Saturday, May 21, 2011

how time works???

memula tengok tajuk mesti most ppl will say this girl gonna lecture us something actually bukan la jugak...xde la jugak topik bodoh2 tapi non that too important la... so arini my parents, my sisters (anis n adik izzati) and me went to visit my bro (achik) at his school (MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, Jasin Melaka) and actually it's my first time saye pegi school tu but hundredth times to Melacca (i used to live there), so on our way, everything was fine la coz kami x masuk betul2 bandar lagi juz sampai area Zoo Melaka kat Ayer Keroh je...sampai kt skolah achik, kitorg pun ajak la dia kua bli memula tu okay je tp bila masuk je bandar Ayer Keroh i was shocked (very2) coz it's like i've never been before n things change drastically... my dad says "this is just Ayer Keroh...try Bandar Hilir or area residential area tempat our family used to live...100 dollar says u r totally gonna lost in three second after i left u there"...cheh!! gile confident!!! but seriously, time change everything...masuk sana, macam men Cityville kat FB..planetarium pun ade (ni baru Ayer Keroh ye!!)!!! tapi i guess my dad was right since i am the one with bad sense of direction (if i'm the one who drive la), i am totally gonna lost there and maybe i wont be able to find my way out even from the smallest area there...
it really make me smile how the power of time really change everything...=)

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