Friday, March 4, 2011

((three days in a row) (mid term exams) (killer papers)) + ((thinking about FE dinner)(buying a new dress)) = HELPP!!!

what an equation up there!!! huhuhuhu
for the whole last week i need to prepare myself for Advanced Electronics, Computer Programming, Quantum Physics, Academic Reading & Writing and incoming Statistic Physics...(T_T)
apart from that, there's an annual dinner to be attend, and i have to buy a new dress or i will look like a crap!!! not to mention, to fit nicely in the dress i need to cut something i like until the dinner night which is rice!! that's right, i need to get myself on diet to look good that night...
seriously, the public pressure they put on girls these days to look good in evening dress really a crap!! i wanna look individual me but ther's a themes that need to be followed and that is so freakin annoying!!!
Yesterday, i went to buy a new dress for the dinner and all i can say is "it just for one night dress, why we have to spend a lot of money on that...not to mention, time i need to spend for makeup, choosing a beautifully fit me right dress, matching shoes, handbag, blah...blah..blah..."
owh we get back on the midterm exams three days straight, i have to fae a half deadly bettle coz this killer papers and could kill me before the final battle...(T_T)

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