Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i'm young at heart.. what can i say??? (edisi nak RIAK jap huhu)

alkesahnye 2 ari lpas my course-mate asked me to take a photo of my notes that i wrote in class n send the photo to her coz she couldnt attend the class for some reason and so i did what she asked me and guess what? she said (sorta)
my in HURRY handwriting...
"tulisan atul senang nak baca la... kemas... senang nak paham"
n i was like "huh?"

coz actually that was VERY in hurry handwriting so i'd expect that she couldnt read my notes plus my camera phone only 2.0 MP ....

and then when i brought it up to my lalink she said i have the most "easy-to-read" handwriting in the world and i mean "WHATTT??!!"

so talk about that to my "hubby" and he told me handwriting also reflect a person personality and easy-to-read might means i am predictable.... hmmm... am i??

my handwriting for my assignment...
well i have to admit my handwriting is kindda like 10 years old kid but heyy!! give me some credits here!! my lecturers or teachers wont get "eye problem" because of my handwriting... hahaha!! so after that i went to see my previous (i mean centuries old) notes n gosh... that is one so easy to read handwriting!!! hahaha!!

well sometimes i would take that as a compliment especially when ppl start saying how tidy my handwriting but when my "hubby" said i am so predictable that is like... oh yea?? really??

well i guess i was never born to be a doctor coz well u know what ppl says about doctor's handwriting... n i guess that is y i never wanna be a doctor... i never recall to say to anyone that "when i grow up i wanna be a doctor"... huhuu...

well i should get back to Supernatural review later but need to off to bed coz my class start at 8am tmorrow...^^~

that's that peeps!! ^^~

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