Wednesday, July 18, 2012


i went to clinic last night... well i'm not the one who sick tho i'm suffering with this massive pain caused by ulcer at the tip of my tongue and i am fine by that but it's my sis, Fatin...

lebih kurang camni la busynye akak receptionist tu...    

well it all started at the reception table. I asked the receptionist that i need to fill a form from TM but she was so busy talking and laughing on her phone, it took like 10 minutes for her to hand the form which actually place nicely on her right hand. i mean i could've took that but hey! how would i know that was the form?
i filled the form less than 5 minutes and as i hand the form and took the number, she still on the phone and just lay the form i gave her and went to back without even looking at the form 1st let alone reading the whole thing!

i admit, the clinic was a bit too crowded so it took some time just waiting to see the doctor. i mean it could've been faster since i saw more than 3 examination room but only 1 room was used. Not to mention the doctor kept went out from the examination room and talking at the reception counter, share some stories, laughing and idk what else she do with the receptionist and some other woman whom i assume as workers there. My sis' number was 1886 and when we received the number earlier, the number on the screen for the other patient was 1879. An hour later, the number was 1882! yea i know there's only 1 doctor there but it will be a heck lot faster if the doctor stick her ass in the examination room and do her job.

ikut hati den yang panas kat makcik tu... lamo dah dio kono!
Well, while waiting, there's another incident that if i dont think she is too old and i might accelerate her remaining time on earth, i might start swinging. There's an old lady looking like mak datin or Queen Elizabeth wannabe came with her husband and 2 grand-kids (maybe adopted kids) and one of them were sick. So the lady hold the kid (little one and probably a boy) and they sat next to me. The kids goes all grumpy and he start kicking around and then he touched me and smiling. i smiled back but then the old lady said to the boy

"ishh jangan sentuh, badan dia besar...tengok pun takut... nanti berjangkit dekat kita"

i was pissed but i am not gonna do open fight at public. She can say all she want and act herself and thinking how youngsters she is but i am one hell so not easy to break but yea since the clinic quite crowded, people could've heard that easily. Cuma saya risau mungkin akan menyumpah secara verbal aje kalau dia x berhenti. Tapi nasib baik dia faham klu org buat x tahu tu baik diam aje!!

then after half an hour later, we get to see the doctor and guess what?! it only took 5 minutes conversation or less with the doctor. owh btw, my sister got diarrhea. and the conversation goes like this

"kenapa ye adik?"
"saya cirit birit, muntah2, sakit kepala..."
"owh berapa kali muntah?"
"lebih 3 kali... tapi keluar air aje"
"berapa kali pergi tandas?"
"tak terkira tapi banyak kali jugakla"
"hari ni pergi sekolah tak?"
"tak sebab kena sejak pagi"
"sakit lagi tak?"
"ok saya bagi ubat tahan muntah, ubat tahan cirit birit, air garam and surat MC untuk hari ni"

then we wait for the medicine for like 20 minutes and head home...

dalam hati *klinik swasta pun macam ni... baik x payah...*

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