Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time-Traveled Dude... LOL i just love Dean ^^~

i just watched Supernatural S08E12: As Time Goes By, which btw i think is so SUPER-AWESOME!!

well i dont want to be some spoiler alert giver but i must say one of my favorite aspects in Supernatural is time travel. i mean i see the Winchesters (mostly Dean) travel through times, future and past but it's one of best part of this episode is that i get to know the oter Winchester.

((to play logic now i know where young John Winchester got his good looks n how he passed that look to present Dean =P)) huhuuuuu

okay, 1st time we see time travel in Supenatural is when Cass zapped Dean back to pass where he wasnt even born in season 4 n unlike season 4 or 5 or 6 or 7... this season doesnt involve Dean or Sam to any past or future.. it's another Winchester... guess what? their grandfather! i thought the Winchester that i will see is John and Adam and of course the brothers since unlike their mother side who actually a born as hunter, the Winchester is the regular American that fill the i-dont-believe-in-supernatural population... but well did i mention the writer is waaayyy too creative (in the way i like tho)? Henry Winchester is not a hunter but he is in a (good side? idk) society (maybe secret) that also related to supernatural thingy... he time traveled from 1950(-ish?) and landed in Dean n Sam's motel closet in 2013.... the rest goes.... (nah... i wont tell, dont want to ruin the fun ^^~)

but i really have questions tho which maybe be answer later... =_=

and who knew the funny-sarcastic thingy that Dean had in him actually run in the family ^^~ LOL

"2013? My God. I guess Mayans were wrong..."
-Henry Winchester

fun fact: i always re-watch the Supernatural season finale after i watch it but the most watched episodes always be when the time traveled thingy happen in Supernatural

The list of episodes based on time-travel on Supernatural (up until S08E12):
# S04E03: In The Begining
# S05E04: The End
# S05E13: The Song Remain The Same
# S06E18: Frontierland
# S07E12: Time After Time
(maybe there's other that i missed)

the essence of this post is actually how much i love when i got to meet the other brother's family ^^~

nice rite?

btw the pic source is from BuddyTV

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

annoying (but i want to congrats Angah too) moment - feels like i want to drop F bombs everywhere :P

well things are started to get messy these days, first n foremost, ppl love to ask me when will i get married since i already get what i wanted (wearing topi kotak duhh!!) n angah already engaged to her boyfriend...

well truth to be told, since angah is about to get married, she kindda become the center of everything (i mean the adult stuffs - please dont read this in x-rated way btw) n since i am the oldest child in my family, getting left 1 step behind really an awkward moment. not that i'm jealous with her but idk, it probably the eldest thing - being left as unimportant is sucks!

i mean, i love my sometimes-i-live-in Peter Pan-world but it getting on my nerve lately on how ppl compare me with my sister n cousins who somehow sooner-or-later will follow angah's footstep on introducing their so-i-hope-with-my-finger-crossed soul mate. some are two years older than me n some are 5 years younger... i mean i just 23 for crying out loud! my parents dont say anything but when it come to society n "families", i kindda manusia x laku... just because i dont get home at 3 am every morning with any guys n continue "bertenggek" depan rumah doesnt mean i dont have social life

yeah, i dont socialize much like any teenagers but i never feel the need to do that, to me the right guy will come at the right time...

there's one incident where me n some ppl talking about how many guys she meet everyday n she kindda interviewed them n then one of the ppl said to her

"kenalkan la untuk along!"

and she kindda look at me ups n downs in (maybe i'm wrong but i could've sworn the way she looked at me) disgusted then she change the topic

i mean, yeah i'm no Miss World n when i said i'm waiting for Ben Burnley it just mean i'm kidding?

fine i wasnt perfect n tho they make a joke on my social life saying i might die alone it still hurts coz i have feelings too! i'm not Cass, i'm human okay!

as i said before i just 23, some ppl getting married at 50 so what's the big deal? i got family to be taken care of! Adik Izzati to be taken care of!

i might be single but i'm not desperate, so back off!

that's that

no need to get nasty dropping the F bombs everywhere...

so btw congrats Angah n her fiance, may both of u live happily ever after


Saturday, January 26, 2013

meeting long lost friend

well before everything, lemme clean this blog that full with spider's webs...





okay.... hope that's ok ^^~ hehehe

well actually i dont feel like writing much so lemme just show a pic n tell a lil this n that bout the pic

that's me n my ex-roomate, Kinah... nice optometrist (betul ke term ni Kinah?) to-be. Well story goes bila saye kena attend job interview like early in the morning with no preparation coz i really dunno i have a job interview until 2 hour before the interview *nice huh?*

so i just grab whatever look formal attire to me, my certificates n resume (n hoping i got the copy of them somewhere in the file) makeup in my handbag, n ready to go (by bus coz KL traffic is always a nightmare to me -no wonder i hate KL).. i put on my makeup in the bus n ran to Menara TM but the thing is idk anything or what position i'll be interview later on... all i know is i have to be there before 9 am

then this is when viva-moment-with-no-preparation came... just go with the flow... do or die... yada yada whatever

so waiting for my name to be called, i text my friend Kinah n lalink Anis (she didnt reply or pick up the phone until i'm in the komuter back to Seremban) n ask Kinah if she want to meet coz i didnt see her for almost 2 years n she said ok n we agreed to meet at Mid Valley Megamall

then after that, we went window shopping, makan2 (u know what happen when (very) long lost friend sit for lunch), jalan2, n then it's time to say goodbye again

to Kinah, thanks for meeting me, memang rindu Kinah sangat2 n hopefully next time Aisyah, Nisa n Izzati boleh join sekali ^^~

friendship forever ^^~

okay that's that, papai
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