Saturday, March 23, 2013

i cant believe i say this: i kindda like Meg (now)

well lets start with Supernatral ^^~ (coz it's been a whole lot while i havent update about it)

# honestly i kindda like the idea of Magstiel (Meg the demon + Cass the angel)
The Megstiel... little trivia: Cass learned it from
pizza man (HAHAHA)
(pic source from Google)
i think the latest episode -S08E17:Goodbye Stranger probably what Dean called peace on Earth in kinky way few season back (when he dreaming about strippers who dressed like Victoria Secret Angel and Devil - in season 5: The Song Remains The Same episode i think?)

lol okay dont get me wrong, i dont support Dean in the case but i love the fact that the writers love to give the idea that demons and angels love ganking each other butt but still have feeling towards each other (in this case, Meg and Cass of course)

to be honest i dont really like Meg.. she's too complicated in demonic way... but she can be helpful sometimes... and way crazier than Crowley; the king of hell-douche (oppss!)

and how cold Cass become on the "killing-Dean" training is so scared the hell out of me... not to mention breaking my heart....

it's cute when one time they hate each other presence and the next day they keep looking each other's back (not so long tho)

i mean yeah, the story is about to brothers saving the world and taking care of each other, the angel watching over the boys, i think the new perspective is good.... except it shouldnt end so soon...

but i can wait to watch the next episode ^^~
# usually the pattern of this series are after the full of prank episode, there will be quite heavy one... which btw really nice contrast ^^~

okla that's that
papai ^^~

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