Thursday, March 14, 2013

cita2 x kesampaian

well did i mentioned that i just back fro not so called holiday on my previous post?

well actually i intended to talk n share some pics but since my external hard-drive is still at Illy's, so i will hold the stories or what-not to maybe-someday-post

makan time on the last night at KK

but there's a moment at KK (where i'm going with Illy) where we go and eat

i mean Illy is kinda adventurous n willing to try something new person which i am the opposite

since there are many varieties of food there n Illy never been to Sabah, we kinda walking around until suddenly Illy told me about her dream

"Aku harap sangat dapat jadi pengacara Jalan2 Cari Makan. Mesti best kan?"

saye ketawa but i admit i also have the almost same dream n i told her i want to replace Adam Richman in Man VS Food

gila melampau cita2 saye kan? nak ganti tempat beliau HUHUU
pic source:pakcik Gugel


me n Illy dekat Kinabalu Park (dekat kaki
gunung Kinabalu) credit to Nia for the pic 
so that i dont have to worry how much weight i gain n i still get paid while eating yummy food  ;P

makin besar ketawa kitorang lps tu then kitorg pon makan2 la ^^~

that's that

nyway thanks Illy for melayan kerenah kebudak-budakan saye n force me to face my fear

so now i know that i am afraid of height (T_T)

okay that's that (again)
papai ^^~

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