Saturday, December 7, 2013

"whining" (maybe)

one word to say
yup... coz working on Saturday is one thing but i'm not suppose to work on Saturday is another
not everyone is working btw

well to be honest i am quite tired of what i've been doing lately

termination here and there
form to be completed
facing some people who understand but pretend they're not
explaining the same thing
arguing tho it's all in there
use the same script over and over

it's not that i am ungrateful
i have to admit i love everyone here
everybody knows how to have fun despite alot of pressure we're facing everyday
everybody treated everybody like a family
we joke, we laugh, we poke, we gossip and we make fun with one another

heck i lost my voice due to sore throat coz we went karaoke last night and they make fun of my songs choice

we then went lepak2 at warung until i forget to pick Fatin up from work
continue gossiping about work, environment, families, people and tell a joke only we would knew
we support each other

i am treated like a little sister here, the elders make me like their youngest daughter
we cook and let everyone tastes
no matter what it tasted it will always ended up in someones tummy ^^~
my actions like running to the back sometimes
make everyone worried that i might trip
i tripped and cut myself few times but then we all joke about it
people laugh at some words i use but i take no offence
it's all apart of being co-workers
we tolerate each other

i'm not say it's all bad things
it has pro and cons
but the fact remains that whatever i'm facing it's grew older
and i need some fresh eye

i mean yeah... i'm whining like old lady
some been doing the things i been done for waaayyyy tooo many years
and (idk) never complain

i think that's that
just want to write something
(people might say i'm whining but it's mi freakin blog anyway)

so bubye ^^~
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