Saturday, October 22, 2011

GNO (Girls Night Out):-mentally rest from many becoming things hohoho!!

well i supposedly went study and finished my need-to-be-submit-on-Monday assignment but after send my lalink back to her house (she live at 1B now), my friend AJ, asked me to go n spend a girls night out at KK... at first i was like... hmm...  (a bit hesitate there) but then i thought well this should be fun.. so we went after Maghrib prayer...

but before that, me, my lalink and AJ went to karaoke.. and idk how she feel but i can see AJ was like 0_o?? haha... since both of us (Anis and me) have "Simon will suicide if he find us make album and become the best artiste of the decade" voice... hahaha.. sorry AJ.. that is Anis n my have-to-do things all the time...

the actual idea is we want (actually she want) to watch movie called Al-Hijab (idk is this the right spelling) but then there's only showed at 4.15p.m so, we just went around the shopping mall doing window shopping at CP... owh and Aj showed me one hell of yummy hotdog and i LOVE it sooo much... actually what wereally do is window shopping and then taking pictures... well i should brought my digital camera back then but (how could i??) forgot...

this is "hinava"

then we went to EAT... haha

owh.. kami makan dekat tepi laut and... the things that i like the most there is called "hinava".. it's a local Sabahan food made from raw fish, mango, onions, lime, chillies and maybe some other stuffs that idk but unlike shushi (well some of them is raw right?), this tastes better... well after all i have Malaysian tongue... ^^~

well it's not that i have never done that but somehow i LOVE what we did.. just girls night out (GNO) and no boys include and (this might sound weird) just only two of us (coz so two is a friend three is a crowd maybe?) means we can do what we want (like not all have the same thought) so the less the better.. tho sometimes the more the merrier but i think the idea is just for proper plan not some random on-the-spot plan...

then photography activities... haha...

well THANK YOU VERY MUCH AJ coz show me a lot of new things (tho i live almost 3 years in Sabah)... ^^~

owh btw since my camera phone resolution quite "very good" so most of the pic came from AJ.. thanks AJ!!!

owh.. and fun fact!! i went out WITHOUT ANY MAKE-UP on my face today... hahaha... so my face kinda weird maybe?

that's that... papai!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

coffee anyone??

well all i can say is that am addicted to caffeine n i cannot live with that legal "drug" since ever..

it's not that dont try dairy thingy like chocolate milk but i guess i cant take it like ever... i mean like

"This thing having less oummppphh then coffee people!!"

so coffee anyone?? (^^,)

Monday, October 17, 2011

merapu meraban pt 7... (where is the light???)

well i am about to destroy myself...
reason?? plain and simple... i still cant find my rajin mood
i have like few upcoming mid-term next week, dozens of tutorial and assignment to be submit, i cannot find tthe first line to start my thesis, and bla bla bla....
mood: malas and tensen
tindakan: xde...
hipothesis: makin bertambah kerja, perasaan nak buat makin xde...
further action:...........=_='

Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Lie To Me"

well i'm still pissed...

and i listen to this song over and over but to be honest this song wasnt my typical Breaking Benjamin favorite sound but i guess i can relate...

 this is on of rare songs by them which i love (well rare or easy to found songs i always love all BB's songs rite ^^~)

so i think the lyric says it all and for those who ask me y i pissed n post this lyrics, just read my recent entry... ^^~

here's the song n lyrics... enjoy =)

"Lie To Me"

No named bars dead end stars
Empty roads to nowhere
Unlocked cars life's so far
There's no here to get there
As fast as I run
Could you catch me for once
It's the last time I learn my lesson the hard way

Because you lost
Because I just love to hate you
Because you lost me

Cold and clean perfect dream
I don't ever want them
Hand me down white washed town
Another bully anthem
As fast as I run
Could you catch me for once
It's the last time I learn my lesson the hard way

Because you lost
Because I just love to hate you
Because you lost me

You lost
You lie to me
You lie
You lie to me
You lied
You lie to me

As fast I run
Could you catch me for once
It's the last time I learn my lesson the hard way

Because you lost
Because I just love to hate you
Because you lost me

You lost
Because I just love to hate
Because you lost me

i think i should get back to my thesis now.. papai ^^~

evil angel???

ouch!! okay this is super freakin annoying things ever in the history of annoying people ever existed in the century...  i really hate people who show her/his "angelic" side when her/his "evil mask" is reveal like more times than electron is attracted to proton (sometimes i really should act genius by writing genius words) and yet she/he claim to be the most noble human being ever born!! i mean watdefak? ppl are not blind u know and to show ur "angelic" side while u still doing ur devil work is.. how do i put this... okay!! hypocrite!!! end of story... yes i remember my teacher once said that never look at ppl evilness no matter how big their mistake is coz we are not GOD to judge people's heart.. i agree with that but lately i think i am blinded by her/his evilness even more kindness she/he done to me coz somehow i never forget.. i think i found my dark side after all... i never forget.. yes i forgive that person but somehow i wonder if she/he really should earn that?

well i really hate this person to be honest coz somehow that moron did not attacking just me but my whole loved one... so tell me that is worth silence..?

my biggest mistake after all with this person is i used to think that person is waayyy too nice than my own family and those who ever got my back from the start... i was blindfolded after all but being as one who (ppl say) can control myself n be calm in every situation, i should've know this from the beginning... i mean how stupid i am that time??

but now i see those evilness i hope i dont make the same mistake... coz it not effect me... my pride n my family also at stake...

there.. pride... one of the seven deadly sin which i have in me... but seriously i meant to change it into a good deed somehow... saint within the sinner...that's what Ben wrote.. huhuhu...

gotta stop now... i am supposly in the middle of writing my thesis hut somehow i stopped... actually for brunch (wholemeal bread, peanut butter and strawberry jam n nescafe) and laundry... huhuhu

so that's that for now... papai...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

kepantangan saye!!

baru2 ni kepala saye dihempuk dengan buku tanpa sebab... well maybe orang tu ingat i can take everything as a joke tapi wrong idea coz free2 je anak orang 2 makan penampar jepun.. sorry dear but i got limit too... so ni saye senaraikan beberapa kepantangan saye yang hopefully tolong la no one dengan senang hati je nak buta coz one of my nature i always assume ppl understand me n "sendiri mau ingat la" what they should or shouldnt do to others...

1) jangan main kepala saye atau orang len dengan kasar depan saye!!
 bukan nya ape.. one thing i thing ppl should respect is their thought n those things come from brain n ur brain is stuck inside ur head!! well kalau usap 2 len citer la tapi kalau ketuk (x kira la lembut @ kasar) ngan sengaja kepala orang memang kepantangan saye.. sorry 2 say...

2) amek/guna barang saye x letak tempat asal balik
meja saye masa 1st year tp jarang berkemas
haa... yang ni memang slalu sangat jadi!! well x letak kat tempat asal but in the territory kat mana awak amek or tempat saye pon okay... i still can bear when ppl use my stuff without permission but be responsible la.. BARANG ORANG!! kadang2 dah la letak kat tempat dia plak pastu bila rosak sorang tak ngaku!! panas taw x??!!~

3) guna barang saye, ubah keadaan
contoh terbaik bila orang pinjam handphone saye n nak tengok/godak2.. fine tapi jangan la sesuka je tukar2 ringtone tu.. macam kat rumah.. kalau saye x sedar saye sorang je dengar lagu macam 2, confirm sume x bangun pegi skolah... pinjam boleh.. alter jangan!!!

4) pinjam barang saye, kalau rosak ngaku lah woi!!
yang ni memang saye pantang... kalau saye jumpe tang mana yang rosak tu boleh plak cakap memang macam 2 masa mula2 amek... haiszz... ataupun bila saye membebel pasal barang saye yg rosak 2 wat donno je x pun boleh tanya balik mcm mana boleh rosak!! i dont aspect ppl to apologize but take responsibility la sikit.. n saye bukan jenis makan org n saye jarang suh org ganti barang saye yg rosak but at least mengaku.. susah ke??

5)memperkotak-katik appearance orang len macam awak 2 bagus sangat..
saye paling x suka org judge org len based on appearance!! memang la ppl can speak their opinion but dah memang macam 2 rupa dia nak menyampah buat ape?? pastu kritik pasal the way ppl dressed-up n so on.. let they be themself la... ape masaklah awak???

6) mengutuk family saye
ha.. yang ni lagi bikin panas... WHAT THE HELL?? sila jaga kain sendiri... this one i will not ever tolerat

7) racist
saye 1 Malaysia... n i'm proud with my environment where there's many races around me... please do respect

8) paksa saya belanja ikut kemampuan orang lain
okay.. this always happen... bukan saya x mampu pon just i have my way to spend my bills so... kalau awak nak berbelanja.. go ahead spend ur money... i dont give a damn...
ni je kot dulu... huhuhu

merapu meraban pt 6 (kisah hari ini)

okay this happened kindda like few (more than actually) hours ago... well i should begin where it all started...

i went to my supervisor's office today to get his signature n approval for my applications to write my thesis in english... owh btw a long before that (in eCommunication tutorial class), my classmates asked me if i already start writing my thesis or not and she told me she's always got confuse about to write the intro n literature review and asked me to explain that... i actually have asked my lecturer (not my supervisor) about it and i kindda get a clear view until my friend (she also under the same supervisor as mine) asked me that and i was like... bluuurrrr..

then after the tutorial i went to see my supervisor n we have a little chat (on everything include my lifestyle) and i asked him about the thesis thingy and he said 9our conversation kindda here n there like this):

"saya ingat kamu sudah clear masa kamu cakap dengan saya hari tu...  boleh lupa balik?"
"bukan lupa tapi saya pun tetiba blur sama nih.."
"bukan kamu cakap hari tu kamu dah faham mcm mana nak buat ke? siap tanya banyak lecturer lagi haha!!"
"loorr... mula2 saya mmng la paham tp bila Carrine tanya saya blur... bolehke camtu? haha"
"maknanya masalah kamu ni jangan orang tanya lah ye?"
"=_=' maybe la kot dr.. huhu"
"mcm mana nak jawab exam klu mcm tu?"
"sebab tu la dr patutnya x payah tanya soklan... tulis no matrik je la dah cukup... huhuhu"
"kalau kamu lupa no matrik kamu? haha!!"
"(=_='')" ~saya mengaku kalah... klu ilmu x penuh di dada jangan nak melawan lecturer (professor madya plak tu... huhuhu)

so after that he start helping (guiding me should be more correct word) me (more than i asked) about the thesis... thank you so much dr!! u really the best!! ^^~

citer panjang2 ni kindda remind me of my dad alot...
the guy who i admire the most in my life... he once said this

"there's many kind of people in this world...

  • the one who claimed he knows everything and have answer to everything
  • the one who claimed that he dont know anything and keep looking for answer
  • the one who claimed he know eveything and have many answer
  • the one who claimed he know nothing but have many answer
  • the one who claimed he knows best about something but never good at it
  • the one who claimed he is no good for something but know best about it
and more... all u have to do is decide who u wanna be"

okay speaking about my supervisor, he is one of the brilliant but humble down to earth man i know... he never cut u when u talk.. he listen and comment, he will make himself clear about the question before answering them and he dont shoot u straight... sarcasm fit better to him (and me) so when my friend asked me why i choose him as my supervisor.. the answer is simple... he is like a dad... and caring accordin to my seniors... ^^~
i'd take any days sitting and talking smart nonsense thing to him and tho sometimes he will go "okay i dont get u" he never goes "cuba cakap macam orang terpelajar"... huhuhu but funny tho he is so brilliant he always gonna asked u ur opinion on a lot of things tho he know alot of things..

i think i really wanna give review on Supernatural season 7 episode 2(on episode 3 n waiting for season 4 now) but hmm... can  i just say "those are great..."? huhuhu... okay maybe next week i'd do that...


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

when i was young thought... reminiscence old memories ^^~

i have this books where i put all my "creative" thingy in there and
when i opened the book just for reminiscence and 
(gosh this is super embarrassing) my face turned all red.... hahaha!!!

my so called "my
masterpiece thought"
when i was like 12, i still remember i've gone "gila bola" girl n i still remember, that was World Cup 2002 in Korea n Japan... one of the boys came to me and asked me what is my fav team n idk y but i said England (even i dont even know anything about the football team there or if they even join that WC '02) but when he said what who's ur fav player i said i dont have specific but one of the lucky break happened coz my bus arrived n i know he will continue the conversation to the next morning and (another lucky break) that was a second round where England vs Denmark (England won 3-1 huhhuu!!) so i have to watch it and at least find myself a fev player (without mistaken they playing for who) and have a bragging rights (this is really gonna make me look bad HAHA!!) 
few of my "masterpieces"
so while i was looking for a good-looking (well i'm a girl after all so what other criteria that i'm looking for??) player, and of course at least score a goal, then i had my eye on Michael Owen!! (hahhaha!!!) well i could've gone for David Beckham but he have too many girl fans and one of them is my friends and after all that guy is married n Owen is not (that time) so least heartbroken (HAHAHA!!)
and after that i became obsessed with football n this Owen is my fav footballer (and a crush too that time~~ =_=') is last until i finished high school... and the books have like few (okay too much) Owen's sticker and when i looked at that before i told my mum that one day i'll be in UK taking politics science and history n every week i'll be at Anfield watching EPL live... haha... i'm quite a dreamer....
the Michael Owen stickers
(actually there's plenty more~~
then later on (like few years after my obsessed on Owen is quite fading- coz i never throw the book) i looked back and laugh... this is so stupid... he is now married and have three children... after all he is 10 years 5 days older then me....

okay credit to my dad who gave me the book when i was 16 as he whatever u like with it and credit to angah n her friend- Siti who gave me the uncollected sticker for my birthday...

who know i'd laugh when
i watch Supernatural
five years from now?
then it strike me something since i have a crush on there guys (who else LOL),-Ben Burnley, Dean Winchester and Black Jack (okay actually just one coz the other two is just fictional)...
five years from now maybe i will be laughing when i watched Supernatural, or watching Black Jack anime or listening to Breaking Benjamin's songs... hahah!!! reminiscence old memories (not yet)

since they cant come here
i'll go there LOL
but when i watched Supernatural (when i was in matriculation) i told my mum that someday i'd go to US learn about their architectural building and understand about world culture and history (include legends and folklore) and go to Breaking Benjamin concert everytime they're having a tour...hohoho!!!! (still  dreaming big )

but somehow i told myself i just wanna live while i'm alive (okay it's Bon Jovi's song...haha) as Kak Anne (my x-rumates masa MSM) said u only young once so just have fun with ur age... so what??? hahah!!

that's that... adios!!! papai!! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

angry meee....

okay i think i should talk about this... i dont even give a rat ass if someone says it is not my goddamn business but hey.. i am a human being n i have my own thought and here is my  thought

"WELCOME TO ZAMAN JAHILIAH!! where (before) anak perempuan ditanam hidup-hidup but we make quite an "improvement" now ladies n gentleman... just kill the baby... dont really have to care weather the baby is boy or girl... it just baby for crying out loud people!!"

n owh... disable people are actually cursed? i mean?? u actually from what time? did u found any time portal to come here to show ur so called "civilization"?

i am so pissed to read about this... abortion is one of the things that i hate the most... i used to learn about one of the dosa besar is killing or taking other's life... n i think it is a sin in every religion or beliefs around the globe... unless u from Planet Zulcan that believe the more u kill the closer u get to heaven...

i always have this question about people taking other people's life... i mean if u have some acceptable reason then i might say i'd loose my thought a bit but we're talking about BABIES here!! the baby to me is a symbol of purity, they're so pure with no sin coz they cant even talk or walk or understand u in most time so how can u say it is a sin?? adults made their own sin... the result is the baby n bcoz of that, the baby should pay... WTF???

y dun the adult accept that they made the sin, but thinking the baby is their "gift" to turn everything around n make things right? y they have to "memberatkan catatan sebelah kiri?"

yesterday i read about how ppl (i mean nowadays) still thinking about disable people actually a curse n a burden...  n sorry but I WILL NEVER EVER AGREE WITH THAT!! y? simple... put urself in their shoes n try to live a life.. can u do it? to me these people are a survivor...

yesterday i also read about some people found a bag in a well contains a newborn baby's corpse and if i were there n met the moron i'm sure will throw that moron into the well too... yea but i'm not one of those who punished people without no trial or anything but sure that moron (n i will continue to say that) is a total moron of all the morons in the world!!

and another moron (this one i should put the F-word i guess) is a super dumb bitch (quite offensive i know but idc!!) that really make me wanna commit a crime on her when i read the newspaper 2day coz after gave birth to her newborn baby, she throw that innocent baby out of the window on the 2nd floor condominium into the drain... i mean my offensive words can never match her act so please dont be bother about my words...

i hate violence on children, women, disable person, unborn babies, old people...

well so that's that... what really pissed me off 2day...

i'm young at heart.. what can i say??? (edisi nak RIAK jap huhu)

alkesahnye 2 ari lpas my course-mate asked me to take a photo of my notes that i wrote in class n send the photo to her coz she couldnt attend the class for some reason and so i did what she asked me and guess what? she said (sorta)
my in HURRY handwriting...
"tulisan atul senang nak baca la... kemas... senang nak paham"
n i was like "huh?"

coz actually that was VERY in hurry handwriting so i'd expect that she couldnt read my notes plus my camera phone only 2.0 MP ....

and then when i brought it up to my lalink she said i have the most "easy-to-read" handwriting in the world and i mean "WHATTT??!!"

so talk about that to my "hubby" and he told me handwriting also reflect a person personality and easy-to-read might means i am predictable.... hmmm... am i??

my handwriting for my assignment...
well i have to admit my handwriting is kindda like 10 years old kid but heyy!! give me some credits here!! my lecturers or teachers wont get "eye problem" because of my handwriting... hahaha!! so after that i went to see my previous (i mean centuries old) notes n gosh... that is one so easy to read handwriting!!! hahaha!!

well sometimes i would take that as a compliment especially when ppl start saying how tidy my handwriting but when my "hubby" said i am so predictable that is like... oh yea?? really??

well i guess i was never born to be a doctor coz well u know what ppl says about doctor's handwriting... n i guess that is y i never wanna be a doctor... i never recall to say to anyone that "when i grow up i wanna be a doctor"... huhuu...

well i should get back to Supernatural review later but need to off to bed coz my class start at 8am tmorrow...^^~

that's that peeps!! ^^~
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