Thursday, December 13, 2012

unreasonable RM10

panas je hati!!

jarang saye beli makan pagi sejak saya balik ke tanah air (hehe) 
yela, klu kat KK, confirm2 la nak breakfast x sempat coz bangun2 je kena lari g kelas (pukul 10) 

tapi as my job is babysitting my sis at the hospital, i have to get myself breakfast

since idk where is the nearest cafeteria in this hospital, i went a little further outside the hospital area

menunggu dengan penuh sabar
so i bought my breakfast at mamak stall 

the wait for the food i ordered? like waiting for Dr Black Jack snapped out the anime world and ask me to be his Pinoko (minus the short figure)... owh btw i wast even ordered a steak that everybody know takes years to cook... i just ordered a friggin fried noodle n iced nescafe 

yet it took almost 1 hour and half to get my friggin breakfast and only 3 ppl in the restaurant..

then what shocked me more is that the overall price is RM10!!!

i mean WTF???

sabar ajela

if i knew i should just go and eat KFC or wait till i get home =_='

okla that's that


  1. haha.. xberbaloi dgn harga dan tahap menunggu. miss u atul.

  2. tahu xpe kak anne

    atul pun rinndduuu sangat2 akak ^^~ muaaahhh huhuu


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