Wednesday, October 12, 2011

merapu meraban pt 6 (kisah hari ini)

okay this happened kindda like few (more than actually) hours ago... well i should begin where it all started...

i went to my supervisor's office today to get his signature n approval for my applications to write my thesis in english... owh btw a long before that (in eCommunication tutorial class), my classmates asked me if i already start writing my thesis or not and she told me she's always got confuse about to write the intro n literature review and asked me to explain that... i actually have asked my lecturer (not my supervisor) about it and i kindda get a clear view until my friend (she also under the same supervisor as mine) asked me that and i was like... bluuurrrr..

then after the tutorial i went to see my supervisor n we have a little chat (on everything include my lifestyle) and i asked him about the thesis thingy and he said 9our conversation kindda here n there like this):

"saya ingat kamu sudah clear masa kamu cakap dengan saya hari tu...  boleh lupa balik?"
"bukan lupa tapi saya pun tetiba blur sama nih.."
"bukan kamu cakap hari tu kamu dah faham mcm mana nak buat ke? siap tanya banyak lecturer lagi haha!!"
"loorr... mula2 saya mmng la paham tp bila Carrine tanya saya blur... bolehke camtu? haha"
"maknanya masalah kamu ni jangan orang tanya lah ye?"
"=_=' maybe la kot dr.. huhu"
"mcm mana nak jawab exam klu mcm tu?"
"sebab tu la dr patutnya x payah tanya soklan... tulis no matrik je la dah cukup... huhuhu"
"kalau kamu lupa no matrik kamu? haha!!"
"(=_='')" ~saya mengaku kalah... klu ilmu x penuh di dada jangan nak melawan lecturer (professor madya plak tu... huhuhu)

so after that he start helping (guiding me should be more correct word) me (more than i asked) about the thesis... thank you so much dr!! u really the best!! ^^~

citer panjang2 ni kindda remind me of my dad alot...
the guy who i admire the most in my life... he once said this

"there's many kind of people in this world...

  • the one who claimed he knows everything and have answer to everything
  • the one who claimed that he dont know anything and keep looking for answer
  • the one who claimed he know eveything and have many answer
  • the one who claimed he know nothing but have many answer
  • the one who claimed he knows best about something but never good at it
  • the one who claimed he is no good for something but know best about it
and more... all u have to do is decide who u wanna be"

okay speaking about my supervisor, he is one of the brilliant but humble down to earth man i know... he never cut u when u talk.. he listen and comment, he will make himself clear about the question before answering them and he dont shoot u straight... sarcasm fit better to him (and me) so when my friend asked me why i choose him as my supervisor.. the answer is simple... he is like a dad... and caring accordin to my seniors... ^^~
i'd take any days sitting and talking smart nonsense thing to him and tho sometimes he will go "okay i dont get u" he never goes "cuba cakap macam orang terpelajar"... huhuhu but funny tho he is so brilliant he always gonna asked u ur opinion on a lot of things tho he know alot of things..

i think i really wanna give review on Supernatural season 7 episode 2(on episode 3 n waiting for season 4 now) but hmm... can  i just say "those are great..."? huhuhu... okay maybe next week i'd do that...


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