Friday, March 2, 2012

random event for today...

so it all started when a friend of mine who lives in USA chat with me and ask for my help... our conversation goes like this...

"Crystal i really need ur help"
"what up?"
my avi also ended up like
Supernatural version of
terror chika =P
"well i need to write a story of 2000 words on something"
"something like...?"
"well i picked a theme... it's vampire"
"okay...." (not again.....)
"well i want it to be a human-vampire love... any idea?"
"hmmm well 2 be honest i never a fan of vampires"
"well u are supernatural fan dont u?"
"yea i am... "
"well then u must know vampires... from Supernatural"
"well they have maaannnyyy sharp teeth... not like normal version... u know... a pair of fangs"
"like sharks? do they even fall in love?"
"exactly like shark... fall in love? idk.. in Supernatural version some of them not drinking human blood"
"like Twilight? the Cullen family?"
"mhmm i guess"

reason for that conversation? just wanna update something... owh btw i ended up by making a weirdest vampire-human love story ever and i am so hating it!! that's that!! papai ^^~

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