Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i'm human...there's some stuff i got to do!!!

okay...some like might see the title above is kindda wired and some who know me will believe it's a quote from's a quotes from Supernatural (S05E04:The End) and it goes kindda like this

Dean: Whoa! Whoa! No no c'mon man! I just drove 16 hour straight okay??! I'm human...there's stuff i gotta do!
Castiel: What stuff??
Dean: Eat, for example and this case sleep. I just need 4 hour once in a while okay?
Castiel: Yes!

and why there is any heavy-duty insane i quote one of my fav character on tv is bcz i am really a HUMAN BEING!! imma sick of ppl say

"tak payah la tido ari ni..macam mane ko tak besar camtu??"

"ala..puasa la.. tak payah makan..bagi chance kat orang lain pulak isi dorg punya perut tu...kira halal la...sedekah kat orang kurus cam kitorang... orang gemuk kalau makan makin gemuk!!!"

"ko tido??? macam mana badan tak bab???"

"ko makan ke? adoi... makin bertambah la bilangan manusia "chumel" and kurang la sumber makanan kat muka bumi ni"

okay...btw bukan sumer mende ni dicakap sebijik macam kat atas...tapi stereotype manusia (bukan semua) yang slalu anggap manusia berbadan comel cam saya ni tak layak buat pape...paling kejam?? siap dicakap lagik camni..

 "dia lulus exam?? cikgu dia kesian kot takut klu fail nanti makan pil kurus sampai mati pulak!!"

"pakai bomoh la tu...impossible la dia dapat jawab semua tu...otak dia bukan tepu dengan ilmu tapi lemak!!"

HELLO!!!! sorry do i put this?? i'm not stupid ok?? and btw i'm not so pathetic la  bro sampai nak telan pil kurus juz sbb x lulus exam!! and BOMOH??? Really?? wei!! agak la dol, klu saye guna bomoh, i dont really have to through all the exam and so on la... pray a bit to something not-i'm-suppose-to and burn some ashes and create this supernatural crap outta thin air and VOILLA!! i am a nobel prize winner!! seriously, do u mind using a little bit upstairs brain to think? or at least just think??
and worse???

"orang mok macam korang ni la yang kurangkan oksigen kat tempat awam,"

 "going out with orang cam korang ni is consider social suicide,"

"how come u can go out with the face and body like this?? not to mention, ur fugliness kill the scene"

okay!! what was that?? how do i put this?? i am human!! i cant alter myself!!! alright..i am not as smokin hot like them

tp i dunno it just me or they put on some freakin make-up and yeah they got this body-that-is-worth-killing-for but okay i love to be me...i least i am not some plastic bimbo who desperate enough to show everyone i am Miss World in the making...

okay...plastic bimbo?? okay i know sounds mean but hey!! at least i am not pathetic like them...queen bee and cheerleader is really not my thing but okay i have to admit i've put on some make-up too when i wanna go out but it just for me okaay!!! i am me in every which way...owh and the fugliness part?? that is so selfish!!! unless u are a lesbian who love to see pretty girls everywhere or desperate i'm-not-gonna-stay-20-forever who went to hot guys convention center and i'm standing out the most coz i'm overSHADOW u or u are just some i-know-ppl-think-i'm-smokin-hot guy who went to playboy mension then u can say i kill the scene with my fugliness...

owh actually, the 1st statement about eat n sleep, as i mention on the title above la...i'm human...there's some stuff i got to do!!!
or Dean said it for me...i am not freakin angel which is perfect everything so there some stuff i need to take care of la lalink...and kalau la saye ni jenis x reti bersyukur...dah lama i wish i'd be in tv land and become shapeshifter macam citer Supernatural... i can be whoever i wanna be...Angelina Jolie? Megan Fox? Charlize Theron? Emma Watson? juz name it n klu saye boring jadik gurl i juz change myself to be Tom Cruise ke, Brad Pitt ke or paling tak faymes sangat tapi saye suka Jensen Ackles!! ^^

But i think Lady Gaga is right in her song "Born This Way"

"I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track baby
I was born this way
Don't hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track baby
I was born this way"

okay...maybe she is kindda wired all the way tp lirik lagu kat atas ni actually made me proud of myself and btw to others yang nak jadi mean cheerleader or "prom queen" saye rase juz burn down je la hajat tu...bukan apa..being mean actualy bukanla a good way to express ur beauty... seriously... i believe this:

"you cannot satisfy everyone by looking at u-know-u look-perfect look coz nobody is perfect. Not to mention, the beauty is belong to the eye of beholder"



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