Saturday, January 26, 2013

meeting long lost friend

well before everything, lemme clean this blog that full with spider's webs...





okay.... hope that's ok ^^~ hehehe

well actually i dont feel like writing much so lemme just show a pic n tell a lil this n that bout the pic

that's me n my ex-roomate, Kinah... nice optometrist (betul ke term ni Kinah?) to-be. Well story goes bila saye kena attend job interview like early in the morning with no preparation coz i really dunno i have a job interview until 2 hour before the interview *nice huh?*

so i just grab whatever look formal attire to me, my certificates n resume (n hoping i got the copy of them somewhere in the file) makeup in my handbag, n ready to go (by bus coz KL traffic is always a nightmare to me -no wonder i hate KL).. i put on my makeup in the bus n ran to Menara TM but the thing is idk anything or what position i'll be interview later on... all i know is i have to be there before 9 am

then this is when viva-moment-with-no-preparation came... just go with the flow... do or die... yada yada whatever

so waiting for my name to be called, i text my friend Kinah n lalink Anis (she didnt reply or pick up the phone until i'm in the komuter back to Seremban) n ask Kinah if she want to meet coz i didnt see her for almost 2 years n she said ok n we agreed to meet at Mid Valley Megamall

then after that, we went window shopping, makan2 (u know what happen when (very) long lost friend sit for lunch), jalan2, n then it's time to say goodbye again

to Kinah, thanks for meeting me, memang rindu Kinah sangat2 n hopefully next time Aisyah, Nisa n Izzati boleh join sekali ^^~

friendship forever ^^~

okay that's that, papai


  1. betul la tu cayang oit. hehe.. baru sempat nak komen kat sini..
    bila la dpt jumpa lagi kannnn.. aritu tu sekejap sgt.. huuhu


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