Sunday, December 12, 2010

family matters =D

well i got this idea just about now and since i'm on the internet...i decided to talk about it...
it all begins when my grandfather's little brother (sounds complicated aee???) came to my parents house quite early in the morning and my siblings and i just woke up and none of us took morning bath yet... and my dad goes like ;
"just go and take a shower or else when Tok Su and his family come you guys just like an awful kiddoes!!"

and my brother asked my mum;
"who's comin'???"

my mom replied;
"Tok Su who lives in Taiping"

to be honest i doubt any of my siblings remember who is this "Tok Su" but i think i've heard this dude's name when i was little and uhh did i mention when i was little girl???
kids nowadays, i sincerely doubt they know all their relatives... not to mention family now is quite complicated... "your grandfather's mother's to his next-door neighbour who lives next to our house to our right...and blah blah.." (see what i'm saying???)

i dont even know what to say either it's wired or just me i'm a lousy kid because actually i've met this dude and his family once or twice or maybe daily WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL but well now imma blaming my memory storage...lousy memory perhaps???
or maybe i've grown up and move on???

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