepas asar tu angah dah jadi isteri org... saye pon secara otomatiknya jadi kakak ipar le.... hehehe

n since this is langkah bendul punya case, dah tentu la saye dapat sikit hadiah... like make-up set (which ME LOOOOVVVEE the most), handbag n shoe... walaupun saye x mintak but the groom insist to give it to me so, terima kasih lah ye achik...

owh for those yg x tahu, we call angah's husband by the name Achik... so that's mean ada 2 achik la dlm rumah saye

i mean i got no problem at all since i called my brother abun (and i am the only one get to call him that) so yg len nasib hangpa lah!! kuikuikui!!

okay, so malas nak taip pjg2 cozz actually saye tengah menahan sakit gastrik ni  tengah berkira nak amek MC sok pasal dah 4 kali muntah nih...

so tengok2 gamba jela ye

anyway angah n achik congrats semoga korang bahagia till jannah n for those who come thank u verrryyy much, it means so much for my family n me ^^~

and to my other younger sis yg nk kawen, silakan, so saye buleh dapat banyak lagi hadiah langkah bendul

that's that

Sunday, May 5, 2013

my 1st time as a voter ^^~

okay, saye baru balik dari mengundi

but the story wasnt about how was my day during GE day, it's more on what i see throughout this election season

for those who dont know, this is my 1st GE where i'm actually go out and vote

bukti saye baru balik mengundi n try hilangkan dakwat ni... adess

okay we go straight to the point 

sepanjang minggukempen pilihanraya ni, honestly, selain perang poster, perang mulut,perang psikologi, banyak lagi cara org nak tarik undi

sepanjang saye keje pon, ramai penyokong2 dari macam2 parti dtg... sambil2 tu dorg promote la parti yg dorg sokong...


try to be as neutral as i can be
sbb pada saya undi adalah rahsia,

i see what happened when u share ur political view, rosak silaturrahim (x semua la)... so that's why la saye x share political view saye, i prefer to keep it all to my self... usually bila org paksa jugak bagitaw parti mana saye undi, i prefer to say i'm not qualified to vote yet... abes cerita
tapi saye sedih bila tengok setengah parents yang dah cipta sifat taksub pada ahli politik dekat diri anak2 yang still umor 5-6 tahun... yea yea i get it, melentur buluh biar dari rebung tapi i think berpada2 la sikit, sikit2 bila tengok gambar opponent, siap cakap benda @$%#^* pada empunya gambar... rasanya yng buruk perangai bukan org dalam gambar tu, tapi yang bercakap... 

it takes one to know one

honestly, i was grown by someone like that but that's not my parents... sikap yang taksub politik macam tu buat saye pandang ahli politik yang disokong oleh deme (someone who grew me up once upon a time) sangat xde cacat nye n other than them is nothing but worse... but as i grew up, learning to observe make quite helping me to understand... who i want to vote...

idk if my decision was right but we will know later... but saye dah jalankan tanggungjawab saye... ^^~

may ALLAH bless my beloved country.... amin...

okay that'sthat... papai ^^~ 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

the report on Sabah trip ^^~

finally ada gak masa nak upload n buat report pasal pegi Sabah lepas sebulan tertunda... hahaha

okay little tidbits

masa saye n illy pegi ni, actually some parts dekat sabah quite bergolak.. isu Lahad Datu which btw saye personally sempat tengok (lil bit secara life) funeral ceremony of one of Malaysian fallen heroes who fought bravely to protect our beloved country... walopun tengok dari jauh tapi jujurnya suasana tu agak menyentuh hati sanubari saye... i mean yeah funeral is always about grey sky n everything but only to their relatives or families not to the outsiders like me. but the thought that our heroes fought bravely for the sake of Malaysian peace n harmony somehow make me feel related... AlFatihah to our fallen heroes.. semoga shahid kalian di terima ALLAH SWT

okay, memula haruslah saye pegi UMS kan? well before that saye nak mintak maaf dekat illy n my ex-roomie, nia sebab have to wait for almost 2 hours for me coz saye mengumpat dengan Dr Jedol lama sangat... huahahaha...

okok... after that barula saye n illy travel sabah (actually beberapa tempat aje coz risau): Lokkawi, Kundasang, Pouring, sunset walk dekat Tg Aru, KK, Mesilau..
so let the pic speak

n my personal fav ^^~

credits to Nia n Illy for all the pics
i always LOVE Sabah
hope i can come back again soon ^^~

pemandangan dari dlm flight otw balik semenanjung

that's that
papai ^^~

Saturday, March 23, 2013

i cant believe i say this: i kindda like Meg (now)

well lets start with Supernatral ^^~ (coz it's been a whole lot while i havent update about it)

# honestly i kindda like the idea of Magstiel (Meg the demon + Cass the angel)
The Megstiel... little trivia: Cass learned it from
pizza man (HAHAHA)
(pic source from Google)
i think the latest episode -S08E17:Goodbye Stranger probably what Dean called peace on Earth in kinky way few season back (when he dreaming about strippers who dressed like Victoria Secret Angel and Devil - in season 5: The Song Remains The Same episode i think?)

lol okay dont get me wrong, i dont support Dean in the case but i love the fact that the writers love to give the idea that demons and angels love ganking each other butt but still have feeling towards each other (in this case, Meg and Cass of course)

to be honest i dont really like Meg.. she's too complicated in demonic way... but she can be helpful sometimes... and way crazier than Crowley; the king of hell-douche (oppss!)

and how cold Cass become on the "killing-Dean" training is so scared the hell out of me... not to mention breaking my heart....

it's cute when one time they hate each other presence and the next day they keep looking each other's back (not so long tho)

i mean yeah, the story is about to brothers saving the world and taking care of each other, the angel watching over the boys, i think the new perspective is good.... except it shouldnt end so soon...

but i can wait to watch the next episode ^^~
# usually the pattern of this series are after the full of prank episode, there will be quite heavy one... which btw really nice contrast ^^~

okla that's that
papai ^^~

Sunday, March 17, 2013

the story with no actual point...

well tadi Ayah kindda insist for me to go to another karnival kerjaya dekat PWTC n kat situ jugak ada karnival pendidikan

well actually it's more for Achik since Ayah dah start cari option for his next education course...

n no surprise there that Ayah want Achik to try for aviation/aircraft engineering after his attempt to force me to do that failed... well bukan saye nak jadi anak derhaka but saye x pernah minat aircraft... naik ok... study about that? i guess memang xde keinginan tu...

n there Ayah is the one who asked alot n everything about the course while me n Achik kindda look like uninterested... Achik love animation/graphic more than aircraft and me? i prefer big ship... that's why i used want to join navy...

maybe i have to courage to climb the mountain
instead of just posing at the foot...
so then Ayah start tanya org tu

"what if Masters in Aircraft Engineering? ada x?" then he look at me with his (i swear it's like) puppy eyes

i just then walked away to karnival kerjaya which btw on the same floor so i will not get involved with his un-fullfilled dream...

there, i kindda browsing around, dropping just 2 resumes coz truth to be told, i kindda tired of dropping resumes everywhere and all the answers i got usually NO

and yes i still want to continue my study but i prefer something more like natural phenomenon observation (non supernatural way) like aurora or mirage

then after that, Ayah who is still excited asked me if i still interested to continue my studies... well he's my daddy after all so he actually knew that i want that... i missed the moment wearing topi kotak (minus terrible allergies on my graduation day) but i still got alot to take care of

n come to think my dad willing to pay for my next level education so he can fullfill his life long dream is really bothers me, i want to make my family happy more than anything but idk if i'm willing to go through where i have another great fall and i know who to blame coz i'm just doing everyone a favor so i'm afraid i might cursing my dad if i fail... that's the last thing i want to do

so then after that i kindda browsing around the net searching for another job since as i mentioned before, i wont stay on this one job forever...

well okayla...
the point is.... as much as i am now typing too many, i dont have much in my mind other than get through another day without trouble...

that's that

Thursday, March 14, 2013

cita2 x kesampaian

well did i mentioned that i just back fro not so called holiday on my previous post?

well actually i intended to talk n share some pics but since my external hard-drive is still at Illy's, so i will hold the stories or what-not to maybe-someday-post

makan time on the last night at KK

but there's a moment at KK (where i'm going with Illy) where we go and eat

i mean Illy is kinda adventurous n willing to try something new person which i am the opposite

since there are many varieties of food there n Illy never been to Sabah, we kinda walking around until suddenly Illy told me about her dream

"Aku harap sangat dapat jadi pengacara Jalan2 Cari Makan. Mesti best kan?"

saye ketawa but i admit i also have the almost same dream n i told her i want to replace Adam Richman in Man VS Food

gila melampau cita2 saye kan? nak ganti tempat beliau HUHUU
pic source:pakcik Gugel


me n Illy dekat Kinabalu Park (dekat kaki
gunung Kinabalu) credit to Nia for the pic 
so that i dont have to worry how much weight i gain n i still get paid while eating yummy food  ;P

makin besar ketawa kitorang lps tu then kitorg pon makan2 la ^^~

that's that

nyway thanks Illy for melayan kerenah kebudak-budakan saye n force me to face my fear

so now i know that i am afraid of height (T_T)

okay that's that (again)
papai ^^~

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

kasih ibu bapa

dua hari lepas datang sorang customer bangsa India datang nak tanya pasal internet package

kata uncle tu, dia buta komputer but he want the best for his childrens

bersungguh2 dia tanya n fahamkan n walaupun dia mengaku dia x taw apa2 pasal internet, dia nak anak dia berjaya

i mean, mana ada parents yang nak tengok anak dorg gagal ye x?

so long story short, dia cakap nak sign up package yg paling mahal sbb nak anak dia dapat every best thing he could give as long as he still breathe air

saye pon tanya dia

"uncle anak berapa orang?"

dia cakap anak dia 2 org aje, yg sulung form 5 n yang bongsu form 2

so saye nasihatkan dia utk try package paling rendah dulu coz walaupun saye bukan lagi student n lagi tinggi package yg saye show lagi bagus, saye kesiankan uncle tu

tho according to him money is not his concern, saye cakap dgn dia, kalau untuk belajar n cari maklumat package yg rendah tu is more than enough

walaupun what i'm doing is not suppose to be done but saye x rasa bersalah sangat coz my real nawaitu is want to help him to achieve his dream to see his children to study better

maaf, pada saye internet ni kadang2 macam mana punya secure pun pengawasan parents, teens these days still masih dapat lepas... so i advice him to better safe than sorry

tetiba teringat citer 3 Idiots

salah satu character dia; Farhan is the only child in the family n his parents sacrifice a lot to him

tho memang idea dia is to chase our dream, the way his parents did to make sure he get to study in comfort n everything was somehow make me realize how actually parents only want the best tho somehow they theself cant afford it

n how i look myself on how ayah n ummi sacrifice to make sure i will achieve my dream


ya ALLAH, ummi dan ayah ku merupakan nyawaku, tanpa mereka aku tiada di dunia... KAU berkatilah mereka dan jagalah mereka seperti mana mereka menjagaku, senagkanlah hati mereka seperti mana mereka sentiasa menyenangkan hatiku....
KAU lindungilah mereka dari segala siksaan dan azab samada di dunia dan akhirat
sesungguhnya tiada lain yang lebih berkuasa melainkan MU...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

some time to realize...

i just got back from so-called holiday

well i actually so relief to have this days off after meeting and assisting customers like a month (ik ik it's nothing compared to others who have done my job for years or still doing it but i wish ppl try to see this from my point of view coz obviously it is my freakin blog)

being away quite some times make me realize what i really want and honestly tho i see what i want my feet still chain to the ground

i just hope i will not stand and stare at the road that i want to travel too long

it took some times to realize but i still cant find any courage or way to start my 1st step

i just know that i wont do the same thing i do now in few years or (i really hope) less than a year coz it is hard to wake up every morning and convincing myself it just one day more before i get what i want

i mean, i know i now sound ungrateful but i cant lie anymore... as much as i convinced myself i like what is going on with my life now, i guess both my mind n body just keep seeing it as a mind torturing event... n i keep re-live this event everyday and tho some days it all seem okay but other days i just want to be paralyzed or in a comma so i dont have to wake up

is it bad? well it wasnt so bad actually...

but like i said, i dont really want this

i actually gave myself a chance but turn out i cant even have a nice word to describe what i do

ya ALLAH please show me the way... if i am destined to do what i do now, please give me some kind of sign so i will know

and if i am supposedly do something else, please show me the right path

okla that's that
papai ^^~

Sunday, February 24, 2013


well busy giler sekarang
lebeh gile dari time study dulu
so maafkanla saye yang dah jarang nak update pasal Supernatural nih...
sangat susah nak concentrate bila tengok sebab badan dah penat, my mind is almost dying n oddly enough my will almost sinking but still saye masih cuba ikhlaskan diri pikul amanah dalam mencari rezeki halal (eceh)

tapi saye x pernah miss 1 episode pon lagi ye ^^~ HUHUHUUUU

for those yg x taw, saye dah berkerja dlm bidang customer service

n yea i know memang xde kaitan langsung dgn ape yg saye amek masa kat UMS dulu

so bila dah kerja macam ni n menghadap pelbagai jenis manusia, saye boleh simpulkan beberapa benda

# rakyat Malaysia x suka terima perubahan walaupun baik
      kat sini memang saye nampak sangat2... nak2 orang2 yg berumur.... well dorg tak percayakan perubahan n takut kalau perubahan tu merosakkan/rugikan dorg...
yes i understand the paranoia that Malaysian have.. but tho they see the prove that the change wasnt so bad n actually improved their life n make things easier, they dont accept change... some were skeptical, some were hesitate n some were NEVER WANT to accept... kadang2 kita pulak yang dimarah walaupun kita actually try to help

# rakyat Malaysia malas membaca n menulis
      no offence peps, before this i myself feel offended by the statement but then i see it with my own freakin eyes... kalau pakcik2 n makcik2 yang dah tua tapi x nampak ni saye faham jugak, ni yang masing2 i/c dorg depan dia 90, 91, 92...etc
kadang2 annoying pulak rasa sbb bila dorg mintak tolong isikan form sebab x suka pegang pen n malas nak  menulis... n bila suruh baca terms n conditions dorg suruh jugak terangkan sebab malas nak baca then pertikaikan almost everything...

#rakyat Malaysia sangat sinis bila kedudukan dia lebih tinggi dari org lain
      okay yang ni x semua but enough to say yang it happens a lot to me as i am so stupid... i mean i admit i am new but it is so annoying (n sometimes i feel insulted) when they say "baik u confirmkan betul2... selalunya trainee ni bodoh"
walaupun some might cut me some slack but sangat annoying n it's getting on my nerve bila org start panggil someone else whe assist them bodoh...

#rakyat Malaysia selalu anggap bila bertanya means BODOH
        i'm sorry for asking people alot coz it's my job.. i am not some mind reader do know anyone so that's why i ask... but all i got back either "you ni tahu buat kerja ke tak", "i dont like stupid question" etc...
belum masuk yang dengan sinis nya pertikaikan sape saye... memang irritating sangat

#what they wear doesnt reflect who n what they are
         again i'm sorry... i dont judge people from their appearance but usually u always processing some impression on how they look like when someone wearing jubah n serban, ur first impression must thinking he is might be polite, cakap lembut n nice... i mean let put aside if i find the "nur" on that person face
but then it turns out to be he curses everyone alot, leave insulting comments n nothing is nice about it...
again i am so sorry for bring this things up

i think there might be more but right now this is all come out.. maybe there's part 2 coming... who knew?

well that's that

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

be careful of what u not wish for..

well i am not human behavior observer tho i am surrounded by humans... senang cakap i am really born into the society and raised in many societies but i guess i'm proud to say i am not easily got influenced by them..

from the beginning i always so sure with all i want to be, have aim and tho most of the time i always on the right track, i always get back on one... at least..

one of my drawings ^^~ (dikala bosan di kelas BI)
lately, i feel like i am very lost and realize i might get into the wrong train (now i am really poetic person kan? kan?).. i mean when i was little, art is always my passion (who would have thought right?) especially i am always love to draw, making myself creative n challenge myself to express new perspective so that when i decided to become a writer... but when it comes after PMR, since being not so smart looking is not an option, literature course is not an option. At 1st i was placed at pure science stream class but since idk physics better back then, i think my life would be over n since society always standardize art student as no vision n future (it's not really my opinion) and when i look at the other option, i decided to go to technical school to learn engineering drawing to become an architect coz it's one smart looking way to express creativity n my idea... i know i might have narrow view before but i consider myself as a field rat than a lab mouse so that's how that goes...

then time pass by, n i still want to be an architect but i guess i might slipped from my own rail leaving me with physics. weird right? so, then i get to know physics, doing research and everything, i think physics is another creative thinking path (in a nerd way according to my brother) n i decided to continue playing with the physics idea using my own method to discover gigantic thingy like the mystery behind the sound of aurora or become the next Stephen Hawking.

but then the fact remains i have my own goal, but i dont strive hard for it.... i made an option coz it's not the 1st time anymore so it's really never considered as a mistake...

after graduate, i still want to be a field mouse, working outside the office n not really tied by the formal attire rule but then again, i stranded in the island of the opposite..  not that i say my job is frustrating but the fact remains that i dont really enjoy being caged...

i know i should be grateful, at least i have a job but i guess when ppl said graduan terlalu memilih, i guess i am one of them... n as ummi said alah bisa tegal biasa so i try to do my best... yela, kan ke itu amanah untuk saye?

tetiba emo pulak kan?

that's that
papai! ^^!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time-Traveled Dude... LOL i just love Dean ^^~

i just watched Supernatural S08E12: As Time Goes By, which btw i think is so SUPER-AWESOME!!

well i dont want to be some spoiler alert giver but i must say one of my favorite aspects in Supernatural is time travel. i mean i see the Winchesters (mostly Dean) travel through times, future and past but it's one of best part of this episode is that i get to know the oter Winchester.

((to play logic now i know where young John Winchester got his good looks n how he passed that look to present Dean =P)) huhuuuuu

okay, 1st time we see time travel in Supenatural is when Cass zapped Dean back to pass where he wasnt even born in season 4 n unlike season 4 or 5 or 6 or 7... this season doesnt involve Dean or Sam to any past or future.. it's another Winchester... guess what? their grandfather! i thought the Winchester that i will see is John and Adam and of course the brothers since unlike their mother side who actually a born as hunter, the Winchester is the regular American that fill the i-dont-believe-in-supernatural population... but well did i mention the writer is waaayyy too creative (in the way i like tho)? Henry Winchester is not a hunter but he is in a (good side? idk) society (maybe secret) that also related to supernatural thingy... he time traveled from 1950(-ish?) and landed in Dean n Sam's motel closet in 2013.... the rest goes.... (nah... i wont tell, dont want to ruin the fun ^^~)

but i really have questions tho which maybe be answer later... =_=

and who knew the funny-sarcastic thingy that Dean had in him actually run in the family ^^~ LOL

"2013? My God. I guess Mayans were wrong..."
-Henry Winchester

fun fact: i always re-watch the Supernatural season finale after i watch it but the most watched episodes always be when the time traveled thingy happen in Supernatural

The list of episodes based on time-travel on Supernatural (up until S08E12):
# S04E03: In The Begining
# S05E04: The End
# S05E13: The Song Remain The Same
# S06E18: Frontierland
# S07E12: Time After Time
(maybe there's other that i missed)

the essence of this post is actually how much i love when i got to meet the other brother's family ^^~

nice rite?

btw the pic source is from BuddyTV

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

annoying (but i want to congrats Angah too) moment - feels like i want to drop F bombs everywhere :P

well things are started to get messy these days, first n foremost, ppl love to ask me when will i get married since i already get what i wanted (wearing topi kotak duhh!!) n angah already engaged to her boyfriend...

well truth to be told, since angah is about to get married, she kindda become the center of everything (i mean the adult stuffs - please dont read this in x-rated way btw) n since i am the oldest child in my family, getting left 1 step behind really an awkward moment. not that i'm jealous with her but idk, it probably the eldest thing - being left as unimportant is sucks!

i mean, i love my sometimes-i-live-in Peter Pan-world but it getting on my nerve lately on how ppl compare me with my sister n cousins who somehow sooner-or-later will follow angah's footstep on introducing their so-i-hope-with-my-finger-crossed soul mate. some are two years older than me n some are 5 years younger... i mean i just 23 for crying out loud! my parents dont say anything but when it come to society n "families", i kindda manusia x laku... just because i dont get home at 3 am every morning with any guys n continue "bertenggek" depan rumah doesnt mean i dont have social life

yeah, i dont socialize much like any teenagers but i never feel the need to do that, to me the right guy will come at the right time...

there's one incident where me n some ppl talking about how many guys she meet everyday n she kindda interviewed them n then one of the ppl said to her

"kenalkan la untuk along!"

and she kindda look at me ups n downs in (maybe i'm wrong but i could've sworn the way she looked at me) disgusted then she change the topic

i mean, yeah i'm no Miss World n when i said i'm waiting for Ben Burnley it just mean i'm kidding?

fine i wasnt perfect n tho they make a joke on my social life saying i might die alone it still hurts coz i have feelings too! i'm not Cass, i'm human okay!

as i said before i just 23, some ppl getting married at 50 so what's the big deal? i got family to be taken care of! Adik Izzati to be taken care of!

i might be single but i'm not desperate, so back off!

that's that

no need to get nasty dropping the F bombs everywhere...

so btw congrats Angah n her fiance, may both of u live happily ever after


Saturday, January 26, 2013

meeting long lost friend

well before everything, lemme clean this blog that full with spider's webs...





okay.... hope that's ok ^^~ hehehe

well actually i dont feel like writing much so lemme just show a pic n tell a lil this n that bout the pic

that's me n my ex-roomate, Kinah... nice optometrist (betul ke term ni Kinah?) to-be. Well story goes bila saye kena attend job interview like early in the morning with no preparation coz i really dunno i have a job interview until 2 hour before the interview *nice huh?*

so i just grab whatever look formal attire to me, my certificates n resume (n hoping i got the copy of them somewhere in the file) makeup in my handbag, n ready to go (by bus coz KL traffic is always a nightmare to me -no wonder i hate KL).. i put on my makeup in the bus n ran to Menara TM but the thing is idk anything or what position i'll be interview later on... all i know is i have to be there before 9 am

then this is when viva-moment-with-no-preparation came... just go with the flow... do or die... yada yada whatever

so waiting for my name to be called, i text my friend Kinah n lalink Anis (she didnt reply or pick up the phone until i'm in the komuter back to Seremban) n ask Kinah if she want to meet coz i didnt see her for almost 2 years n she said ok n we agreed to meet at Mid Valley Megamall

then after that, we went window shopping, makan2 (u know what happen when (very) long lost friend sit for lunch), jalan2, n then it's time to say goodbye again

to Kinah, thanks for meeting me, memang rindu Kinah sangat2 n hopefully next time Aisyah, Nisa n Izzati boleh join sekali ^^~

friendship forever ^^~

okay that's that, papai
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