Friday, August 12, 2011

"demam (tapi yang ni x kira masa n tempat)" pt 2

tengah sebok2 tengok CSI tadi, my cousin tetiba amik remote n try cari channel len n finally dia cakap

"along ni ketinggalan la... orang tengok citer ada menda2 supernatural skunk"
(gelak sambil berlagak) "along die hard fan... tengah tunggu season baru skarang... season len sume along dah hafal"
(muka pelik) "aik?? baru brape episode klua TV along dah abes tengok satu season? advance!"
(muka cover riak) "well... they dont call me die hard fan for no reason ye! tak sabar nak tunggu season 7"
(muka extra pelik) "huh?? ye ke? bukan baru lagi ke citer tu?"
(muka berubah pelik) "xde lah.. dari along form 4 lagi citer Supernatural tu..."
(muka makin extra pelik) "eh along cakap pasal citer yang ade supernatural creature kan? Teen Wolf?"
(muka tensen) "la... along cakap citer Supernatural la..."
(muka tahan gelak) "mana ada la.. cite tu dah luput dah.. ohh cite tu wujud lagi ek??"

hehehe...actually there's no reason but then i realize i have "to-be-continued" entry called "Demam"
hmm let see... i am not a really big fan to most of the big thing on TV except few (okay..i'm gonna say it again... it's called Supernatural) but somehow i prefer this TV series more than movie, sinetron n bla bla...

so i'm talking bout US TV series ye and i think my fav oldies TV series would be The Nanny...  lama giler cite ni... kalau org x taw citer ape boleh bukak YouTube.. dulu dorang ade tayang kat Hallmark... ala.. citer pasal sorang nanny yang jaga anak sorang producer duda yang kaya n have 3 kids... the nanny ada sorang mak n nenek yang penyibuk gak.. hahaha... boleh gak dikategorikan citer ni more to comedy (n more suitable to watch with ur family or not so funny but still i can place them in family genre)... since saye jarang amek taw.. so juz ade few je citer in this genre yang saye taw like Everybody Love Raymond ngan Malcolm in the Middle, Friends, and etc... (kan saye dah kata saye x tengok all TV series in the world?? ^^)

pastu people goes to more weirder genre like magic/alien/supernatural/superpower (long story short it called fiction or sci-fi) like in magic i think the famous one is Charmed, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Merlin, Wizards of Waverly Place and might be more that i didnt watch or know of...
 then we got alien or alien encounter or alien-like or unexplained phenomenon (not really involve supernatural ~~ u know what i mean) like X-File, Rosewell, Kyle XY, 4400, Lost and more...
check out the dude at the very
back.. he is now play Dean Winchester
hehe ^^~
and then we have supernatural like supernatural creature for real like Supernatural (my favorite as many people know), The Reaper, Buffy The Vampire Slayer,The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Angel, Ghost Whisperer and mooorreee and paling baru wat saye gado2 ngan my cousin..Teen Wolf...hahaha... memula i think (my observation aje ye) people love heroes (human) not monster.. see example.. up until Supernatural, the main focus is the slayer (or in Dean and Sam case they were called hunter) but these days after Twilight book was a hit, they change the strategy putting monsters as the new hero like vampire and new one warewolf (sorry never mean to call them monster but anyone who have proper words lemme kno yeh?? ^^~)
and then we have superpower or superhuman like Smallville (might be categorize in alien too if u like so be my guess ^^~), Kyle XY (this too), Mutant X, Heroes, Dark Angel and more... well the correct term might be superheroes but WTH? this is mii freakin blog ^^~ huhuhu but u guys feel free to put them in any order u like... i just place them based on my opinion...

then of course we have cop show! one of my fav... err i think crime series might be better... whatever u feel like go ahead... call it whatever u want.. ^^~ we have one of the famous called CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Vegas), CSI: Miami, CSI:NY, Numb3rs, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Leverage, Chuck, Hawaii-Five-O and this kind is ssoooo much on TV.. pick ur fav... mostly when ppl talking about TV series (unlike me) they prefer to mention crime show first (from what i observe)
this is Gilmore Girls and see the
guy on the right (no 34)
he plays Dean back then n
now he is Sammy Winchester ^^

and then we have this kindda all girlie2 or kindda high school not so heavy conflict n "happy-family" like Gossip Girl, 90210, Gilmore Girl, Glee, SATC, Life Unexpected, Hannah Montana, iCarly, Lizzie McGuire, Desperate Housewives and there might be more that i didnt know (never really a fan for this genre) and again... take ur pick ^^~ but honestly for this kind of genre i prefer to watch movies.. idk y movies more appealing 

owh did i mention the doctor show?? haha.. we have House, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Scrubs and again.. might be more that idk... dont really like to watch doctor show but i do watch House... he's funny LOL but yes!! my fav doctor would be Dr Black Jack (Hazama Kuroo) which shame coz he cannot be in my TV hit list coz he is an anime (T_T) but it's okay ^^~ i still adore that weird doctor hehehe!!!  

so that's all peeps but if ppl ask me what is my fav (i know ppl know my all time fave) are Supernatural, The Nanny, Mutant X, Dark Angel, Leverage, Life Unexpected, CSIs, n might be more to come but like anybody else i have my own choice or taste so i think that's all

p/s: selamat berpuasa... ^^~ papaii!!!

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