Monday, October 8, 2012

lesson in life yg tertunda n then x jadi terus...=_=

so okay back to kisah makan2 antara saye, Leeya n MArjorie (yng tertangguh dulu)

well masa dalam kereta, Marjorie mula bising pasal she have a job interview and she asked our opinion about what to wear and what to say

tho she actually didnt even need any advice from us...

but as a friend i told her some dos and donts that she might know already n Leeya add more since i am the one with the least experience

heck i've been in interview room, some i succeed and some i dont

n i used to play interviewer too

but then who said it was easy? i mean i was in both positions but for giving advice, i'm a sucker for it

then Leeya said

"Jorie ko lebih tahu dari kitorg... ko yg paling banyak pegang jawatan masa sekolah dulu"

then Marjorie said something that actually make me feel sentap-hati-mak-nak....

"Korg ingat walaupun aku pegang jawatan aku x pernah nervous ke? Well like manusia, we never stop learning and this whole thing is quite new to me"
"well tho i'm used to it but at some point it always a new point n i need some fresh views"

i understand what she means... i mean nervous strike anyone and no one save from it

over confident always bring to self destruction

**** hmm actually i forgot the rest....

one lesson? jangan makan semut.... dah lupa nak tulis apa...

okay la
that's that...
papai ^^~

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