Thursday, June 9, 2011

i love all Breaking Benjamin's song but... (i'm pissed a little i guess)

seems like forever i didnt update my blog here... (net problem!!) but since now everything kindda ok a bit, i guess i should talk something... actually there's a lot of thing but one problem a time ya? ^^~

hmm... okay, i'm gonna start with my fav band in the universe, Breaking Benjamin... never got any problem with their musics EVER! but now someone with happy face remake their song (yeah they still keep the original Ben's vocal and so)...did i say remake? i guess the correct term is remake-mix coz they didnt exactly recreate the song but they insert some other female vocalist voice inside the song to re-sing few part...and gotta say, never like it!! COME ON!! i know some ppl say time for change here Crystal! but i like the original one... the new one ruin everything!! and funny thing? the original one, if i never heard of Breaking Benjamin, i will never heard Blow Me Away but with some remake-mix nonsense with some female rock chick vocalist added, the song played on the radio.. i mean WTF? let alone Ben's vocal there, no need any unreachable tone voice chick to get involve!

i heard some song which Ben feature in some like Brand New Day (The Drama Club) and Ben also sing along in  Take Me Under (3 Days Grace) and few others (which i dont remember exactly) and since their voice/vocal get to where Ben's tone or the songs exactly fit right to both vocalist, it never sound awkward. Hey, i'm not against Ben singing with any female vocalist ya before anyone get me wrong even i have a huge crush on Benjamin Burnley but i have the problem with the remake-mix... no doubt that the female vocalist (i dunno her name) is powerful but sweety, find the right song la...not just picking this video game theme songs which i guess most gamer in the world know... i dont say it is a humiliation but i say it ruin a nice (powerful) song...BTW, who disagree with me i hope dont take this personally coz it just my thought coz hey, i'm really a die hard fan and i really hope Breaking Benjamin will start writing new song... i'm dying here!! ^^~~

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