Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tired of guessing so DORAEMON!!! PINJAM MESIN MASA!?!?!?!

well since Season 6 end up "suck-in-a-genius-way" (i juz dont like my fav character turn south), i still hope the best for this upcoming new season..okay... i forgive the season finale (a bit) coz hopefully there always a good explanation later in season 7. but i was worried about Cass...is he gonna be one of the major character again or not? so i scooped around, gather the sources and try to put myself sane coz come on! Cass is one of the most likable character besides Dean, Sam and Bobby and all the Supernatural fans want him more!! and finally i found  this blog saying the likable feathery friend of Sam and Dean will be back but well, it's Supernatural for crying out loud! the only character stays as the way they are is only Sam and Dean! coz it is supernatural all about...

well if anyone remember season 2, they put two nice lovely character (Jo and Ellen Harvelle) to the audience and people love them! owh, not to mention Ash too.. but all of them was killed. Lovely isnt it? and in season 2, i also think the psychic character (Andy and Ava) is also a likable character..but they are all killed at the All Hell Break Loose pt 1... another character that sometimes we like and sometimes we dont (but i never like it) is Ruby... well the character stays for two season before killed by Dean. Anna, also another likable angel character besides Cass also turn bad and killed by Michael. She also kept alive for two season. another character that i think is like a douche but sweet is Gabriel... he was introduced as a trickster in season 2, kept messing with Dean and Sam until at season 5, we know he actually an angel but killed by Lucifer on S05E19.

okay...all the example above actually to show everyone that no character is permanent in that show except the boys and the Impala (of course!! how can i ever forget that??!!!) and this is what the blog says about Season 7

In case there was any doubt remaining -- yes"Supernatural"fans, our favorite feathery friend will be back for Season 7. Along withJared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, The CW lists Misha Collinsas a series regular for the upcoming season, which will begin airing on Friday nights at 9 p.m. EST (its current timeslot) this fall.

EDIT [01:32 a.m. EST]: Though Collins was listed in The CW's press releaseTVLine reports that he is not listed as a regular in Season 7. He will, however, return in some capacity.

He's not the little angel on Dean's shoulder anymore, though. Now that he's absorbed all of the souls in Purgatory, Castiel is officially a God. We're not sure whether he's the one and only, or if there's still another God hiding out somewhere... perhaps looking something like Chuck? What we do know is that for now, Castiel expects Sam and Dean to treat him a little differently.

"I'm your new God," he said coldly. "A better one. so you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your lord, or I shall destroy you."

We don't doubt it, either. Though Castiel ultimately beat Raphael, he kept Crowley around, making ominous threats about plans for him. He also proved his ruthessness in the episode when he nearly turned Sam into a vegetable in his quest for the ultimate power. Dean isn't likely to forgive Castiel for that move any time soon, and it's clear that Sam still has a lot of healing to do before he gets his bearings back.

One thing is for sure -- Castiel has changed, big time. We spoke with E.P. Ben Edlund recently, and he told us that the decision to "turn" Cas wasn't an easy one. "I had my hesitations," he admits, "because I like the fish-out-of-water, dumb jokes, and I like Cas. I like the thing on camera that Misha created that complemented this new strain of creature, this angel coming into our world and gave a body and character to it. That's a really great thing. But one of the rules of 'Supernatural' is loss, and losing things. You have to love something before you can feel its loss."

Showrunner Sera Gamble tells TV Line that though Collins is a regular, Castiel's role in the story was never intended to be as constant as Sam's and Dean's. "When it comes to 'Supernatural,' our philosophy is that everyone moves in and out and weaves in and out of the story, obviously with the exception of Sam and Dean," she says. "We love Misha. We love and adore the character of Castiel. His character developed to this extent and went in this unexpected direction because we were so inspired by him.

well of course that is not all about that rite?? i mean, yes i wanna know what will happen to Cass, is he gonna feel alone coz his friends acted like he will never forgiven (thought Dean turned to be soft at the end a little for Cass for him to keep the souls back) and how actually he feels coz he killed one of a friend (Balthazar).
well before the Season 6 start before, the show runner told the media that the upcoming season (Season 6) is kindda back to where they start as a hunter like in season 1,2 and 3 but yeah, we will never predict what actually back to basic..coz Dean ultimately live normal-apple-pie-life, Sam came back soulless and Cass himself wasnt like Cass or Jimmy. Well of course as a fan i want them to be back into the Metallicar and drive across the country and hunt the bumps at night like before but well i live in a realistic expectation, their life will never be that and never could go back like before... so what to expect in season 7?

"In Season 7, Sam and Dean will hit the high road cowboy style as they dodge a whole new opponent.  Gamble tells TVLine that the Winchesters will be "up against a new foe unlike anything they've ever fought," and that along with Kripke and executive producer Bob Singer, she's settled on a theme for the season. "We had everyone on the writing staff watch 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," she says, noting that in Season 7, she's "really hungry to capture some of that cowboy, outlaw spirit for Sam and Dean."

Well, of course i cant wait for this new upcoming season!!! (kalaula boleh pinjam mesin masa Doraemon =_=~)
peace ^^!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

tHE maN tHaT wOUld Be K!nG

This is the story about a man who always thinks everybody hate him no matter what he did….
Well I won’t say everybody hates him coz as much as I concern, people worship him… only he didn’t know…well I kindda think he knows it but never wanna admit that… he keep telling everyone who love and worship him that he know that they hate him with all their guts… and I worship that guy too.. More than he knows… I dunno what actually he think coz he just say he know everybody hate him but somehow deep down I would pray that he know that is all wrong.

“When I tell u something u just don’t care… I dunno why u all hates me so much”

“I’m just nobody here. U guys never care about me or my feelings”

“Whatever I do it as never enough. Some of you might prey for me to disappear or die. Then y’all can live happily ever after”

That is just some random things that he used to say to us. Even for me, I think it worse than the other. I remember when one day I make him a hot chocolate but he didn’t thank me or drink it. He called someone else to make him another hot chocolate and I dunno if it just a man ego or something else but whatever it is since then I always think twice to serve him anything. Some people always ask me, why u love and worship that guy so much? Well, the answer is easy. Coz he deserves it. After all he is the only guy that used to sacrifice everything. How I know that? Well, he is a nice guy but I think his manly ego really eat him all… I try to be nice but all I get is that cold face. And it still happens not just to me but to everyone who love and worship him…

I really hope one day ALLAH will open his heart and make him see the real us. We never hated u ever in our life… we never call u bad person or whatever coz u r the person I respect, worship n love so much…

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

kU tuRUtkan juA walauPuN nGantOK!! (i'Mma SupERnatUraL aDdict.. sO whaT?)

this is kindda wired coz i never complain to any episode of Supernatural... love them and still do but this is the first time of all season (1-6) that i really wish they rewrite the season finale...i always love season finale coz Supernatural writers always drive their fan crazy before a new season start but never break anyone (at least me) heart by turning one of the most likable character into... how do i put this? okay...a new villain!!
okay.. fine.. they used to turn Sam into the devil but we know the reason and ppl can see how Dean broken because of that but now Cass?? of all the character in the series they turn Cass?? yes..like Dean says..."bla...bla..Raphael.." but at the end he turn into so called...(*sigh*) i dun even know where to begin (dun wanna spoil the surprise especially to Belle)... and well, i think it breaks a lot of heart... honestly? i never cry if i watch anything but since i am deep into the series, i can even feel everything the character feel so yes..i do feel what Dean feel...and seriously... i cant even count how many times my mouth wide opened because of what happened in the last two episodes...two hours back to back really a lot to take unlike season 2 finale (All Hell Break Loose pt 1 and 2).. they got two parts but okay...as i said i always love the season finale, i think i can take what ever happened (already passed) but since this cause the fan to wait another week before the final episodes, i think we are all doing okay... especially we got the gist on what will happen next... and there's no cliffhanger on season 2...but this time.. even it doesnt really look like a cliffhanger to me but i really hope there will be a good explanation in season 7 (even thought Cass try to give Dean the reason over and over but what he did??? with Crowley and then what he do next really make me cheered on the Dean side) coz now they juz turn all of their fan (well at least me) nuts!
owh btw the pic above supposedly a promo for season 4 (or 5 maybe) but since i feel so not in the mood to find new pic...that will do (maybe next time i should put Bobby's pic too)...
but i never think Supernatural The Animation sucks even the season finale is All Hell Break Loose pt 2 coz... well i guess the writer is so genius when they twisted the series and made it like a new one (but still keeping the original-live action) and i'm gun for season 2!!!

conclusion? well i know not many is a Supernatural addict like me but i juz write what i see and my thought so...(Nabil says: Lu Pikir La Sendiri!!) but (first of all i dont mean to brag) i already gathered my forces (eceh cheh) of Supernatural fan (LOL) which means when i'm talking about my fav show, i dont really look like silly...hahaha!!! and before i end this..(still i dun really wanna brag but BELLE!! u should look at this!!)

hahaha!! this is all my personality quiz results which actually i got from BuddyTV so i really got this result without cheating ya!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

how time works???

memula tengok tajuk mesti most ppl will say this girl gonna lecture us something academic...tp actually bukan la jugak...xde la jugak topik bodoh2 tapi non that too important la... so arini my parents, my sisters (anis n adik izzati) and me went to visit my bro (achik) at his school (MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, Jasin Melaka) and actually it's my first time saye pegi school tu but hundredth times to Melacca (i used to live there), so on our way, everything was fine la coz kami x masuk betul2 bandar lagi juz sampai area Zoo Melaka kat Ayer Keroh je...sampai kt skolah achik, kitorg pun ajak la dia kua bli barang...so memula tu okay je tp bila masuk je bandar Ayer Keroh i was shocked (very2) coz it's like i've never been before n things change drastically... my dad says "this is just Ayer Keroh...try Bandar Hilir or area residential area tempat our family used to live...100 dollar says u r totally gonna lost in three second after i left u there"...cheh!! gile confident!!! but seriously, time change everything...masuk sana, macam men Cityville kat FB..planetarium pun ade (ni baru Ayer Keroh ye!!)!!! tapi i guess my dad was right since i am the one with bad sense of direction (if i'm the one who drive la), i am totally gonna lost there and maybe i wont be able to find my way out even from the smallest area there...
it really make me smile how the power of time really change everything...=)

Friday, May 20, 2011

last night in UMS (edisi tergendala)

ok2..actually entry ni suppose di postkan like a week ago but since tetiba cable hp saye tah mana2 so dia agak tergendala la...hahaha!!
ok...1st of all citer ni bermula bila classmate saye (Mat Nor) post kat wall F.E 09/10 ajak FE buddy stay up kat bilik 24 hour libry memandangkan esoknya ade 2 paper (paling last)...memula, saye malas nak amek port coz ye la...kang pagi2 saye nak balik nek ape? gelap..blom kira penunggu setia (anjingS) kat bawah g so saye malas la..tp tetiba c AJ YM saye n ajak pegi...so memandangkan ade kenderaan, saye on jak la..huhuhu!! gpon rumate saye xde kat bilik...nnt klu saye bangun lewat esoknye kan payah? huhuhu!!! so after few preparation (laptop, gula2 n etc) AJ pon datang amek saye...memula kitorg g SKTM coz 24 hour room penoh... sampai sana, include saye ade 7 org FE buddy (saye, AJ, Kucai, Amuk, Miza, Ana n Tiqah) ade kat sana n selepas calling2 akhirnya lokasi terakhir kami di SPS coz banyak meja...hahaha!! so kat sana ade beberapa g manusia including Mat Nor (Kellson, Hamzah, Najiy and Alex) so sesi study pon bermula...owh btw ade a gak selingan citer hantu (garam...paling feymes malam 2...mmng sabo je ngan c Kell ni!!), EPL (coz mlm 2 MU vs Chelsea), IC and  McD...hahaha...last2 cuma tinggal 5 org  je (saye, AJ, Mat Nor, Kell n Hamzah)...n kami pon oder la McD untuk ilangkan ngantok...kami telah mengoder dalam 4 large coffee...huhuhu!! but newsflash!! baru saye taw FE buddy (yang overnight malam 2) x minom coffee...huhuhu!!! nyway...ni some gambo...



n then kami balik pepagi soknye n "ready" to face that 2 more paper...abis paper terakhir around 5pm, saye pon berangkat g airport tok balik seremban...
nyway thanks guys yang menjayakan malam terakhir saye kat UMS...luv ya all..jumpa balik sem depan..xoxo!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

merapu meraban pt 3 (episode: hari guru)

hahaha!! last entry smlm sy ade merungut pasal season finale  Supernatural S06 kan? sekali rupa2nya MINGGU DEPAN!!! hahahaha!!sian Mr Lappy saye ni nyaris kena baling ngan tuan dia tanpa sebab-musabab..hahaha!!!
so saye dah x tensen2 g...excited nk taw...huhuhuhu!!!
owh..memandangkan da dekat sminggu saye ade kat Malaysia (macam jauh je kan sabah 2?) n pagi ni umi masak nasik lemak... 4 bulan ni...saya kena menghargai betol2 apa yang umi masak...ye lor..pas ni 6 bulan (maybe setaun trus) x balik...mesti tekanan saye x dapat rase ape umi masak...hahaha!!!tp memandangkan malam smalam saye sempat tdo 2 jam je, jadi tugas saye kat dapur tadi sebagai tukang rebus n kopek telur je la...hahahaa!!! pastu saye tros sambung tido blik...bangun2 je si kecik Izzati da abeskan telur rebus 2...pape je la dik...along boleh masak lain...hahaha!!!!

owh b4 anything..saye nak wish HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY kat sume chekgu2 saye, kawan2 saye yang bergelar pendidik n sumer pensyarah2 saye...sume2 chekgu n pendidik kat muka bumi ni skali la... i dun really have muh experience ngan teacher's day ni coz memandanggkan teacher's day ni slalunya hari x blaja...so saye pon cuti la... saya pon x ingat adiah yng penah saya bagi coz slalunya adik saye yang  xcited sangat nk bli adiah ni n saye ikot je la..umi saye beli n trus bungkus...x taw ape isi dalam...tisu ke? ape ke? siyes saye x taw...bukan x menghargai guru, tapi i think hadiah ni sume doesnt like appreciation tapi more to showing off to others...so i prefer my own handmade card...walopn nmpak cam buruk je tp saye rasa (x tw la cikgu tu rasa ape) effort saye kat card tu sangat la besar (bukan belagak tp as far as i know yang ajar saye wat sumer2 start from lukisan, deco, tulis wish sume dari sorang manusia bernama chekgu) n i think sume tu lebih telus...x taw la org len...
memandangkn saye banyak pindah randah dari keci, mostly i can say saya banyak guru...saya x de la ingat sumer nama cikgu saye (mmng memory saya sangat lousy nak ingat muka n nama org ni) n kebanyakan yg rapat ngan saya masa zaman kanak2 riang dulu is chekgu English n kurang gemar ngan saya plak Ustazah...saya pon x tw nape tapi saye x de la dendam pon...xde pekdah nye...hahaha!!! saye jugak sangat rapat ngan cikgu Science masa darjah 4-6 (time tu skolah len2) coz saya still ingat ape yang cikgu Science saya mula2 cakap masa saya blom mula2 kenal subjek 2..."Sains ni subjek yang palig seronok sekali" n with that one simple phrase from Cikgu Hamka, sampai skunk saya adalah pelajar sains...maybe brainwash awal2 dia sangat la effective...
my dad also was a teacher, cikgu sejarah. so one of the subject i love the most is sejarah...but ade sorang cikgu ni (saya x ingat nama dia tp dia bagi ceramah time orentasi masa form 1) cakap  "walopun sejarah ni boring tapi kamu kena lulus jugak!" n i think agaknya sbb 2 kot kawan2 saya benci subjek 2 bt my dad do different, he always say that knowledge has nothing to do with boring...he said that masa saya merajuk ngan beliau n x mo wat homework masa darjah satu n he kept repeating the phrase until now... so thanks to the brainwash, saye masih x de prasaan give up untuk study...thanks dad...=D



sume2 yang kat atas ni merupakan warga pendidik (bukan sume cikgu saye ada kat sini) yang pernah ajar saye...walopun x sume tapi saya still nak wish SELAMAT HARI GURU to sumer cikgu2 saya!!! terima kasih cikgu!!
BTW yang kat atas tu (yang gamba pas konvo) is Cikgu Nik (my dad) hehehe!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

lAGi sORaNG? hmm..kaLaU Dah SaMPai seRU...

well before anything u know what bugs me now?? Supernatural Season 6 is now end (yesterday) and i still havent watch the last two episodes (2 episodes season finale for 2 hours). i only watch the sneak peek and that is SO NOT ENOUGH!!
not to mention the sneak peek drives me all crazy with this Dean-Lisa and Ben thing, Cass and Crowley partnership (S06E20), the great wall of Sam start to collapse and of course it kills me to know what will happen next season (and when it will be air)!
but enough with Supernatural coz the more i think bout it the more i feel like wanna throw this laptop away...(huhuhu~ macam berani buat je kan??)
so back to the topic...ape yang sorang lagi?? (terbalik pulok) hahaha!!! ok la saye citer... musim orang kawen...slalunye kita tengok  time cuti skolah kan musim2 dapat kad kawen ni? tapi skunk ni terbalik plak...musim budak2 IPT cuti...hahaha!!sejak saye balik adee dalam 7 orang invite saye g majlis persandingan dorang (sumernya x-schoolmate) and yang klakanya sumer guna FB~ sayang pokok la katakan...jadi, alang2 ade FB ni..boleh jugak berbakti kat bumi ye x?? ahahaha!!!
okay, kawan2 saya yang nak kawen ni sumenya sebaya...kadang2 du bila tengok balik muka kawan2 saya yang bakal ada rumah tangga ni buat saya tergelak pulak...

  1. ade sorang kawan ni dia nak kawen ngan seteru no satu dia masa kat kelas dulu.. (hahaha!!) dulu muka mmg kiut la owh btw nma dia Siti Nur Hawa bt Md Jusin (Awe) and bakal suami dia Mohd Hazif Ghazalli (Jebon)...dulu Awe ni kawan saye masa skolah rendah (masa tu saye darjah 4) and Jebon ni mmng nakal nauzubillah la...stakat kena rotan ngan cikgu tu dah immune dah... siap pernah kena gigit kat lengan lagi ngan c Awe ni coz dengan muka x bersalahnya c Jebon ni sapu gam kat kerusi Awe ni...camne dorang boleh jadi pasangan? saye pun x taw...tapi dipendekan citer...JODOH la tu...hahaha!!! to Awe n Jebon...insyaALLAH atul dtg ye...x janji coz korang ni jauh sangat..Gombak...hahaha!!!
  2. yang kedua plak kawan saya masa darjah 4 jugak (tapi skolah len) Aida Rahayu Mad Salam (Ayu) n Muhd Fimman bin Zainal... saye cuma kenal Ayu je la..bakal suami plak saya x kenal...huhuhuhu...Ayu ni agak2 garang masa kat skolah dulu...pengawas la katakan... kalau pengawas kat skolah je x pe la gak..ni sampai kat lua skolah pon sama..pernah dulu saya kena sound coz x sengaja (=P) buang sampah dalam longkang..bukan je dia suh ambik balik...siap ugut nak men tulis2 nama g..padahal kitorg bukan 1 skolah pon...hahaha!!!
  3.  next is Mohd Faisal Hambali bin.(saye x ingat la) bakal isteri, Ainnur Mardhiyyah Saifuddin...dua2 ni kawan yang saya kenal masa ada satu kem kecemerlangan masa form 2 dulu...Faisal ni group saye dulu n Ain ni plak group Norah Jones (kami bagi nama group based on our fav singer)...rambut dia pun ala2 Norah Jones jugak n saye ingat lagi dorg Faisal adalah mansia paling senyap dalam group Linkin Park (tah sape bagi nama band ni...sabo je la) kitorg ni...walopun saye je pompuan dlm 2 tapi dia yang paling senyap...Ain ni plak slalu kena usik ngan ahli group saye yang lagi sorang (Kiet Wan) tapi dia redha je..hahaha!!!
  4. pun lagi sorang kawan saya dari camp nak kawen...tapi dia tua 3 taun dari saye n dia ni ahli group Sudirman...Norrazah binti Md Wasib n dengar kata dia ni bertunang lepas SPM...lama tuh...nama bakal husband dia Azri bin Latiff (x kenal la sape tapi ade gak tengok gamba mamat ni kat FB..manis orgnye)... kak Azah ni simple je orgnya...masa dia bertunang dulu, dia ada gak jemput  tapi time 2 saye pindah rumah plak...so x sempat la...insyaALLAH nnt majlis sanding atul datang ye...hehehe
  5. next adik kami masa camp ari 2.. dia form one n dia kawen dulu dari kitorg?? hahaha!! brapa banyak bendul la dia langkah... Mohd Khairulnizzam bin Aliyas (Khai) and bakal isteri, Nurul Syazwani Isa... dalam banyak2 orang mmng kami x expect ia nak kawen dulu...ingat lagi khai ade cakap kat ahli group kami (saye, Kiet Wan, Suresh, Faisal and Dzul) yang dia nak kawen lepas sumer orang dalam group kitorg kawen...hahaha!!! last2 juz Faisal je yang kawen.. lagi empat blom sampai seru g...macam2...
  6. yang ini next camp kami, which ada lagi satu camp kecemerlangan yang dibuat kat resort kat PD punya ahli group baru nak kasi balance sumer group (masa ni Faisal x join coz dia kena demam campak) Linkin Park (siyes saya senyum je ingat nama group kami dulu..seriously GUYSS!!! sape punya idea ni????hahaha) Wan Ahmad Azizzul bin Wan Ahmad Raden... abang Jijul coz dia tua 3 taun dari saye, Kiet Wen, Suresh and Dzul.. dia ni mmg ada father material la...sangat2 caring tapi down to earth n pasangan dia? ahli group lama dia Dayang Nurhanna Manshor (kak Dayang) yang sebaya ngan dia...haha!!! saye x kenal sangat kak Dayang tapi brani jamin la dia sangat2 sweet coz muka dia mmng sweet... (ade kaitan ke??) tp bila terkenang balik...saya rasa camp 2 patut tuka nama la...bukan lagi KEM KECEMERLANGAN PELAJAR tapi KEM DAPAT JODOH!!! ahahah..2 blom masuk ahli2 camp lain yang dah kawen tp saye x kenal...mmng strategik la...hahaha!!
  7. 7. last but not least budak STTJ...saya x ingat sangat coz dorm len2 n budak awam kot tapi satu skolah..Nurain Izzati Mazlan and her future husband (alamak x jumpa plak nama husband dia..) Azzuan (ni je yang ade...sorry sangat2)...insyaALLAH saya cube datang dengan bebudak ni rancang nak wat reunion tros kat sana...meriah majlis nnt...hahaha!!                                                                               so to all my friends yang nak kawen 2...semoga dapat jadi isteri/suami yang mithali...saye doakan kebahagian korang sampai anak cucu...aminn..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

tah pape tah.. idea meraban?

recently saye accidently tertengok org punya how do i put this?...word for their life themes/slogan maybe (?) in their stats in FB or blog or anywhere n okay...i am not mrs Shakespeare so i am not so good with these literature creative thingy but when u read that u'll know it kindda hmm...stupid (maybe?) or unrelated (?) or "WTH is this?"

taking part of the songs lyrics (juz satu rangkap) and start making it like a life slogan sometimes seems ridiculous...ye lar...try this "It messed me up take a second to breathe (Adam Lambert-Whaddaya Want From Me)" or "I learn to live half alive (Christina Perri-Jar of Hearts)" or "Sing for the one that hates your guts (Sing-MCR)" and put it as ur slogan or call it what ever you want and if ppl dun really know it is a part of a song lyrics that came from somewhere, they might thing either u r very creative or maybe juz some "scientist" who love to do experiment with words...worse? that particular person who put those songs for their slogan or call it whatever you want dont even know what is the meaning...in a song...yes..u might say it is for the market creativity sake and have their meaning in a very poetic kindda way is okay but juz that 1 phrase on ur wall macam ayat tergantung tu seriously like meaningless coz seriously..not many ppl love to read everything so y dun juz keep it simple? ini x, mcm2..blom masuk nak bagi kawaii lagi, translate ke bahasa pape tah (ie Dutch of Scotland) guna Google translate and maybe dorang lupa kot some ppl happen to understand so x payah la riak sangat guna Google translate tu...cuba translate guna dictionary.. gelak guling2 tengok meaning...not to mention pengguna bahasa tu as bahasa pengantara... sampai kua air mata...lawak sangat2...n ade yg x reti sangat guna BI tapi nk guna jugak (okay..saye pon bukan la fluent sangat but still can understand the meaning n detect the wired "i'm-not-so-sure-what-this-ppl-try-to-say" la) so sudahnya guna Google translate...klu pandai sangat, cuba translate balik guna translator tu...mesti lagi lawak dari Jozan la...LOL! nyway bukan saya x penah buat tp when i realize what i wrote...senyum sendiri..b4 saya rase cam this was my greatest idea (bia la ciplak je pon) tapi bila tengok balik cam klaka sangat...klu kumpul2 n bukukn mesti org ingat tips menang Maharaja Lawak ye x? ngan tah ape2 quotesnya, pastu ejaan salah g...yang direct translate tu "i feel like wanna pull the trigger and fire you" pegi "saya rasa suka wanna tarik pemicu dan api awak" (Google translate) betul2 makes me wanna laugh till all my tears dried out tapi seems like menghina plak..tp bukan maksud menghina...moral of the story?

  1. kalu nak guna lirik lagu tu make sure jelas...abstract kindda way not working on some (say most) ppl who dont even bother to run a background check on u...
  2. mmng teknologi skunk canggih...write pape n then juz translate tp that thing is juz a program la...dont even bother to care if is that is the exact thing u command...programmer yang buat mende tu pon ukan rajin sangat nak kesah betol ke x ayat n words yang ade dlm libry dorg...

Friday, May 6, 2011

don't let me hate u...seriously... i hate when i have to hate people

okay...first of all, i am not the most innocent human being alive in the world but i might say i am not a devil's child either...i'm facing 4 killer paper in a row now and i still like wanna bashing that little bastard skull with a hammer and to have this kind of feeling in the battlefield is SO not cool...
i know this gonna sound ugly but really, i hate it when i have to say it but i have to admit that i really hate to see people get hurt bcoz of me but dear...as i said b4, i am not a saint... my patience have limit too and it is now at the caution level...so if u really dont like what u see..shut up, get over it and dont complain so much...better? just get it right...but if it is over, let go...it's not rocket science okay...
i once remember my rumate told me that how much she admire me because i am very patience and calm and try to act cool when i meet some annoying douche back then and yeah, i have to admit, my patience level is quite high so to make me hate someone so much really need a trick... so, that person really over the limit and i must say, u r good...in a bad way... so as much as i want to say bad word bout u, all i can say is "have a nice life"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i cant start to begin how happy i am since it's all over...the weight of the world just lifted off of my shoulder and i dunno where to start to express my happiness (macam nak buat kenduri kesyukuran pun ada) coz everything is OVER (err..skip my final exam part 1st shall we? =P)
well it really got nothing to do with Dean dump Esther (huarghkahkah!!) or anything but it's about i juzz finished our mini project...i know that maybe we've might fail but at least i am happy that we've done it and no more headache with all the nonsense and cold faces etc etc...ALHAMDULILLAH

thE rOyaL wEDdinG

first thing first...i absolutely have nothing to do with this royal wedding coz i'm not the wedding planner, cake designer, gown designer, musician, bridesmaid, made of honor or anything else...i dont even went to the wedding ceremony and i just watch this royal wedding at my TV mobile... and i know it's kindda too little too late to talk about this but i'm gonna talk bout it anyway..besides, i'm the author...actually it's not really all about wedding anyway...but as i read anywhere, the wedding news is kindda all over the web, TV and now in my own blog (talking about current events hahahaha!!), i cant help myself by not feeling jealous to this lucky lady...she's marrying to a royal prince people!!! kindda fairytale life she had which btw is a dream in every little girls life once (including me when i was a kid)
really, i mean..when i was little, i would ask my umi to buy me this Disney's Princess books and i read (i'm a little geek minus the glasses and braces) it over and over (kindda the way i treat Supernatural series except this one made by papers) and since i am very good with imagination until now, i would create my own movie version when i read the book and since happily ever after means the last page of the books, i would create another plots which sometimes take years for Cinderella to find the prince like i used to think that the prince would make another ball and Cinderella came again and since she lost the glass slippers, the fairy godmother gave her a golden shoes which never went off unless under Cinderella's command..hahahaa!!!
or turn out that the shoe that Cinderella left actually fit the prince too..hahaha!!! or i turn all the princess into grim brother version before get to the page happily ever after Disney's version...

but since now  i  am all grown up, so the version turn to be more modern version..like the prince is not royal but maybe some CEO or a rock star or maybe a hunter with a help from instead of fairy godmother, i get help from Cass??? hahaha!!! instead riding white horse he's driving black '67 Chevy Impala (Belle really gonna kill me if it's true..hahaha!!) or instead carrying a sword, he might using colt or carrying guitar?? and the plot still takes years to get to now-they-live-happily-ever-after page coz  fairytale life is easy... actual life is kindda complicated like instead the prince easily ask the girl to marry him, there's another character introduced to interrupt the relationship like me and Dean and suddenly came Belle (kaco tol!!) hahaha!! and now i'm moving on to Ben...hahaha!!
anyway, congrats to the royal newly wed couple... seriously..they really look good together...peace!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

no such things as the end

today, saye ngan x-rumate saye (mantan2 penghuni bilik C-A-104) telah mengadakan satu perjumpaan semula~~~ echeh..skema tolll!!! hahaha
actually mende ni kami dah plan lama dah...tapi baru tadi jalan~ ye lar..masing2 sibuk cam kak ching asyik memanjang je ilangnye... c nia pun sama...kak ada lak.. adoi..busy macam wedding planner untuk Prince William and Kate Middelton... kak Shalini plak busy dia mengalahkan Sultan Mizan aje...Anis? xde la busy sangat tp time org x busy time 2 la masalah kewangan negara timbul...saye? sibuk ngan mini projek n so on...masing2 cam majlis eksekutif kat parlimen je...hahaha!!
tp td walopn rancang last minute, tp boleh dikatakan berjaye la menghimpun semua mantan2 penghuni bilik saye...klu x buat skunk...perjumpaan seterusnye mungkin dekat majlis persandingan kak shalini, kak ching, anis, kak ada n nia la...time 2 x bleh karaoke lagu dangdut g (ye dok kak ada??? hahaha!!) coz malu kat tetamu!! huargh kah kah!!!
mula2 janji pukul 12.30 gerak tapi cam biasak la... saye bersiap pn time tu dah 12.37...kak diyana yang suka bercelak bagai g... plus 30 minit mase saye apply eye shadow at least g awal turun dari kak ada n kak diyana la...hahahahaha!! nia datang sendirik...kak ching pon sama...
so sampai2, kami g the chicken rice shop makan nasik ayam (dah nama pon chicken rice shop kan?? xkan lobster kot kitorg makan) pastu kami mula la sesi karaoke...kak shalini x join kitorg time ni...coz dia nk tgok muvie...pe gi..melalak la kami...saye, anis, kak diyana, kak ada n nia...mase tinggal g 4 minit nak abes kbox tu punya time baru kak ching sampai...tp ok la gak dari x dtg langsung...
oyeah...citer bagai2 tapi gamba xde dok?? biase la...saye punya henset sangat la canggih...mahal sikit dari iphone saye...huhuhuhu!! =P so x dapat la tp x silap saye c anis ade amek gamba...nxt time la saye upload...nyhow, thanks sangat2 kakak2 n kawan2 sebab buat saya banyak gelak cam ni...hepi giler2 la atul...sayang korang sumer...
p/s to kak ada, kak shalini n kak diyana (majok plak karang): dah grad nnt jgn lpe ek kami kat sini...jgn lupe hulur2 kad kawen 2..luv u guys...xoxo!!
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