Sunday, August 28, 2011

the tragedy of the hair before raya...=_='

well midnight last night angah just got back from her friend's house n she told me
"along sok aku nak g salon wat rambut raya... hahaha"
so, i was like,
 "ok la 2.. aku pon dah lama nak potong rambut depan aku ni..."
and then she goes like
"alah kalau rambut depan meh aku potong.. membazir je g kedai"
i wish i have hair like Kate
so memandangkan she done that before n i have no problem with her "work" i just agree...

well i was hoping i can get a bangs like Kate Hudson coz i LOVE her hair so much plus my hairstyle from the back kindda nearly similar to Kate Hudson just i dont have the bangs in front n of course mine is not blonde la.. hahah

then she start cutting my hair...

first at my front left....
job well done...

then  she start working at my front right n
"alamak along aku terlebih potong la!!! gila pelik dah rambut depan kau!!"
i was like
 and she goes
"sorry long... gunting ni tumpul..."
i was kindda pissed so i told her to get me an appropriate hair accessories to cover my weird haircut and she told me then
seriously my bangs really look
like Hayley except
mine is black
"meh aku layerkan rambut blakang ko... ok x??"
i told her no need but she told me that it look weirder with my haircut so i take deep breath and told her
"ko buat betul-betul... kalau cam orang gila.. ko yang x raya!!" 
 and then she start doing it and she told me she got few idea so i let her do her creative side on my hair (tho i know i should regret that later) and i was hoping that layer will look like Hayley William (Paramore) at least with my weird bangs...

now my hair look like Taylor
with shorter bangs
and after she done my hair turn to be Taylor Momsen messy style hair (minus the blonde part)....
and angah goes like
"bila panjang nanti mesti cantik"
i was like yea...
"raya lagi 3 hari taw x.. rambut aku xkan panjang dalam 3 hari taw!!"
the only way my hair can be save
is to get Emma's pixie cut.. DAMN!

all i can do then is redha or i should go to salon n get Emma Watson pixie cut...

cam malas nak raye je rase...=_='

that's that for now...




  1. bestu awat x buat rmbut cam arumugam je? hohoh~

  2. lor... kan dah pendek... camne nak wat camtu .... huhuhu


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