Tuesday, March 22, 2011

moi mind...

my mind really tired right now...i miss my family, my final exam just seems like on the other side of the door and my project isn't done yet!!! owh did i mention people just count on me??? plus i think i'm the only one who concern about group assignment...*sigh*
and worse case scenario??? i still blurr in my class...funny coz i kindda appear to be understand everything in class... i guess i'm a great actress...LOL!! i hope i cant see the light at the end of the tunnel...
last week my daddy dearest come to see me...gotta say, it's the only time where we appear to be like father daughter coz other than that time we seems more like strangers so to all my friends, i'm sorry if i don't invite any of you out with my dad...nothing personal just i really wanna feel the father-daughter bounding time  that i can only feel like once in a while (seems like forever)... and things that he said that really stabs me is

"you have to study hard coz i do believe in you... u are my grown up little girl now and knows very well   what is right or wrong so the decision u'll make either gonna shape u or broke u. But either way, u know ur brothers and sisters look at u and someday they r gonna face the same choices in their life but i really hope u'll make a good reference to them... i cant believe my little girl grown up so fast that she can make her own decision now... but i believe in you so i really  hope u dont kill us with bad news...dont break us coz as far as i live u r the girl i've known who ever make me proud...i'm begging u kid, dont change that.."

so now i need to look forward..no time to play coz these faces waiting for me to show my scroll... i'm gonna make umi and ayah poud...INSYAALLAH...=D


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