Tuesday, May 3, 2011

thE rOyaL wEDdinG

first thing first...i absolutely have nothing to do with this royal wedding coz i'm not the wedding planner, cake designer, gown designer, musician, bridesmaid, made of honor or anything else...i dont even went to the wedding ceremony and i just watch this royal wedding at my TV mobile... and i know it's kindda too little too late to talk about this but i'm gonna talk bout it anyway..besides, i'm the author...actually it's not really all about wedding anyway...but as i read anywhere, the wedding news is kindda all over the web, TV and now in my own blog (talking about current events hahahaha!!), i cant help myself by not feeling jealous to this lucky lady...she's marrying to a royal prince people!!! kindda fairytale life she had which btw is a dream in every little girls life once (including me when i was a kid)
really, i mean..when i was little, i would ask my umi to buy me this Disney's Princess books and i read (i'm a little geek minus the glasses and braces) it over and over (kindda the way i treat Supernatural series except this one made by papers) and since i am very good with imagination until now, i would create my own movie version when i read the book and since happily ever after means the last page of the books, i would create another plots which sometimes take years for Cinderella to find the prince like i used to think that the prince would make another ball and Cinderella came again and since she lost the glass slippers, the fairy godmother gave her a golden shoes which never went off unless under Cinderella's command..hahahaa!!!
or turn out that the shoe that Cinderella left actually fit the prince too..hahaha!!! or i turn all the princess into grim brother version before get to the page happily ever after Disney's version...

but since now  i  am all grown up, so the version turn to be more modern version..like the prince is not royal but maybe some CEO or a rock star or maybe a hunter with a help from instead of fairy godmother, i get help from Cass??? hahaha!!! instead riding white horse he's driving black '67 Chevy Impala (Belle really gonna kill me if it's true..hahaha!!) or instead carrying a sword, he might using colt or carrying guitar?? and the plot still takes years to get to now-they-live-happily-ever-after page coz  fairytale life is easy... actual life is kindda complicated like instead the prince easily ask the girl to marry him, there's another character introduced to interrupt the relationship like me and Dean and suddenly came Belle (kaco tol!!) hahaha!! and now i'm moving on to Ben...hahaha!!
anyway, congrats to the royal newly wed couple... seriously..they really look good together...peace!!!

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