Saturday, June 25, 2011

it suppose to be sumthing else but now it's call people i admire the most ^^

1st of all, i have no intention to blame anyone o anything with what happen to me lately...i mean this is the best i deserve coz i gave this much previous... i never checked anyone coz as far as i know i might never like what i see n i will start blaming anyone or anything...even i might point my finger to Dean and Sam 4 what had happened... i'm not saying i'm totally ignore everyone but here's the thing, i will never get involve with something that never meant to do with me EVER!! i'm totally gonna go Black Jack with this...he's my new hero... do his own thing in his own way and succeed...okay some ppl might say "kill that animated doctor already!!" but i will never...coz his the reason i start to feel comfort with what i'm about to do and decided to never give up no matter what...just like Black Jack did..he never gave up on his patient even his chance to succeed is slightly there...he made his own destiny.. i wanna be him... he never gave up and help ppl to bring their life back...he's a genius.. no contest there..if he really exist...he'll be in my fav person alive list alongside My dad, My Mum, Dean Winchester (he's not dead yet right??) Benjamin Burnley, Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks...
okay..i know this goes way south from what i really want to say here but somehow it feels right... i really wish i have their strength and determination in very which way...

Okay..i decided let's continue to roll to the south... i mean..this is my blog right?? n i'm the only friggin author here so WTH!!! fasten ur seat belt everybody...we're heading to different destination (i could've just wrote a new entry or re-write this but i love what i wrote at the first place) HAHAHA!!! i'm gonna talk about ever still alive idol of mine!!

this guy is one of the person i admire the most.. i look at him as a hero every minute even we have major disagreement like forever in my whole life as much as i can remember.. we never agree with fact i try to goes against whatever his will coz as much as i told myself we r a totally different, we both know we are very much alike... i totally understand him coz maybe it's a nature for every 1st born in a dad is a first born in his family and so am i... but what make me admire him the most is how he respect his family and his "i''m-the-head-of-the-family" material...and how he try to remain calm in every situation before he made any decision...^^~

another hero in my life... she is like everything to me...she is a good listener too... but i guess it's my nature that,i never tell anyone my feeling about anything (i mean i never go deeper) but even she can sense that, she'll never force me to tell her..she gave me time and trust me in every decision i want to make...she'll gave her opinion for sure but never kept me in  the plastic bubble like other parents did... i admire her the most for her understanding and passion in taking care of her family... and did i mention she is the best cooks in the wold? ^^~

Dr Black Jack (Hazama Kuroo)
this is my newest hero and he is actually an anime character... he is a genius unlicensed surgeon and some ppl might say this dude is greedy, cold but cool, he is awfully always stay calm in every situation, he always know what to do. he never even bother what others will say coz he believe in himself, he is so kind even he always show his i-dont-care face to little Pinoko (she is 18 but her appearance look like she is still 5) and he never gave up on anything or anyone. he has a very unique way to know how ppl never gave up on their love one by asking crazy amount of medical fees but if some ppl dun understand him they will say he is so cold-hearted  greedy doctor. well he almost die when he was a little coz of an accident which killed his mom and while other doctors gave up on him, his teacher (in meds school) never gave up on him and he decided to become a doctor to help others...he work hard to get back his life and i will say he is so humble coz even his "salary" is like millions of dollars per operation, he still live in a simple house by a cliff with little Pinoko and their "once-a-thief-psychic" dog, Largo....well i dunno why i cant make this dude my idol... well he might be a cartoon character but he got soul in him and somehow i admire it ^^~

Dean Winchester
i  talk about this dude like forever in my blog (mostly about how his show) and he is another character in a show (duhh...Supernatural TV series!!) and he is one of my idol and it had nothing to do with how charming he is!! hahaha!! he is charming but i like the character so much, he is funny, not as calm as his brother but he is so protective...he sure love his family more than anything and he hold on to his responsibility too much that somehow he seem reliable in every single situation... another thing that make Dean is my hero is on how much he never gave up on helping other even he cost him no good except pain, suffer and girls (in addition if he get lucky...LOL) but he will go on until he succeed and that determination make him the hero most ^^~

Benjamin Burnley
this is another guy that i admire the most after i move on from Mr Ackles who Married to Dannel Harris  LOL!! well he is my fav singer and like everyone know (i also talk much about him) Ben is a doing vocal/rhythm in the band called Breaking Benjamin... reason he is my ultimate hero?? simple...he is a rockstar!! haha!! not that easy la... Ben is well known 4 his phobia to how do i put this? EVERYTHING!! especially flying which BTW really breaks my heart coz if he dont have that he might be my mom's son-in-law LOL!! coz he might come to a lot of country n put one hell of the show ever on Earth...hahaha... he is my hero 4 a reason ya know? well like i say he have phobia to almost everything but instead saying "there's no way in hell i'm gonna be afraid of that thing", he go like "i'm scare to that thing" or in simple word, he is honest... that strike me as one hell of a brave man on earth...^^~

Oprah Winfrey
this woman is like how do i put this? famous in her own way making her hero for every other woman...she is brave enough to stand for the right and she is one of the powerful (please read it right ya...u know what i mean) woman on earth and she dont have to be like size 0 to be on the top of the world... she crave her own success in her own way and somehow she inspire many woman include me ^^~

Tyra Banks
i love Tyra!! that is the truth...btw it suppose not to make me lesbian okay??? well she is beautiful but instead making other ppl feel like "nah... no way i'm gonna stand next to her coz others will compare us" she like "hey you, sit next to me...u beautiful" coz she somehow can see ppl inner beauty more than others and she is not judgmental person...she is super funny and yeah... she got one hell of things i learn from her and somehow i really should give one big fat thank you Tyra to is CONFIDENT!! yes she thought me that...^^~

Lady Gaga
before anyone say anything... i'm not crazy about her weird looks or anything but i adore her to be who she is and not afraid to the world... well she is one hell of talented musician too but her outfits?? okay we can skip her "creativity" there... all i can say is that she do what she gotta do to put herself to the top and i like it...^^~

~~~ there, kindda every living idol i have...okay i know like what about politician or whoever smart... well yes i do adore some politic thinker but here's the thing... this is my blog and i'm freakin me anyway so if u dont like it, get the hell outta here!! LOL (that was rude) but ya know i have reason to like them not just because they rich and famous or have looks but to me they one of the best (that still alive) see ya nxt time ya!!~~

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