Monday, July 11, 2011

sometimes i just play this thing to kill my time ^^~

sometimes i just opened Buddy TV website just to play personality quizzes and i must say, i like it even somehow the results sound pretty far from who am i hahaha!! even like long time ago, Facebook also famous with personality quizzes and i do play them almost every time go to FB... so this is my reesults (plural coz i play alot =P)
this game entitled "Who is your boyfriend in Vampire Diaries" and to be honest i never watch Vampire Diaries  so, idk who the hell is this dude hahaha!!!
  then i'm gonna show who i am in my few show like in "Camp Rock', "Desperate Housewives", "Glee", "Smallville", "Leverage", "America's Next Top Model Judge" and of course "Supernatural" (i've posted this one before ^^~)

 i didnt watch Glee though but i think Mr Schu really one of the most likable character and about Smallville... i was hoping i can be Jason or Chloe LOL!!^^~
 and in my fav "Leverage", i always got Nate when i played personality quizzes in Facebook but Hardison and Sophie is good though. i really wish i can have programmer brain like Hardison so i could get A in Matlab and C++ class (kacang je pada beliau ni)

 in ANTM, i think Miss J is cool and yes I LOVE TYRA!! though i hoping i am a bit Nigel in this ^^~ hahaha!!

in Supernatural??? hahaha..i am Castiel (the game called "Which Supernatural Angel Are You??") hahaha though i am not nerd looking and i do express emotion and i dont wear trench coat ^^~ hahaha
 and i am always DEAN!!! hahahaha!! enough said!! Belle should be proud lol!!!
and my TV boyfriend is ^^~
and the car that i would drive is
though i think the only one who would drive this is Dean Winchester (aka my Boyfriend - hey i'm not making this's proven!!! hahaha)


  1. boley tak jangan perasan sangat???
    hahaah~~ rindu la nak makan sizzling ngan atul...wuwuwu~

  2. lor..sumer2 ni memmang betul2 la... result tanpa menipu....hahahaha
    atul pon rindu nak letak cili dalam mee sizzling ain...huahahaha!!!!


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