Wednesday, July 6, 2011

mY tOP 5 BreAKinG beNJamIN soNGs (kindda hard to choose honestly)

it's Breaking Benjamin Day today !!! hahaha actually everyday is Breaking Benjamin Day coz never a day passed by without at least few songs from my fav ever band!! okay actually i just heard about new album will coming out in August and i was like YEAAAAA!!! and jumping and screaming and i even treat my brother and his friends ice cream LOL!!

okay this entry is dedicated to my fav band for making me HHHAAAAPPPPYYY today haha!! but no way i can review all their songs so  i'm gonna pick my top 5 even to be honest every song is a tie LOL!! but i always gonna give 10 stars out of 9 so instead some critics, i'm gonna tell everyone why the songs on my top list and from which album ^^~

1. Breath (from Phobia)
okay, this is the song like my forever ringtone and my alarm n okay long story short, I LOVE THIS SONG so much.. enough said! okay it's not BB first song i've heard but actually the second one and unlike the 1st song i heard from them, i fell for this song for the second time i heard them... but seriously, the lyrics is sharp and whoever this song dedicated to, i think can really feel the cut (unless orang tu x paham la)...
this song is about a guy who fall for a girl but the girl does not share the same feeling as him and somehow at the end the guy like "okay that's that, i dont care anymore" which actually causing him to hate himself to a certain degree for having tried too hard with her while he doesnt get the same degree of passion in return but at certain time we know he still love the girl..
my fav part in this song is of course at the chorus part and before that which it goes like this

"so sacrifice yourself and let me have what's left,
i know that i can find the fire in your eyes,
i'm going all the way get away please,
you take the breath right out of me,<------------the chorus start from here
you left the hole where my heart should be,
you got to fight just to make it through,
'cause i will be the death of you"

and i know not just me put this song on top of the list coz this song used to be #1 single in the chart... ^^~

2. I Will Not Bow (from Dear Agony)
this is one of the amazing song ever written and played in the history of the awesomeness (yeah) and this song is the soundtrack for a movie called "Surrogates" stars Bruce Willis.. i never watch the movie coz as much as a gamer Ben Burnley is, i never like that kind of movie genre...
this song is kindda new version of Eye of The Tiger but in more like a dark version and i LOVE it A LOT!!
it's pretty much about never give up (the title said it all) like no matter what come in ur way, never run away and face it.. and to start something that show everyone what u capable of and that will prove them u can make it to the top (hell YEAH!!)

"I will not bow, I  will not break,
I will shut the world away,
I will not fall, I will not fade,
I will take your breath away"

^^~ did i mention i rate this song?? i gave 10 stars out of 5 ^^~

3. The Diary Of Jane (Phobia)
okay, no way u'll remember Breaking Benjamin if i never mention this song... hell this is the first song ever i heard from the band... and i completely like this is awesome!!!
funny story actually how i started to like this song, i was 15 i guess and i have a fever and all i did was lay on my bed with a small radio near my ear and suddenly the station play this song... i wasnt paying attention much to any songs played in the radio that time but when i first heard that i was like nodding my head and humming like i know the song without knowing what is the song is or who sang it and after my fever gets better, i almost forgot the song but i kept humming the rhyme..hahaha
and one day i watch Hitz.TV and saw the music video and goes like "this is the song!!" and my bro goes like "what with the song??" and i go "this wicked song kept playing in m head over and over" and from that moment i fell in love with Breaking Benjamin (maybe long before that LOL)
this song is about a guy who love a girl but the girl is depressed and lost. at the end the girl died n the guy found his diary and tries to figure what happen and the guy even consider to kill himself for the girl ("if i had to, i would put myself right beside you") and when he couldnt find any reason, he burn the diary ("as i burn the other page") and try to forget about it ("as i look the other way") but no way he can forget that ("i still trying  to find my place") as it gonna eat him forever.... awww...

4.  So Cold (We Are Not Alone)
to be honest this song seem like having multiple meaning coz actually it's a combination of two original BB unpublished songs ( i've heard both) called "Always" and "Inertia" but overall i think it's about people close to u dies ("crowded streets are cleared away one by one") and there're no closure... and the hero (the writer - Ben Burnley) looked up is the person who died ("hollow heroes separate as they run") and i think the entire song is about crying for another chance to make things right coz it never worked before his hero died.. and long way to go coz as i said it has multiple meaning for the lyrics even for it's MV. i love how they play with a lot of feeling in the MV and i think the MV is one of the most well made MV (i said one most okay ---> meaning there's other but i love the MV)

5. Dear Agony (Dear Agony)
mostly i can say this song is about being in love with your pain coz that's what make u who u are. it's about some inner-depression, physical, whatever  that have been apart of you for a very long time and it's kindda like u really want the darkness to go but u cant let it go coz it is apart of u (""cause i can feel you crawl beneath my skin") and i think the whole song is about the whole story of it... somehow it's too abstract yet too clear but i like it very much and idk why i think this song really talk to me in non suicide way. at first impression i would say it's about the pain losing someone close to u and u feel helpless ("i have nothing left to give, i have found the perfect end") and how traumatize he is because of the incident ("take the time to take my breath, i will end where i begin") but as i said before, this song is too abstract yet too clear, people can make their own interpretation. i love the song, i love the lyric and i love the music. Enough said!! it's deserve to be on my top 5 ^^~

that's that.. see ya next time n did i mention i'm looking forward to listen to BB new album?? hahaha i knowww... littlee tooo many freakin time LOL...ppapaii!! ^^~


  1. kami suke lagu Give Me A Sign~! hohoh

  2. WAHHH!! AIN DENGAR BREAKING BENJAMIN!!! chantekk!!! hohoho!!

  3. seyes sedap vokal dye nye vokalis...
    hahah, ape kami ckp ni? cakap cm keling~

  4. pakwe saye tu lead singer dia!!! HAHAHAH!!!~~


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