Sunday, May 29, 2011

tHE maN tHaT wOUld Be K!nG

This is the story about a man who always thinks everybody hate him no matter what he did….
Well I won’t say everybody hates him coz as much as I concern, people worship him… only he didn’t know…well I kindda think he knows it but never wanna admit that… he keep telling everyone who love and worship him that he know that they hate him with all their guts… and I worship that guy too.. More than he knows… I dunno what actually he think coz he just say he know everybody hate him but somehow deep down I would pray that he know that is all wrong.

“When I tell u something u just don’t care… I dunno why u all hates me so much”

“I’m just nobody here. U guys never care about me or my feelings”

“Whatever I do it as never enough. Some of you might prey for me to disappear or die. Then y’all can live happily ever after”

That is just some random things that he used to say to us. Even for me, I think it worse than the other. I remember when one day I make him a hot chocolate but he didn’t thank me or drink it. He called someone else to make him another hot chocolate and I dunno if it just a man ego or something else but whatever it is since then I always think twice to serve him anything. Some people always ask me, why u love and worship that guy so much? Well, the answer is easy. Coz he deserves it. After all he is the only guy that used to sacrifice everything. How I know that? Well, he is a nice guy but I think his manly ego really eat him all… I try to be nice but all I get is that cold face. And it still happens not just to me but to everyone who love and worship him…

I really hope one day ALLAH will open his heart and make him see the real us. We never hated u ever in our life… we never call u bad person or whatever coz u r the person I respect, worship n love so much…

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