Wednesday, January 30, 2013

annoying (but i want to congrats Angah too) moment - feels like i want to drop F bombs everywhere :P

well things are started to get messy these days, first n foremost, ppl love to ask me when will i get married since i already get what i wanted (wearing topi kotak duhh!!) n angah already engaged to her boyfriend...

well truth to be told, since angah is about to get married, she kindda become the center of everything (i mean the adult stuffs - please dont read this in x-rated way btw) n since i am the oldest child in my family, getting left 1 step behind really an awkward moment. not that i'm jealous with her but idk, it probably the eldest thing - being left as unimportant is sucks!

i mean, i love my sometimes-i-live-in Peter Pan-world but it getting on my nerve lately on how ppl compare me with my sister n cousins who somehow sooner-or-later will follow angah's footstep on introducing their so-i-hope-with-my-finger-crossed soul mate. some are two years older than me n some are 5 years younger... i mean i just 23 for crying out loud! my parents dont say anything but when it come to society n "families", i kindda manusia x laku... just because i dont get home at 3 am every morning with any guys n continue "bertenggek" depan rumah doesnt mean i dont have social life

yeah, i dont socialize much like any teenagers but i never feel the need to do that, to me the right guy will come at the right time...

there's one incident where me n some ppl talking about how many guys she meet everyday n she kindda interviewed them n then one of the ppl said to her

"kenalkan la untuk along!"

and she kindda look at me ups n downs in (maybe i'm wrong but i could've sworn the way she looked at me) disgusted then she change the topic

i mean, yeah i'm no Miss World n when i said i'm waiting for Ben Burnley it just mean i'm kidding?

fine i wasnt perfect n tho they make a joke on my social life saying i might die alone it still hurts coz i have feelings too! i'm not Cass, i'm human okay!

as i said before i just 23, some ppl getting married at 50 so what's the big deal? i got family to be taken care of! Adik Izzati to be taken care of!

i might be single but i'm not desperate, so back off!

that's that

no need to get nasty dropping the F bombs everywhere...

so btw congrats Angah n her fiance, may both of u live happily ever after



  1. tahniah angah... btw atul, true. no need to rush, i yang 25 pun x tepikir lagi mau tamatkan zaman bujang, (this sound impossible from someone yg in a relationship for 6 years) getting married is the last thing in my mind now.

    some of relatives pun starts to think something is wrong with me kot. tp xpa. kadang2 kuarga, sedara mara ni mmg ada geng2 yg menyakitkn hati. jangan simpan di hati. there's more to life than social life.

  2. i wish i have a like button untuk Kak Anne ^^~ hehe


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