Saturday, October 22, 2011

GNO (Girls Night Out):-mentally rest from many becoming things hohoho!!

well i supposedly went study and finished my need-to-be-submit-on-Monday assignment but after send my lalink back to her house (she live at 1B now), my friend AJ, asked me to go n spend a girls night out at KK... at first i was like... hmm...  (a bit hesitate there) but then i thought well this should be fun.. so we went after Maghrib prayer...

but before that, me, my lalink and AJ went to karaoke.. and idk how she feel but i can see AJ was like 0_o?? haha... since both of us (Anis and me) have "Simon will suicide if he find us make album and become the best artiste of the decade" voice... hahaha.. sorry AJ.. that is Anis n my have-to-do things all the time...

the actual idea is we want (actually she want) to watch movie called Al-Hijab (idk is this the right spelling) but then there's only showed at 4.15p.m so, we just went around the shopping mall doing window shopping at CP... owh and Aj showed me one hell of yummy hotdog and i LOVE it sooo much... actually what wereally do is window shopping and then taking pictures... well i should brought my digital camera back then but (how could i??) forgot...

this is "hinava"

then we went to EAT... haha

owh.. kami makan dekat tepi laut and... the things that i like the most there is called "hinava".. it's a local Sabahan food made from raw fish, mango, onions, lime, chillies and maybe some other stuffs that idk but unlike shushi (well some of them is raw right?), this tastes better... well after all i have Malaysian tongue... ^^~

well it's not that i have never done that but somehow i LOVE what we did.. just girls night out (GNO) and no boys include and (this might sound weird) just only two of us (coz so two is a friend three is a crowd maybe?) means we can do what we want (like not all have the same thought) so the less the better.. tho sometimes the more the merrier but i think the idea is just for proper plan not some random on-the-spot plan...

then photography activities... haha...

well THANK YOU VERY MUCH AJ coz show me a lot of new things (tho i live almost 3 years in Sabah)... ^^~

owh btw since my camera phone resolution quite "very good" so most of the pic came from AJ.. thanks AJ!!!

owh.. and fun fact!! i went out WITHOUT ANY MAKE-UP on my face today... hahaha... so my face kinda weird maybe?

that's that... papai!!!


  1. kau masih igt dialog nie?

    abg pelayan: maap,sy mau ambik sudu nie.

    Aku: eh,nape nk ambik sudu kami?kami teda sudu nanti nie.

    abg pelayan: (kau masih igt?

    aku: .................................


  2. orang cantik kena makan pakai tangan!!! huhuuuu


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