Wednesday, October 5, 2011

when i was young thought... reminiscence old memories ^^~

i have this books where i put all my "creative" thingy in there and
when i opened the book just for reminiscence and 
(gosh this is super embarrassing) my face turned all red.... hahaha!!!

my so called "my
masterpiece thought"
when i was like 12, i still remember i've gone "gila bola" girl n i still remember, that was World Cup 2002 in Korea n Japan... one of the boys came to me and asked me what is my fav team n idk y but i said England (even i dont even know anything about the football team there or if they even join that WC '02) but when he said what who's ur fav player i said i dont have specific but one of the lucky break happened coz my bus arrived n i know he will continue the conversation to the next morning and (another lucky break) that was a second round where England vs Denmark (England won 3-1 huhhuu!!) so i have to watch it and at least find myself a fev player (without mistaken they playing for who) and have a bragging rights (this is really gonna make me look bad HAHA!!) 
few of my "masterpieces"
so while i was looking for a good-looking (well i'm a girl after all so what other criteria that i'm looking for??) player, and of course at least score a goal, then i had my eye on Michael Owen!! (hahhaha!!!) well i could've gone for David Beckham but he have too many girl fans and one of them is my friends and after all that guy is married n Owen is not (that time) so least heartbroken (HAHAHA!!)
and after that i became obsessed with football n this Owen is my fav footballer (and a crush too that time~~ =_=') is last until i finished high school... and the books have like few (okay too much) Owen's sticker and when i looked at that before i told my mum that one day i'll be in UK taking politics science and history n every week i'll be at Anfield watching EPL live... haha... i'm quite a dreamer....
the Michael Owen stickers
(actually there's plenty more~~
then later on (like few years after my obsessed on Owen is quite fading- coz i never throw the book) i looked back and laugh... this is so stupid... he is now married and have three children... after all he is 10 years 5 days older then me....

okay credit to my dad who gave me the book when i was 16 as he whatever u like with it and credit to angah n her friend- Siti who gave me the uncollected sticker for my birthday...

who know i'd laugh when
i watch Supernatural
five years from now?
then it strike me something since i have a crush on there guys (who else LOL),-Ben Burnley, Dean Winchester and Black Jack (okay actually just one coz the other two is just fictional)...
five years from now maybe i will be laughing when i watched Supernatural, or watching Black Jack anime or listening to Breaking Benjamin's songs... hahah!!! reminiscence old memories (not yet)

since they cant come here
i'll go there LOL
but when i watched Supernatural (when i was in matriculation) i told my mum that someday i'd go to US learn about their architectural building and understand about world culture and history (include legends and folklore) and go to Breaking Benjamin concert everytime they're having a tour...hohoho!!!! (still  dreaming big )

but somehow i told myself i just wanna live while i'm alive (okay it's Bon Jovi's song...haha) as Kak Anne (my x-rumates masa MSM) said u only young once so just have fun with ur age... so what??? hahah!!

that's that... adios!!! papai!! 

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