Friday, December 10, 2010

work hard so not suppose to equal earn less!!!

wired title huh???LOL!!!
well actually i just got myself home...again..
the reason i say this bcoz i am already at home weeks ago but as a very (i really mean it) nice cousin, i agree to help him as the hotel he work now need more helpers (actually worker is the correct terms but i dont know why i kept read it as "slave") for the Monsoon Cup 2010.
all i can say i've learn my lesson alright...and that is "earning money for living is hard". i help and give everything i ever had and leave everything again but they paid me less!!! i mean, i've been working for 14 hour but the salary is not as much as i expected (i'm not demanding for CEO's salary but hey!!! i'm working my butt here!)
and one thing i realize that people is right is when u spend the money that you earn from your hard feels more satisfy than ever no matter how small your paid is...but as i said i learn my lesson alright...

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