Wednesday, July 13, 2011

let me be myself k????

okay tgh2 sibok carik idea tadi tetiba je Mr Lappy ni wat hal!! adoi BABY!! umo x sampai setaun lagi ni yunk.. jangan la ngade-ngade!!!

okay saye x nak citer pasal "kasih sayang" antara manusia n Mr Lappy saye ni but it's about something yang i think quite interesting jugak... well before anything let me tell anyone that i never go out to any boutique to buy any branded outfit... reason?? first, kurang saiz n second didnt feel like buying...

imma bit shopaholic la jugak coz somehow kalu time kaye, i'll be at 1B... shopping tu x la jugak... window shopping perhaps the right term even i do buy a thing or two... and this habit start from the time i study at KMPk lagi... coz saye memang mudah bosan terkurung so credit to my Kak Long (Ain) yang jadi peneman setia time saye nak klua pergi Jusco n Tesco kat Ipoh and credit to Auntie Kanaga (conductor bus masa kat KMPk) yang memahami sifat student yang mudah tensen and slalu allow ladies first to get on the bus each time bus sampai...huhuh!!!
this is my lalink Anis kat 1B
me n kinah (my roomate) kat Jusco Ipoh
p/s: credit to Ain tukang amik gambo (^_^)

okay saye bukan nak citer pasal konduktor bus atau kak long saye ye... hahaha!!!

it's about branded thing... so let me apologize 1st coz i dunno how to speak Prada coz paling branded pon saye masuk Kamdar aje !!

well okay saye mamang suka tengok outfit, shoes, handbags, make ups and accessories coz nature la... ORANG PEREMPUAN.... but here's the thing, saye x suka la nak beli barang branded ni and please la... saya x pernah paksa sapa2 masuk mana2 kedai n beli ape2 so i hoping that at least i deserve the same respect... so kalau korang berhajat nak ajak saye klua n teman shopping, i'll do that but mind ur own business la my fren... x payah susah2 convince me beli apa2 yang saye x nak n x suka....

yes saye memang kadang2 hard case bila nak dengar cakap orang but please la.. saye pakai barang cikai since like ever n x pernah sekali pon orang datang and put a gun on my head and force me to tell the exact price for the things i wore... i got my own prinsip jugak...

i believe u can wear nada but look like u wearing Prada or vice versa... besides, u never leave the price tag right?? u'll remove it before u wear that thing so what's the deal??? the key is CONFIDENT and that's that..FULL STOP!!

x percaya?? kalau korang baca majalah musim2 award cuba tengok outfit celebrities tu sumer... bukan sumer korang suka n get good critics from fashion expert and of course we know they not wearing Mydin brand coz "hello... superstar here!!" so what if dorang pakai unknown designer brand or maybe kain sarung or trash bag?? if they know how to bring themself up, i dont think they'll get critics from anyone even dorang beli kat Bukit Kayu Hitam je pon... so enough la ye my friend.. saye bukan celebrities..  i'm not dressed up to impressed anyone so leave ur comment to urself...
these dresses have been voted for worst dresses at Grammy and of course the are all wearing designer's dress people!!
from left: Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry (and they are all megastars okay!!)

well pernah dengar tak ayat ni "beli barang yang mahal ni tahan lama... x mudah rosak...bla bla bla" or "barang mahal ni jaga kulit kita" and so on..
well as i said i use unknown designer or brand since God knows when and i'm still in one pieces... well barang mahal x mudah rosak?? well kalau macam 2 ade warranty ke barang mahal 2 x mudah hilang or kena curi or (get this) dapat selamatkan kita dari seksa kubur??? hahaha... kejam sangat plak bunyi dia kan??? but here's the thing, kalau dapat jenis "tangan pemusnah", x kira la barang tu 100juta K pun blom tentu still in one piece so thanks, i think i'll take my chances...

saye bukan la anti sape2 yang nak beli barang2 branded ni but keep it to urself... no need to show off coz i dun even give a rat ass bout how much or who's the designer.. bunyi cam saye kedekut jugak kan??? maybe...coz we buy all those things guna DUIT!!! and kalau duit tu masuk tiap2 jam macam game "Sorority Life" atau "Supernatural" kat Facebook x pe la juga... ini u need to earn that or from ur PTPTN loan...or biasiswa or from ur parents and get this...yang dapat pinjaman or scolarship tu tolong la realize ITU DUIT RAKYAT aka AMANAH!!! i'm not saying yang saye x guna duit PTPTN saye for something else rather than photostats, buying electronic components, printings, laptop services and i'm lucky coz my dad payy for my flight ticket... so back off ye kalau sape2 nak start kutuk saye pakai barang murah ni... xde langgar mana2 hukum syarak lagi...

saye x sure kalau ade pernah kena macam saye but i have few friends yang dont care how much she need to pay as long as it is designer's brand or in a simple Malay word "BIAR PAPA ASAL BERGAYA" and i dont care if u wanna live like that forever as long as awak x kacau hidup saye but please la x perlu keluarkan statement macam ni in my own very face "Atul nampak macam budak kampung aje... cuba ubah penampilan tu... xkan selamanya nak beli mekap ket kedai 2 ringgit??" and i'm not the only one yang kena macam tu.. my laling si Anis (who pretty much gonna try to find anyting cheapest than the cheaper) also kena jugak and memandangakan beliau seorang chemist, she answered the question with very brilliant answer... good job yunk!! hehehe!!!

but to answer the question, memang saye beli mekap murah which never gives any problems on my skin and my skin just fine like others yang guna barang mahal so what is the deal then?? if u cannot wrap ur head with that n ur skin got full on allergic reactions on the product, change the suitable one la... simple equation la... and forgive me coz i dunno how to differentiate "budak kampung" or "budak bandar" coz to me everybody look the same... ade hidung, mata, tangan, kaki and kulit sumer still in brown tone tinggal gelap ngan cerah aje.. xde tone macam The Smurf so kalau ade sape2 nak educate saye macam mana nak distinguish "budak2" ni, lemme kno... huhuu!!!

FYI saye pernah la ikut nasihat seorang kawan yang try to change my thought about branded stuff ni and mase 2 saye tengah nak beli facial wash. so beliau cadangkan saye guan this one famous brand yang xde la mahal sangat but paling mahal antara sumer produk saye penah guna... n after few days, my face turned all red macam kena panas and i admit lepas je cuci muka mesti muka saye rase pijar.. and she told me i wasnt use the whole facial series so saye beli la sumer from toner to lotion to sun block and everyting and my face rase macam panas giler2... talk 2 my lalink anis, and she told me most branded product always have something kindda like catalyst to accelerate the result and my skin cant take those... so saye tukar la facial wash len and seriously, saye burn duet saye camtu je...sabo je la.... hahaha

i think that's all la.. owh btw i still need to work on my balance coz even i am 21, i still cant stand without feeling i'm not gonna fall even with sport shoes... so let alone Gaga's heel huhuhu!!
and Ben Burnley in one of the interview (funny scene) used to scream this i think it's now my turn


hahhaha..adioss ^^~


  1. amboi!
    marah sapa ni teletabis merah???
    tengat hot nampak~
    nnti kte mkn sizling sme2 ae...ngeee
    btw, km sokong 1000K percent la statement atul kt ats tu...ngeee~~

  2. marah tu x la..dok pendam perasaan lama sangat tu yang jadi camni tu...huhuhuu!!! thanks penyokong setia ^^~


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