Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ahoyy!! it's a boy!!

awww sweet giler... btw tho i love Dean more but i should be happy with my brother-in-law's newborn baby kan??? hahaha!!!! well btw for those yg x taw... Sammy Winchester (Jared Padelecki) is married to Genevive Cortese who play Ruby in season 4....

so since i love babies SOO MUCH and SUPERNATURAL ^^~ i figured i just make a quick update on my fav character's little bother and his wife...
THEY JUST HAVE A BABY AND IT"S A BOYYY ^^~ (sila baca di sini ye ^^~ )

comey kan dorang (nada jeles)
well kan dah cakap tadi Genevive play Ruby the demon in Supernatural n Jared play Sam Winchester so sah2 la dorang ni jumpa kat set.. fall in love... kawen and then now dah ada little sammy ^^~ n saye x jumpa gambar little Jared-Genevive ni since it is so exclusive... i even dunno his name yet but t's okay... since i already know it's a boy... owh heads up!! little Jared-Genevive was born on the same month (March 19th) as his beloved (so hot) uncle Jensen (March 1st) ^^~ huhuuu... kalau saye merupakan seorang Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss), mesti gempak kan cake yang saye kena buat? Just for the two of them?? huuuu

walopun kat Supernatural, Jared play a hunter while Genevive play a demon tapi try to watch Supernatural season 6 episode 15 (The French Mistake). This time they play man and wife and did i mention they look cute...? macam orang kata saling melengkapi since Jared ni macam galah n Genevive ni x barpa nak tinggi sangat... huhuuuu

Jared Padelecki n Genevive
Padelecki (or shall i say
Sam n Ruby)
aww... tho i love Jensen more but when it come to which couple is the cutest i root for Jared ^^~

note that i am not jealous (unless i am Belle) but it is the truth... dorang memang cute kan??? n anak dorng nanti mesti cute kan???
(dalam hati: bila saye nak rasa pegang baby sendiri...=_=)

so that's that... x sabar nak tengok little Jared-Genevive Padelecki


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