Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my (weird) encounter pt 2

ok...first of all i must admit that i am the person who hardly catch any social sickness aka trend (u can call it whatever u like) but seriously what i saw this evening is waaayyy to much... i mean THIS IS NUTS!!!
sanggup ke korang pakai mende
ni tgah2 hari bute??
this evening (around 2 pm) i went out to nearest shop and there i saw bunch of girls at the bus stop wearing jackets, snow caps, scarfs and (get this) knit gloves waiting 4 the bus... i mean okay, i got the jacket part coz still somehow me myself got this wild-wild-west-Dean-style to follow but that depends on the weather jugak la.. xkan tengah2 hari mencanak nak pakai 2-3 lapis baju??  okay to be honest saye salute bebdak ni jugak coz berani be them self tapi dunno... i mean i always say i love being me, i love what i put on and so... but idk... this really on top of everything that i believe... be brave... fight everything including the Malaysian weather... huhuhu!!  and then i told my sis and she told me that most of them is hardcore korean drama fan... i was like 0_o??? i knew few friends who watch and listen to Korean entertainment thingy but never heard this wearing knit glove in the midday.. and my sis told me that the style is the least they can do coz they not allowed to dye their hair yet... so, i was like "x panas ke??" and jawapan yang i dont think logic but somehow x menjawab soalan is "neraka lagi panas.." =_="

so i talk to one of the girls who actually live nearby my house and when i asked her why u guys dressed up like that in the midday and she started laughing at me and ask me whether i adore any style and when i say "yea" she replied "that is what we do" and i was kindda "i just adore, never really follow" and she kindda goes like "then u really not fan enough" and all i can do is smile...
really?? i have to look like this to prove
i am a fan?? ouch...gonna ask
my dad to get me Impala LOL

i mean yea i do adore some character, so what? if i really into Ben Burnley and i really wanna be like him so i need to be afraid to get on a plane?? then i will never finished my study... or if i really that into Dean Winchester i need to cruise around with Impala? or carrying gun around? and run credit cards fraud? and i really adore Kuroo Hazama (Dr Black Jack) so all i gotta do is carrying scalpel around?? really???
cover magazine dress everytime
i went to class?? yea if i really
got VERY DEEP pocket LOL

and i really like Tyra Banks style so i have to wear like her?? come on!! be urself la dear!!!

well i know this trend is really somehow ridiculosly wired to the bone but idk, maybe why dun they follow something more logic? more make sense and not into this (how d i put this) torturing device ie super thick clothes in the midday?? i mean if i live somewhere where the weather arent like tropical weather, that might be acceptable..but i say the weather...i mean, no one will wear like Eskimo man in the Miami Beach even everybody know there's snow in US... so somehow i really dun understand the trend or style (or whatever u wanna call it)

or maybe i blind here but i think korean style wasnt really that way... i mean, they have summer too right??

i dun really wanna put mean critics here just curious.. see ya next time...papai!!!


  1. papai utk u juge ye~
    yoyo o je ikut dean punye stail~

  2. mane ade atul ikot style abang Din la ain!! memandai je tudoh!!!huhuhu


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